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Eminem is a huge name in the hip-hop industry. He was at his peak in the early 2000s and has become a living music legend since then. He has millions of fans worldwide, meaning plenty of people would love to get their hands on some high-quality Eminem merchandise.

In this guide, I’ll be explaining everything there is to know about Eminem merch. I’ve been seeking artist merch for years, and most merch tends to be similar amongst different artists. So, I’ll use that experience and my love for Eminem to give you some of the best merch options out there.

eminem t-shirt

Bottom Line Up Front

Here are the various types of Eminem merch that you can get:

  • Apparel: This is where you’ll find the most Eminem merch, including shirts, sweaters, jackets, hats, pants, shoes, etc.
  • Posters: Posters can be hung up on walls or put in picture frames to rest on desks and bookshelves.
  • Action Figures: There are a surprising number of action figures of Eminem available out there.
  • Physical Album Copies: Eminem Vinyl and CDs are readily available from his website and other retailers.
  • Stickers – Eminem stickers are great for placing in places that are meaningful to you.
  • Homeware – This includes mugs, blankets, aprons, pillows, or anything else you may use in a household.
  • Jewelry – Some jewelry is inspired by Eminem’s jewelry, while others are designed around Eminem’s appearance and songs.
  • Tattoos – Tattoos are a more permanent kind of artist merch to get. You could get tattoos of Eminem or tattoos that Eminem also has.
  • Accessories – Small things to use in everyday life, such as keychains and phone covers.

Out of all those merch types, apparel is my top pick. Wearing an item of clothing inspired by Eminem is a fantastic way of showing that you’re a fan. The clothes from his official store are particularly epic, with the Slim Shady T-Shirt being my top pick.

slim shady

Quick History of Eminem

Eminem started his career in the mid-90s. He mainly grew up in Detroit and started rapping when he was a teenager. He stated that his big influences were Run DMC, The Beastie Boys, Tupac, and Kool G Rap. There were many more, but I’d say those ones stand out to me in comparison to the style Eminem created for himself.

His big break came when he signed to Dr. Dre’s record label. Dre was quite established then, so he used his fame and talent to boost Eminem’s career when they released The Slim Shady LP in 1999.

From that point, Eminem blew up and became known worldwide. His skin color played a big role, but so did his controversial song content. Over the years, Eminem continued to produce world-class music, and he went on to win dozens of prestigious music awards.

Some of his most famous songs are Lose Yourself, Stan, Rap God, Without Me, and The Real Slim Shady.

Why Eminem Has Merch

Eminem and other artists sell merch to capitalize on their fame. It’s another income source for them, but it’s one that lets us geek out as fans. Some merch isn’t officially licensed, meaning it’s not something approved by Eminem himself, but you can still get some fantastic, attractive options in that area.

Getting Eminem is one of the best ways to show other people that you’re a fan of him and his music. When someone sees you wearing an Eminem shirt, they’ll start a conversation with you about it if they’re a fan as well. It’s a great feeling!

Examples of Eminem Merch


Apparel is arguably the broadest kind of Eminem merch that you’ll be able to find. This refers to anything you can wear. Examples would be things such as shirts, hoodies, socks, caps, etc.

Here are some examples of Eminem apparel:



Posters of Eminem can either be stuck on your wall, or you can put them in picture frames to place on a desk or shelf. The second option only works with smaller posters. I should mention here that overbearingly large posters are one of my favorite kinds of artist merch, so a large Eminem poster is my ideal pick!


Check these Eminem posters out:

Action Figures

Action figures aren’t limited to movie characters and superheroes. You can easily find action figures of your favorite rappers as well. Surprisingly, there are quite a few Eminem action figures available. Eminem even sells a few on his official store:


Here are a few options:

CDs and Vinyl

While digital music and streaming are the way of the future, I know many people who still love buying tangible copies of it. If you still have a CD player, an Eminem CD is a great piece of merch to have. In today’s trendy world, a vinyl version of the CD would be an even better choice.


Here are all the albums that Eminem has released:


Stickers are one of the more affordable kinds of Eminem merch that you can get. You can buy an individual sticker as the cheapest option, or you can get a pack of them to place in different places. You can place Eminem stickers on laptop covers, guitar covers, car dashboards, etc.

