Lil Nas X Merch Guide: A Tour Through the Gates

Celebrities with images so popular that they can market themselves on products for their beloved fans to purchase in today’s world. A recognizable face, name, or logo on a shirt can be a solid marketing strategy. Wearing something of, you know, Lil Nas X, or someone, could help bring out your personality and style and make new ways to meet people, for you and your look.

But then you have the people who want to go beyond just a shirt of their favorite artist. Maybe a hat or a poster. A candle? A ski mask? What about a Pokémon card of the superstar? You can get one of Lil Nas X if you dig around—or keep reading because I already found it.

Yes, like many other mega-famous stars, there are almost endless ways to show your love for Lil Nas X through some merch. Going beyond his website, you can find some at outlet stores, malls, and even excellent fan-made items on places like Etsy. This is great, but it could be overwhelming for anyone looking around.

And that’s where I come in.

You see, I have been searching the web for over a decade, looking for the best merch to represent my fandoms with. From franchises to rock bands, I wanted it all. And Lil Nas X is no exception.

I’ve done all the research for you. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of Lil Nas X merch. I’ve seen what people have created for him! And not only that, but I’ve broken it down in a way to catch you up to speed quickly.

Bottom Line Up Front

The further you get into the article, the less regular merch is brought up. Many people looking for merchandise from their favorite artists tend to go for shirts or hats, which are much easier to get with a wider variety of choices. I’m going to tell you about those here in a bit. But if I were to give you my favorite piece of merch now, it would be this Lil Nas X T-Shirt from Spencer’s website.

Lil Nas X T-Shirt

Price: $24.99
Gift Rating: 8/10

A classic black shirt with an iconic Lil Nas X font showcases the evil presence that the artist portrays in his personality and creative works, a teal and dark blue combination of colors make up the logo that sits right in the center. I love the simplicity of it all, which is why it is my favorite. From here, the choice is yours.

If You Don’t Know Lil Nas X

Then I admire your dedication to reading this far, but in summary, Lil Nas X is a twenty-three-year-old musician known for his R&B and hip-hop sound and influence. He came into prominence at the beginning of 2019 after his hit song “Old Town Road” completely dominated the charts for 19 weeks.

This eventually led to his debut album, MONTERO, being released in 2021. The album featured hits like the titular track (Call Me by Your Name) and “Industry Baby” featuring Jack Harlow. Known also for his incredible fashion style and high-profile appearances, there’s no doubt the artist would spawn several different merch options. But now the question is, what’s the best way for you to be like Lil Nas X and express yourself with your merch?

Some Tips for Buying Merch

Right here is when to start thinking more long-term about what you buy. These tips could apply to the merch we’ve seen thus far but especially to the ones to come.  Let me give you some tips before you buy.

Will you use it? Consider the frequency of your use of the product. If it’s a shirt, you may want to wear it a lot, but if it’s a mask, maybe not as much.
What do you want from


your purchase?

Do you want to display it on your wall for anyone to see? Smell the chosen fragrance from the burning candle? Try to think about what this product’s purpose is to you.
Check for availability If shopping online, check to see if the merch is available before getting too excited. Some selections may be out of stock.
Sizes can vary in


many different ways.

If you’re shopping online, a new problem proposes as you cannot try it on. Make sure to check any scaling charts and choose a size that you feel comfortable would fit.
Make sure to know your



If this is for a gift, you must consider how they perceive the product. Is it something they need? Would they like it as much as you? What would they do with it? If it’s a gift, you should make it something special for the individual. Please get to know what they like and pick something.

Here are some pointers before we go on. There’s a lot out there, more than I can list here, but you can find something that fits your style. Maybe it’s something you haven’t thought of yet.

Lil Nas X Merch

As I alluded to earlier, I’m going to start with the “normal” merchandise and work my way down. Because of just who he is, he has many niche products officially on sale.

The most expansive merch will always be shirts, which you can find an abundance of, but there are many other obscure, unofficial merch you may find out on your travels, so be cautious of where you buy from. More on that a bit later.

For now, I’ll start with some examples to look over and consider.

