The Complete Lil Wayne Merch Guide

You’ve seen it all before. Different websites offer their T-Shirt. Their prices. Their products. You can see candles, posters, and household appliances, and maybe all you’re trying to do is find a cool hat or something—see what’s out there.

Take Lil Wayne, for instance. He has so much merch; I don’t want you trying to filter through all of it yourself. Digging through the internet to find something you want takes time, and not everybody has some to give, so having a guide to cut all that work out makes sense.

Thankfully I actually had the time to do all the work, and I’ve compiled it all right here for you as The Complete Lil Wayne Merch Guide. Here, I’ve gathered all the different types of merch together and narrowed it down for you, bringing examples of merch you could get right now along with it.

lil wayne

Where to Look

As you may know, tons of websites will take your business for themselves, offering whatever Lil Wayne merch they can to try and steal your attention from their competitors. This thought alone can turn people away from really digging deep to see what is out there for purchase. That said, I want to start with some great examples of places you should look at.

  • Lil Wayne’s official Merch Site

I recommend shopping straight from the source if you do not want to dive too deep. It’s reliable, trustworthy, and Lil Wayne-approved.

  • Record Labels & Partners

Places like the Young Money website (Lil Wayne’s record label) can also be treated as an official store as well.

  • Well-Known Online Stores

Places where you shop anyways, like Amazon and such. These stores offer merch as well and are reliable for some.

  • Your Local Stores

Why go through the wait time of ordering something online and having it shipped when many malls and music stores may offer something for you immediately?

Everything else that doesn’t fall under these categories is still fine, and I’ll give you examples of some later, but they tend to cross into territories that may not be as trustworthy. Keep this in mind when you make your decision.

t-shirt lil wayne

Why Buy Lil Wayne Merch

Merch is just something many celebrities have, and an easy, fun way to show your love for them. In the case of Lil Wayne, his fan base is massive, and the catalog of products he has had over the years has only stacked up. For many, the rapper is a G.O.A.T. in the music industry, and aspire to be like him. An entire generation looks up the Weezy, and I’ve seen many people rocking his merch throughout his career.

Garnering such a fanbase is almost impossible for a human to obtain. Still, because of this high popularity, nobody would think twice of a person casually wearing a shirt with his name or face on it. It’s just kind of common to see. But still, there are many reasons why you should look at Lil Wayne’s merch rather than others, and here’s a few:

  • Style and Aesthetic

Weezy has his own style, if you haven’t noticed. The clothes he dresses in have inspired millions over the last two decades, and that charisma and artistic taste are seen on his merch.

  • The Popularity of Lil Wayne

You may have already seen a piece of Lil Wayne merch yourself at least once in your life. He is almost synonymous with the rap genre, and many people (at least over the age of twenty) could recognize his face instantly. The clothing or other pieces of merch could be recognized much faster than many other rappers.

  • All the Options

Keeping with his expanding catalog, there are tons of options to choose from. Some artists offer only select items you have to choose between, whereas Weezy has years worth of unique styles that you can get new or used.

  • Quality Products

This one is dictated by where you get your merch from, but if you decide to go for an official store (like his website), then the quality of the merch is almost guaranteed to be made with attention to detail from my experience.

  • Limited Releases

With so much merch out there, however, some of it won’t be available forever. Limited releases are standard and usually coincide with an album release or something along those lines. If you see something you like that is specific to a song or something, it’d be best to pick it up now, not to risk missing out on it later.

  • The Man Himself

And finally, the man himself. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is a human being—although stated otherwise. His story is a long one but fascinating. Buying his merch is more than supporting the name, but who the name represents.

lil wayne hoodie

The Merch

I’ve broken the different categories down for you to make things easier on your travels. You’ll find yourself coming across these categories while searching for that perfect piece of merch:

  • Clothing
  • Figurines & Collectables
  • Music
  • Wall Art
  • Back to School
  • Books
  • Miscellaneous Items (more on these later)

Aside from the last three, everything is pretty standard but brought up to eleven since it’s Lil Wayne we’re talking about. Let’s jump in, shall we?