Mom's Spaghetti Sticker

Check out these Eminem sticker options:


Homeware refers to anything that you use in your household. While this is one of my least liked types of merch, I know that many people love it. Examples of Eminem homeware merch are blankets, pillows, mugs, and aprons. I think a mug would be the least weird option here.


With that being said, here are some available options:


Jewelry may not be something you expected to see here, but there are some great Eminem-inspired pieces out there. In this category, you can either find expensive jewelry that Eminem also wears, or you can get inexpensive things like chains or bangles with Eminem inspiration.

game of microphones

Here are a few Eminem jewelry picks:


Tattoos are the most permanent kind of Eminem merch that you can get. The best thing about an Eminem tattoo is that you get to choose exactly what it looks like. The downside of an Eminem tattoo is that it’s going to be on you forever. However, that’s not a downside to any of the tattoo lovers out there:

eminem tattoo

Check these Eminem tattoo ideas out that I found on Pinterest:


Eminem accessories are small things that don’t fit into any of the above categories. These include things such as phone covers, keyrings, wallets, etc.

Eminem letter E iPhone Case

Here are a few Eminem accessory options:

My Top Picks for Eminem Merch

Slim Shady T-Shirt


I’m a huge fan of simplicity, and artist shirts that reference musicians while keeping a simple feel appeal the most to me. That’s why this Slim Shady shirt is my top pick when it comes to Eminem apparel.

It’s a plain shirt with Slimy Shady’s name written across the front. If you know Eminem, you’ll know that Slim Shady is the name he uses for himself whenever rapping about controversial topics. While this persona isn’t as prevalent as it used to be in his music, it will remain one of the most well-known rapper personas out there.

The shirt looks incredible on both men and women, and you have the option of getting it in black as well. So, it’s a highly versatile T-shirt option.

Unfortunately, there’s no triple large option available on Eminem’s official merch website.


  • Simple yet effective design
  • White and black options available
  • Looks great on both men and women


  • No 3X large shirt option available

FatCat Wall Graphics Eminem Poster

FatCat Wall Graphics Eminem (Mugshot)

When it comes to artist posters, I always say bigger is better. However, it’s quite difficult to find large Eminem posters that are high in quality. So, this poster of Eminem is my top option. It’s a bit smaller than what I usually like, but it’s still large enough to proudly hang on a wall.

It’s 12” x 18” and has a picture of Eminem posing for a mug shot. The significance is quite big regarding everything written on the poster. The placard Eminem is holding has the name of his alternate persona on it, references D12, and mentions Detroit, which is Eminem’s hometown.

I think this is a perfect Eminem poster to get. He’s quite young in the picture here, taking you back to his prime days in the early 2000s.


  • High-quality image of Eminem
  • A few Eminem career references
  • Great design


  • The poster isn’t as large as many people would like

Shady Con Eminem Action Figure


This Shady Con Eminem figure is part of a group of Shady Con limited-edition figures that Eminem recently released on his official merch store. Out of all those action figures, this one is my favorite. This figure comes with a microphone, allowing you to set it up as if Eminem were performing on stage. It also comes with a white cap to add a bit of variety to Em’s appearance when you want to.

If you’re collecting Eminem merch, you may want to keep it in the box and not open it. I know plenty of people who collect action figures like this. Keeping it boxed makes sense, considering these action Shady Con action figures are so rare.

When you go to Eminem’s merch site, you’ll be able to see when the next batch of products will be released, so plan around that if you can’t find this action figure in a local store.


  • Excellent detail
  • Comes with a microphone and hat for variety


  • Very rare compared to other Eminem merch

The Eminem Show Vinyl

The Eminem Show Explicit Lyrics

Let’s face it, any Eminem album on vinyl would be an excellent option. I’ve suggested The Eminem Show here as my top pick, as it’s my favorite Eminem album at the moment. It’s full of bangers like White America, Without Me, Till I Collapse, and Soldier.

eminem music keyring

However, you can find all of Eminem’s albums available on CD and vinyl, so pick your best one!