The Normal Stuff

Level one: streamlined products that the most die-hard fans and people looking for a quick gift can appreciate. These types of products are the ones I recommend to anyone wanting to represent or who don’t know anything about the artist. Whether for yourself or a gift, these options will do just fine.

Official Stores

Industry Baby Report Card Black T-Shirt

Price: $30
Gift Rating: 6/10

This shirt encapsulates a side of Lil Nas X that most fans love. The back displays a series of mugshots of the artist in black and white. That imagery alone can bring the wearer something extra when showing it at a family gathering, but the uncaring nature of his aura within each photo captures his true essence. And that front—the simplistic, sly logo on the upper left chest section offers a great style choice.

Industry Baby black Hoodie

Price: $65
Gift Rating: 9/10

For when the weather starts getting colder—or for those like me who wear hoodies year-round—this industry baby hoodie is it. I love the scratch front style used here, and the white-on-black is a great look that could match nearly anything; on top of that or behind, the back sports a colorful design with a rainbow looming in the background. You can look good, show your love for Lil Nas X, and support gay pride, all with a hoodie!

Devil Lap Dance Lil Nas X T-Shirt

Devil Lap Dance Lil Nas X T-Shirt

Price: $24.99
Gift Rating: 4/10

The availability of this one will vary depending on where you are, but this is Lil Nas X at his best. A moment was taken from the massively popular music video for MONTERO (Call Me by Your Name), bringing this epically sexual and demonic art to us all. The portrait front and center on a plain black shirt remind me of the band T’s I used to collect in high school. Crazy font and all.

Along with these options, a few weren’t in stock at the time of this writing, but they may be available down the road. Either way, they were too good not to feature on this list.

Lil Nas X – Montero Retro LGBT Classic T-Shirt


Price: $24.90
Gift Rating: 7/10

This one hits it out of the park. The rainbow colors loom brightly behind Lil Nas X’s satanic imagery. His red pigtail horns are sharp at the points, and his glaring white eyes seem to be looking for your soul. The evil goatee and his name at the bottom make for a complete message that you can proudly share every time you wear this shirt.

And now would be an excellent time to transition into something you need to consider when shopping for merch online. As most of these thus far have been officially licensed, we’re about to enter areas where not everything will be the same. In the realm of the internet and online businesses, there is no better time than to support small-time artists. But with this could come with not as high of quality merch.

Official and Unofficial Merchandise

Just in case you aren’t entirely familiar with the concept, officially licensed merchandise is anything the artist or their representatives approve of. Unofficial is anything not given this permission. But that’s not to say that fan-made items aren’t something you should check out. Online stores like the official Lil Nas X fan store, Etsy, or people with skills to make items with these celebrities on them are still an option and a way to support other people and their art. Some of these may be further on the scale than others but try to look into them more when you’re on unfamiliar websites.

Unofficial Stores

Lil Nas X Merch Only Here To Sin Red T-Shirt

Price: $25.00
Gift Rating: 6/10

This one is dope; not going to lie. The red is deep and fitting for the demon aesthetic Lil Nas is manifesting here. With “only here to sin” written across the chest, I would love to own this shirt—if only it were available.

This shirt is handmade by ‘KintamaniCreations’ on Etsy. With a squared image with Lil Nas X written at the top, the white shirt brings this fan-made shirt to life. The licensing may not be official, but the personal touch, affordable price, and handmade qualities are worth noting.

Lil Nas X Posters – Montero Text Rainbow Poster

Price: $19.80
Gift Rating: 5/10

Now we get into the posters. This one and this other one became my two favorites over time. This one feels a bit more like Lil Nas X. His confidence in displaying himself to be hung on your wall is everything. Look at that shine! Also, the back text is familiar for some reason but welcoming all the same. A banner of sorts you could have in your home.

Everything I know – Lil Nas X

Price: $3.62
Gift Rating: 2/10

A simple pin can go a long way. I like to keep some on my beanie. They’re common, and you can probably go to your nearest Hot Topic and find a Lil Nas X one there. While they may not be perceived as a great gift most of the time, they’re still worth checking out. This one is nice, simple, and to the point. I love it.

There are many other examples of similar merch such as these so far. These will be the most common ones you’ll see. But if you keep digging, you’ll start finding more interesting items.