A straightforward option for merch, apparel is the most practical of merch by fans and businesses. T-Shirt alone of Lil Wayne can be found in malls, retail stores, secondhand thrift shops, online, and other places you may find clothes. But there’s more than just a plain shirt to be seen.

There are many great options online, but this is a category where you can benefit from going out and seeing what your local stores may have too.

T-Shirts: The safest bet for anybody wanting a simple way to represent Weezy. With Lil Wayne’s popularity, there is no shortage of these.

lil wayne t-shirt

Trench Coat: Young Money’s merch store has this really sick trenchcoat available. I haven’t seen many other artist offer something like, and it’s refreshing to see.

lil wayne trench coat

Pants: Okay, not as many of these out there, but I found some. The more blatant Lil Wayne-inspired pants are typically loose fitting; others are just “inspired” by the artist.

lil wayne pants

Hats: On occasion, Lil Wayne can be seen rocking a hat, and headwear is another category of merch that there’s a lot of. Baseball and fitted caps make up most of what’s available, but bucket hats and other styles appear every now and then.

lil weezyana fest 6 hat

Hoodies: A personal favorite of mine has a few officially licensed ones on Lil Wayne’s website. Other merch stores offer some as well.

paint splatter hoodie

Baby Onesie: This one gave me a smile, but an official “Trust Fund” babies cover onesie is available through his website.

trust fund babies onesie

Here are a few examples of different clothing ideas for you:

Figurines & Collectables

Merch like the adorable Funko Pops! are insanely popular. They’ve become collectibles for scouring fans who make it their mission to hunt down the rarest ones. Regarding Weezy, a few have been made depicting different eras of the artist, but Pops! aren’t the only collectible merch available.

Funko Pop!: Okay, I’m starting with them, but still. These giant headed figurines are widely popular and have made a few of Lil Wayne. There is also a Vinyl Gold 5” addition with a taller, slimmer design.

lil [wayne] funko pop!

Trading Cards: A collaboration with MLB Topps has produced these unique Lil Wayne trading cards. Inspired by the 10th anniversary of Tha Carter IV, these collectible cards are up for grabs and are linked to down below.

lil wayne trading card collection

Cardboard Cutout: The passionate fans keep this industry going. With a life-size and mini-size available, you can have yourself a cutout of Lil Wayne for display where you think it is appropriate. Just ignore the weird glances from others, and you’ll be fine.

lil wayne cardboard cutout

Autographed Merch: I need to include these for those wanting to go that extra mile. A few websites host sales of signed posters, guitars, photos, and more. These will be the most expensive mech you can get, but they are pretty cool.

lil wayne autographed signed fender electric guitar


I still know plenty of people (including myself) who love and collect physical media. This ranges from movies, books, and music—especially that last one. Vinyl records have been making a triumphant return to the mainstream recently, but let’s not forget the nostalgia of having Tha Carter III on CD back in the late 2000s.

The music industry still sees the value of physical media, which is why there are still plenty of ways to listen to Lil Wayne’s music, and “own” some too.

Vinyl: A collector’s preferred physical album, these timeless records are found frequently compared to the others and make for great gifts for a general audience.

lil wayne vinyl collection

Cassette: A bit more niche, many people may not want or see a need for a cassette tape, but some are still out there for specific album releases.

tha carter v cassette

CD: A top-tier way to experience music, these albums usually come with a nice booklet and a much smaller size than the ever-popular vinyl. Though similar to cassettes, they may not have as large of an audience seeking them out.

tha carter III cd

Digital: This one’s tricky. Streaming is the most popular way to listen to music today, but not many people I know of buy the album digitally and listen to it that way. Nevertheless, this is the way to go if you want to own the right to listen to Lil Wayne without subscribing to Spotify or Apple Music.

sorry 4 the wait digital download

Wall Art

You’re almost always going to find posters for your favorite artist. Being one of the most common merch products, their popularity is no surprise. They can be framed and hung on your wall, pinned up to the ceiling for a fantastic view, or anything else you can think of to do with a poster. Regardless of what you do with it, the option is there.