EMINEM Sticker

EMINEM Sticker

The sticker you see here is a very popular picture of Eminem in action. I love this sticker for the fact that any Eminem fan will instantly recognize that it’s him. He’s dressed like this at all his live performances since he came clean, so it’s a more mature version of Eminem that you’re seeing.

This sticker is inexpensive and large enough to fill up most of the space on a 500ml water bottle.

The downside is that there’s a white border around the picture of Eminem. If you don’t want that, you’ll have to do some intricate scissor work to cut it off.


  • Fantastic picture of a mature Eminem performing
  • Fans will recognize that it’s Eminem from the outfit


  • White border is hard to cut off

Lose Yourself Mug

Lose Yourself Mug

When looking through Eminem merch to get, I’ve found that I keep coming back to this design by Darkwater Designs on Redbubble. It has the lyrics of Lose Yourself designed to fit the image of someone listening to music with headphones on. I love it, and it looks excellent on a white mug.

Lose Yourself is Eminem’s most well-known track, and it’s one of the best songs to reference for Eminem merch because of that.

This mug holds 325ml, which is fairly large. While my wife and I have solid-color, minimalistic mugs at home, I used to love keeping whacky and funky mugs in my classroom at the school I used to teach at. This Eminem mug would make a perfect addition to the collection I had there.


  • Creative design using the Lose Yourself lyrics
  • Large mug


  • Expensive compared to standard mugs

Slim Shady Necklace

Slim Shady Necklace

This quirky necklace is a reference to Eminem’s hit single from his breakthrough album, The Slim Shady LP. My Name Is was the first song on the album, and it set the tone for everything that Eminem was about to be known for at that time.

If you’re a fan of Eminem’s quirkier and more destructive and controversial side, this affordable piece of jewelry is an ideal piece of merch to have.

Interestingly, Eminem has said in the past that he wasn’t a big fan of this song a few years after he released it. There were a few more serious songs on the album that he wished people appreciated a lot more.

Since this is a handmade item that you can get from Etsy, the shipping time is known to take quite a while. Be mindful of that!


  • Great piece of merch that references one of Eminem’s first big songs
  • Excellent detail in the design


  • Takes long to ship

Eminem Not Afraid Tattoo

Eminem Not Afraid Tattoo

I’m quite hesitant at the thought of artist tattoos. When it comes to celebrities, you never have the guarantee that they’ll always be your hero or favorite artist, so putting a picture of them on your body seems quite scary to me. That’s why my tattoo suggestion here is the title of one of Eminem’s songs.

He released Not Afraid in 2010, and it was part of the Recovery album. I love the idea of this tattoo because its meaning can be ambiguous. On one side, it’s the name of your favorite Eminem song. On the other, it’s an inspirational phrase.

That’s my two cents when it comes to tattoos, though! If you’re a die-hard Eminem fan, there’s nothing wrong with getting a hardcore Eminem tattoo.


  • References a popular Eminem song
  • Has an ambiguous meaning, making it future-proof


  • Tattoos aren’t for everybody

The Eminem Show iPhone Case

The Eminem Show iPhone Case

Phone cases are excellent accessory options. My suggestion here is a phone case that uses the album artwork from The Eminem Show.

This cool merch option will allow Eminem fans to recognize it when they see it. Nothing on the design outwardly mentions Eminem, but the album artwork is unmistakable.

Since this piece of merch is from Redbubble, you get the option of getting a soft case, snap case, or tough case.


  • Artwork inspired by the album cover of The Eminem Show
  • Three phone cover type options


  • Only available for iPhones

My Tips for Choosing Eminem Merch

Where to Buy

When it comes to Eminem merch, my first suggestion for a place to buy from would be the Eminem Official Store. Everything you find on there is from Eminem’s official merch brand, and the quality of clothing and other items you get are guaranteed.

The first thing I noticed when looking at the site was how professional everything looked. It made me trust those products a lot more than any of the others on different platforms.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, I suggest looking on Amazon. Amazon has a variety of sellers with Eminem merch, and you can find some excellent options. Just make sure to read the user reviews before getting anything.

