Best Jay Z Merch Guide

For a man with so many different businesses, investments, and endeavors that put his blueprint on so many different products, there’s a surprising lack of merch for the rap mogul, all things considered.

Comparing the number of products, figurines, and random appliances other famous musicians have on the internet for sale, Jay-Z’s official merch has mostly stuck with the traditional items.

But if we go beyond this surface-level merch. Beyond the minimal T-Shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies you can find on the official Jay-Z merch site, you can find all sorts of other—more diverse—products that extend beyond his music.

Jay-Z has been all over my mind recently. The man has created an empire with so many products in different industries it only made sense for me to use my skills to bring them all into one spot.

A place where other Jay-Z fans can go to find a neat, categorized, and descriptive list of everything that Jay’s name is associated with. With infinite ways to show your love and support for the artist, buying unique types of merch other artists won’t have to offer is always a plus.

The “Complete Jay-Z Merch Guide” will break down everything the tycoon has to offer, from his highly sought-after champagne and cognac to the brand deals with Puma and the failed cologne attempt. Even his newer experimental products of cannabis later.

Finding Jay-Z merch is more than just a few T-Shirts. It’s a whole ecosystem waiting for you to discover. So, with that, let’s dive in.

Bottom Line Up Front

Where to Look

I’ll start off with where to start searching for these spread-out merch options. If you only go to Jay-Z’s official merch site, you’ll only find fifteen products, over half identical to one another from the “4:44” rollout.

Nothing too exciting there, but there are so many more websites to expand that small number of options into almost a sea of different Jay-Z merch ideas. Here are some places where you should look.

Jay-Z’s Official Merch Store

As mentioned before, the products on his site are slim pickings, but they have officially licensed Jay-Z merch, so it’s still your safest bet.

Wine and other Alcohol Websites

I’ll go into more detail about his champagne and cognac beverages, but if you’re looking to jump in and buy some now, you can find a few websites that offer his popular liquor.

Partnering Businesses

Collaborations and partnerships amongst several different companies, Jay’s products can be found on websites you may not think about at first. Maybe you know about his shoes with Puma and Rocawear, but what about his “Gold” cologne collection?

Well-Known Online Stores

These websites are where you can find the bulk of merch catering to his likeness and music career. Shirts, posters, pillows, etc., several popular retail sites have Jay-Z merch to offer as well. TeePublic is an excellent website to find diverse merch ideas rather than just one or two.

Local Stores

You can never go wrong with going down to your local music stores or malls to see what exclusive merch they may have. You may even find a gem you won’t find anywhere online.

Aside from these options, there are other places to look. Beyond these, though, may lead you to sites that aren’t official or not as good of quality. Remember this when you find something you like.

The Different Types of Merch

  • Apparel
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Books/Biographies
  • Media
  • Wall Art
  • Small Items
  • Miscellaneous

These categories will act as umbrellas for everything underneath. So, from here, let’s go into more detail.


The go-to of merch choices, this first category may be a one-and-done for many of you. Jay-Z’s official merch store may not have a vast selection, but many other online stores do. If you’re not aware, Jay-Z founded Rocawear, a clothing line that has become a staple in hip-hop fashion.

Still holding his stakes in the company, the brand is still recognized as one of Jay’s creations. You’ll find his more self-inspired clothing there, but non-associated stores will have mass-produced clothing that fits a more general audience.

Pretty much what you’re already expecting, here’s what you can find regarding clothing options.


jay z t-shirt

A staple in merchandise sales, most people choose this quick and easy option for themselves or as a gift to another.

All these are great, simple options, but if you’re like me and enjoy a bit more art-inspired prints then the Jay-Z Collection T-Shirt is my suggestion to you. It’s Jay-Z’s portrait painted with strokes of color on top of a plain gray shirt. My favorite out of the tons that I’ve seen.

Long sleeves & Hoodies

Long sleeves jay-z
Image Courtesy of Jay-Z Official Merch Site

A popular choice for many, there is no shortage of these clothing options. You can find some stylistic examples of Jay-Z’s long sleeves in his official store.

My favorite type of apparel, the hoodie, is iconic, and you can find a good selection of them on many different websites. My selection with these is the Reasonable Doubt Pullover hoodie.

It’s simple, comfy, and represents one of his best albums if you ask me. But then again, the official long sleeve on Jay-Z’s merch site is also a favorite. The bright peachy color tied to the 4:44 release is just so eye catching.


Jay-Z hat
Image Courtesy of Remade Reups

Not too many options in this category, but Merchbar has a few inspired by his song “Part II (On the Run).” You have pink and black colors to choose from, so there’s that. I’m honestly surprised there aren’t more in this category, but we work with what we got.

Both the On the Run hats look fly and are all up to what color you want, but the Blueprint fitted hat is one of a kind.


Jay-Z Dussé Double Cross Pendant

An even smaller selection of these, but Rocawear has a few good options for bracelets paired with watches to consider. They look really clean, so I’ll vouch for them. Plus, I found this really neat necklace with the Dussé logo in silver. That one is worth checking out too.