Standard Posters: These never go out of style, making them great for any bedroom. There are also plenty of different style options you can choose from.

lil wayne poster

Tapestry: Like a flag to be pinned up and hung, this type of wall art is my favorite. Though not as abundant as posters, the material is much more durable, and you can place them in even more creative places thanks to their blanket-like design.

tha carter III tapestry

Back to School

There are also merch options for classrooms and such. There’s a whole category for those going to school, an office, or just needing to write some stuff down and carry their belongings.

Backpacks: Your standard backpack, just inspired by Lil Wayne. A lot are fan-made, but reviews are solid for the most part—a practical way to carry your items.

lil wayne concert backpack

Tote Bags: Similar to a backpack, but with an open top for easy storage. It is commonly used for shopping and replacing plastic bags for its reusable design.

black tote bag

Note Books: A neat idea; there are also fan-made spiral notebooks if you want one. Their designs are typically photographs or artwork of Lil Wayne, but they get the message across.

lil wayne spiral notebook (photo)

Pens: It’s good to keep a pen on hand for some people, and thankfully there are gel pens with Lil Wayne’s name written on them.

lil wayne gel pen

Buttons: Add some of these to your backpack to show even more love for Lil Wayne. These can be found in abundance, so you have various designs to choose from.

lil wayne buttons


A book has been written on the tales from his time locked up at Rikers Island prison. Along with unofficial biographies, there is even a book written by a professor that makes a case for Lil Wayne to be held up with the likes of Shakespeare and Bob Dylan. Use these options to inform yourself or a friend of Lil Wayne’s life and his exemplary way of words.

the literary genius of lil wayne


Miscellaneous Items

Not many of these niche items exist, but there are a few. I grouped these together to keep all the miscellaneous merch ideas together.

Pop Socket: Many people have stuck one of these things onto the back of their phone for one reason or another. They typically show off an interest or a passion, and a Weezy pop socket can do that for you too.

lil wayne tattoo smiley popsocket

Phone Case: Sites like RedBubble have plenty of Lil Wayne phone cases to choose from. This white Tha Carter V case caught my attention, which you can check out below.

tha carter v phone case

Coasters: I use coasters in my house, and they typically have a logo or a phrase I want to show to any guests that come over. Keep your tables ring-free and have some pictures of Lil Wayne on them for good measure.

lil wayne coaster set

Key Chain: To add onto your keys as decoration, this piece of merch might be more practical than some, and it’s small in size, so it’ll look good on your set.

plastic key chain

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does Lil Wayne have a Clothing Line?

Answer: Lil Wayne does have a clothing line named TRUKFIT. The merch started selling back in January of 2012 but has only a website filled with merch that’s out of stock. You can join a waiting list for any products, but there is no telling when more will be available.

Question: Where’s the Best Place to Buy Lil Wayne Merch?

Answer: You can never go wrong by going straight to the artist’s website. Everything listed here is officially licensed and approved. Places such as Amazon, RedBubble, and Merchbar are good alternatives. Places like Etsy and eBay are also available, but product quality and consistency may not match what you see online.

Question: How Long Does Shipping take?

Answer: Most sites ship within a few business days depending on where you make your purchase. Some fan-made merch, or items bought from secondhand sites, can take longer to arrive than others. If you’re shopping on Lil Wayne’s official store, however, the website states that items are shipped “within 2-3 businesses days,”

lil wayne wall poster

Final Thoughts

Searching for the proper merchandise that fits you, your personality, and what you want to show is essential for any fan. Lil Wayne happens to have many products with his name and face on them. His music catalog spans decades now, so there are tons of CDs.

And his character is enough to inspire trends in fashion, sparking clothing that tries to bring that energy to his fans to wear with them. There’s going to be something out there for you to show your love for Weezy, and this breakdown guide should be a great place to narrow that search.

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