Etsy and Redbubble are my other suggestions. They’re a bit less reliable as you’re buying fan-made merch, but some incredible items are available there. Redbubble has a few stock items that fans can add designs to, whereas Etsy is a marketplace where almost anything can be sold.

eminem shop

Deciding What Kind of Merch to Get

If you’re looking for merch but unsure of what to get, here are a few things I’ve found over the years that point me in the right direction.

A shirt is always the best option if I want to wear something to a concert. You can wear it occasionally, and it’s one of the clearest pieces of merch that show that you’re an Eminem fan.

Action figures and posters are good choices if you want something to display in your house. Homeware is another option, but I don’t think it looks as good as the other two options.

Accessories and stickers are great to get when you’re not looking to spend a lot of money. Having an Eminem phone cover is a subtle way of showing that you’re a fan, for example.

When it comes to tattoos, I think it’s something that only the most die-hard fans will consider. If you’re at the point of considering a tattoo, I’m assuming you already know exactly what kind of Eminem merch you want!

Common Problems and Solutions with Eminem Merch

Availability with Products from The Eminem Store

While the Official Eminem Store is the best place to buy Eminem merch, many of the products are often unavailable. I’ve seen this when looking for shirts and noticed it when finding action figures to suggest.

Some of the products there have descriptions that tell you when the next batch will be released, while it’s just a waiting game for others. If you’re patient, you should wait to get the exact product you want. Otherwise, you may have to choose one of the other options on the platform that is available.

Apparel Sizes

If you choose to buy clothing through Amazon, you’ll find that some of the options are a lot smaller than you think they would be. This isn’t unique to Eminem merch. It’s a very common trend from most artist merch that third parties sell.

Before buying clothes through the Amazon platform, check the user reviews to see if people say the clothes are smaller than expected. If that’s the case, make sure to buy a large size than you normally would.

Also, make sure to check out what the styling of the clothes is like. For example, some sweatshirts are a lot baggier than others. I love form-fitting ones, but you may prefer the more casual vibe.


I’ve found that all the most expensive merch comes from the Official Eminem Store. The quality tends to be much better with what you get there, so the higher price is worth it.

However, you should look at your other options to save as much money as possible. Just know that anything with Eminem’s name slapped onto it will always be more expensive than that same thing without his name.

marshall dry cleaning


Question: What Kind of Eminem Merch is Most Popular?

Answer: While there are no official stats for this, I’d argue that Eminem T-shirts are the most popular kind of merch. They’re all decently priced, and most Eminem fans get more than one, meaning their sales are high.
It’s the go-to merch option if you plan to go to an Eminem concert, and many fans also wear them to other concerts. Out of all the Eminem merch options on all the online stores, you’ll find the most variety when it comes to shirts.

Question: Can You Get Signed Eminem Merch?

Answer: Yes, but it’s not easy to find. You can find plenty of signed merchandise on used marketplaces, but their reliability is often questionable.
The most foolproof way of getting signed Eminem merch is to get Eminem to sign it yourself at one of his gigs. However, Eminem’s gigs are so largely attended these days that even that may be a struggle.
My master plan to give you would be to get a backstage VIP pass for the show.

Question: Is Eminem Retired?

Answer: No, he just isn’t as active as he used to be. His last album was Music to Be Murdered By, which he released in 2020. He’s done several live gigs since then, but he’s stated that he doesn’t like touring anymore as it takes him away from family.
I don’t think Eminem will ever retire from music entirely, but he may stop doing live shows. So, I highly suggest going to his shows if you can!

Question: Does Eminem Perform with a Live Band?

Answer: From most of the live Eminem shows I’ve seen, he doesn’t perform with a live band. It’s quite common for rappers to use tracks when performing live.
However, there have been several tours where he’s taken a band with him. All my favorite Eminem performances are when he has a band to back him. The drummer in me loves them.
Check out this clip of him performing at the Oscars in 2020 with a live band:


With Eminem being such a giant in the music industry, it’s only natural that there’s so much merch to choose from. If you need to choose just one kind of merch to get, any item of clothing would be my best suggestion, especially if it’s coming from Eminem’s official merch store.

However, you should check out all the options I listed above. There are so many exciting choices, and you’ll find that many of them will appeal to you.

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