The Not-as-Common Stuff

Level two: Things that you wouldn’t go around thinking, “You know, I want one of these with Lil Nas X on it.”  I’ll give you a few examples.

Official Stores

Industry Baby Hot Pink Scrub Set

Industry Baby Hot Pink Scrub Set

Price: $80.00
Gift Rating: 3/10 (8/10 if you wear scrubs to work)

Let’s start here. Out of context—or maybe even with—one may not make the connection of why a set of hot pink scrubs look like they belong to a prison inmate, but it looks cool; that’s all that matters to me. And this would be cool to wear to work or something if you can.

Red Phone Case

Red Phone Case

Price: $30.00
Gift Rating: 2/10

While phone cases are still often used today, I’m starting to see less in this style. And I mean, it’s alright. I don’t use a case on my phone (something I get many comments on, but that’s a different thing), so I’m sure I have some bias, but it is a unique and dedicated way to show your love. I imagine having it on all the time, which may offer a bit too much love.

Holiday Beach Towel

HOLIDAY Beach Towel

Price: $30.00
Gift Rating: 4/10

So, hey, there’s this Christmas-themed beach towel with Lil Nas X about to make out with himself. That’s interesting. And that mistletoe. Oh, and it’s hanging down from his Santa hat! So many mixed messages here, but this product can be found on his official merch site, along with some other household items.

Montero Throw Pillow

MONTERO Throw Pillow

Price: $55.00
Gift Rating: 8/10

Hey, check out this beautiful pillow of the album artwork. Not only is it a pillow, but it’s one of those square ones too. The price is a little more than I would usually pay for one, but that artwork, though. It may be worth it.

And guess what…

Montero Eye Mask

Montero Eye Mask

Price: $20.00
Gift Rating: 4/10 (10/10 with the whole set)

There’s an eye mask thing to go with it! I’ll also link to the matching MONTERO Robe if you’re that dedicated. Cheers if you are.

Unofficial Stores

Smells Like Lil Nas-X Candle

Smells Like Lil Nas-X Candle

Price: $17.25
Gift Rating: 3/10

I get the concept—candles are excellent, and they smell nice. This hand-poured candle has options for the scent you want. Now it’s getting the masses to want to know what Lil Nas X smells like, and not only that but enjoy the smell so much that you get a candle of it. I don’t know what to think of a room smelling like a specific person, but whatevs—maybe you do.

Lil Nas X Mugs – Lightning Logo Classic

Price: $22.17
Gift Rating: 6/10

I approve of this one. Something about that font style right on your mug for all to see is suitable to start your morning with. Like it’s screaming for you to avoid those early conversations. That, and because it’s a coffee mug, makes it a pretty good gift for someone. Or yourself. You do you.

Lil Nas X Bags – 7 All Over Print Tote Bag

Price: $29.55
Gift Rating: 5/10

Reusable bags are great; they benefit recycling and the environment while also getting a new way to represent. I encourage people to limit their plastic bag usage, and this bag can help someone with just that. Plus, look at this thing. It’s so ominous and deep. The aesthetic is nice.

Okay, we’ve made it pretty far down the rabbit hole. Are you ready to keep going? Cool. The following few products are harder to explain to friends and family.

The ‘What am I Looking at?’ Stuff

Level three: stuff that you need context with. These may seem out of the norm to have lying around or wearing unless you are a vast Lil Nas X fan, but for those who are, check these out.

Official Sites

Jean Paul Gaultier X Lil Nas X Print Top

Jean Paul Gaultier X Lil Nas X Print Top

Price: $391.91
Gift Rating: 4/10

I think it’s the high price tag and the all-over-the-place graphics that are hard to focus on that makes this not one of my favorites. The top is a cooperative design by Lil Nas X and designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The brand’s clothing is pretty nice, but this look doesn’t do it for me.

Industry Baby Hot Pink Ski Mask

Price: $35.00
Gift Rating: 5/10

There are a few scenarios where you should be wearing this. I can think of a few, but this would be better off as a novelty item to have. Without knowing, you can’t even tell that it has anything to do with Lil Nas X., But again, it looks cool, so it gets a pass.

I put the gift rating in the middle for several reasons, by the way.

Silver Knuckle Cover Ring – Full Cover

Pricing: $250.00
Gift Rating: 9/10

Probably one of my favorite pieces of merch beyond this list; these things are sick. It’s a fashion statement, wearing these. A power move. They’re made out of silver and rest over your knuckles and fingers. A unique look made even better that not many people are rocking this yet.

Not necessarily under Lil Nas X licenses, however, designer David Tamargo has worked for other artists such as Bad Bunny, Beyoncé, Robert Pattinson, and much more. So, he gets a pass too.

Unofficial Sites

Lil Nas X Puzzles – Satan Montero Jigsaw Puzzle

Price: $34.76
Gift Rating: 4/10

Imagine doing this puzzle. The floor and the black square around the image look hard, but you can put the pieces together of Lil Nas X riding Lucifer. That’s a wild sentence. Maybe don’t bring it to family game night if everybody isn’t chill this way, but it could be fun if you like puzzles.

C Is For Country – by Lil Nas X (Hardcover)

Price: $9.49
Gift Rating: 8/10

At the penultimate spot on the list, I bring you this: Lil Nas X’s children’s book about the ABCs. You can give this to a kid. To an adult. To me. Anybody could get smile at the sight of that cover. It looks so happy.

Available on Target’s website, you can get this today. And I hope you do!

Lil Nas X Pokémon Card

Price: $15.00
Gift Rating: 9/10

I’ve been waiting to talk about this one. He finally got his own Pokémon card, and it looks like he’s a water/horse type! Panini is apparently his move, and he has an HP seven. What a legend.

Stuff like this that people worldwide think of and are creating is so amazing. It most definitely is far away from official merchandise, but it could make for a funny gift or display.

And there is still plenty out there to discover as well. They all fall under these categories and are mostly accessible. But before we wrap things up, I’ll add on probably the most expanse merch relating to Lil Nas X—the Satan Shoes.

Lil Nas X Satan Shoes

Lil Nas X Satan Shoes

Price: $2,000 and up
Gift Rating: 5/10

In short, these custom shoes were made with the actual blood of six volunteer employees of the small company, MSCHF. A collaboration with Lil Nas X during the release of his Montero music video, the limited-released shoes amassed intense controversy. With only 666 made in total, the resale value is much higher than the original $1,018 price tag.

The look of them itself is fantastic. I love the black with hints of blood red and white. However, I see the issue with these and why Nike sued the small company for making them. These aren’t necessary to get yourself or as a gift, but they look sick.

Here are a few more of my favorite merch ideas if you’re still curious. These fall into every category and range from official to unofficial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Does Montero Mean?

Answer: Montero has two meanings. First, Lil Nas X’s birth name is Montero Lamar Hill. Pretty straightforward. The next is a more biblical meaning the artist brought to light in the music video for the title track. Described as being the Garden of Eden, Montero is used as the name.

Question: How Old is Lil Nas X?

Answer: At just twenty-three years old, the young artist has accomplished many feats.

Question: How Many Albums Does Lil Nas X Have?

Answer: As of October 2022, Lil Nas X has only released one full-length album. Several singles and one EP has also been released. A second album is currently in the works.

Question: What is Lil Nas X’s Sexuality?

Answer: Lil Nas X is a proud gay male. He came out in 2019 to his parents and the world, the same year his hit song “Old Town Road” reached number one on the charts.

Question: Why is There Demonic Imagery in the Music Video?

Answer: Seen as a sin in the Bible, Lil Nas X embraces the notion and celebrates his sexual preferences. A visual, symbolic meaning for the lyrics and what he is trying to show us about how gay individuals are perceived by many.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of merch you can get of Lil Nas X. You can make things easy and grab a shirt that you’ll probably wear for years to come. Or you can find a unique, niche item that serves no purpose but to have it.

If this is a gift, consider whom you are buying this for. Ask yourself, ‘Would they want or use this in reality?’ If not, reconsider your choice. There are plenty of different products to look at. Most merch can find an audience somewhere—which one do you want to be in? The choice is yours.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go buy that Pokémon card.

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