Rocawear 3pk Boxer Briefs (Red & Black)

If you’re a fan of boxer briefs, then you can rock some Rocawear branded ones of all different colors and styles. All of these are pretty affordable, all things considered, and they come in packs so you can stock up.


Rocawear Stretch Skinny Ripped Jeans

Sweatpants and styled jeans make up this field of merch, with Rocawear having some of my favorites. These style sizes are debatable if you’re not a fan of skinny jeans, but they do have a style to them. Buy at your own risk.


Rocawear Reversible Belt

There are surprisingly a few variations of belts on sale. The reversible options have a slick, professional look to them. I always suggest going for the all-black styles, so the middle option below is my selection for you in this field.


puma super liga retro

His partnership with Puma comes to light here, as a few of their selections have been worn by Jay-Z, with others having his contribution to them as well. I grabbed a few very clean series for you to check out and see the fuss over Puma.

I recommend checking out the Ralph Sampson Sneakers first. Man, do those look clean. They’re white low tops with stripes of black and just a hint of gold in the signature. And if you’re a fan of high tops, then Clyde All-Pro sneakers are what you should check out next.

Infant Clothing

jay z collection baby onesie

For the parents out there, I hope you’re ready to deck out your little ones with some cute onesies. You can style their outfits with Jay-Z and make them the envy of the other babies in your life.

From baby socks to onesies, give your baby some style. And may I suggest the “Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself” one below?

Alcoholic Beverages

Ah, the alcoholic beverages category, the most prestigious of them all. You need to know right off the back that Jay-Z has champagne and cognac liquor available.

Some of the finest, well-aged, delicious drinks I’ve ever had the experience to try, this selection is for those who either want to get drunk or enjoy sipping on a great clean drink.

Armand De Brignac

This is the name of a champagne company Jay-Z purchased back in 2014. The different flavors are all encased in colorful bottles with an “Ace of Spades” symbol at the center, giving the series its signature name.


Image Courtesy of Total Wine

The drink that started Jay-Z’s adventure into alcoholic beverages, the D’Ussé line of Cognac has a few options that will bring a crisp taste inside of a respected bottle. A brandy in nature, these drinks usually have around 40% ABV and have been aged for years.

While you can order a bottle of D’Ussé VSOP for around $40 to $60, the Ace of Spades champagne goes for around $600 and up. These things are bought and drunk by the rich and famous, so if you want to ball out, get some of this. Here are some examples for you to look at:

Gold Cologne

Gold Cologne
Image Courtesy of Fragrantica

I’ll give a brief rundown if you haven’t checked out my Jay-Z Gold Cologne Guide on the site. A series of fragrances were released with Jay-Z back in 2013 but was stopped after two releases. A fallout and lawsuit came about, and long story short, there’s not going to be any more of these coming out anytime soon.

Still, if you want something different from the artist, you can find some bottles sold online by retailers like Amazon. All these short-lived products can still be found as many weren’t sold in the first place.

Gold Eau De Toilette Cologne: The first release of the fragrance line by Jay-z, a combination of citrus, lavender, amber, myrrh, and other notes, make this aroma unique.

Gold Extreme Cologne: The only follow-up to the original, many base notes are the same with the exceptions like saffron and orris root.

Gold by Jay-Z Deodorant: The Gold series also released a deodorant that keeps the same notes as the original fragrance.

Gold Aftershave Balm+Shower Gel Set: Similar to the deodorant, this set keeps the scent of the fragrance and even comes with a bottle.


There are so many biographies about Jay-Z that it’s kind of unnecessary. Oh well, they’re still available for you or anyone to learn Shawn Carter’s story. Here are a few that stood out to me:


the blueprint 3 jay-z
Image Courtesy of Merchbar

In this category, you’ll find his physical media, like his music and a movie he put out—yeah, I didn’t know that until recently, either. It’s out there, though, and I’ll talk a bit more about it here.

The first thing that comes to mind for many music buffs is the vinyl record. This classic style of listening to music has seen a growth in popularity not seen since it initially rose to prominence.

Thankfully, many of Jay-Z’s albums are pressed to this day, and you can find them on music sites and Amazon. Aside from this popular media, there are still plenty of CDs for people like me who still like to use them.

Also, as alluded to a little bit ago, Jay-Z had composed a musical film with many of his unreleased music videos acting as the scenes. The film also uses music from his albums Reasonable Doubt and In My Lifetime, Vol. 1.

Along with the link to his DVD, here are a few physical media albums I think you should consider:

Wall Art

Going back to the common merch ideas for many people, having things to hang up on your walls is nice and easy. You can keep them there and let any visitors (or maybe just you) admire the artistry. This is also a category where I’d highly recommend searching your nearest mall for more exclusive designs.


jay z poster
Image Courtesy of Postertok

Cheap, easy to move around, and timeless. A good poster can last years and is a classic way to decorate your room with your favorite artists. Mr. Carter has no shortage of these things scattered across the internet, but I’ve got some good ones for you.


jay z tapestry

Posters’ cooler cousin, the tapestry, acts more like a flag that can be hung up. The material is more durable, and some of the designs on the Jay-Z ones look really cool.

I like the tapestry look more than the poster, but it is up to on whether to go for if you go this route. This vibrant 99 Problems-themed tapestry below would look great on anyone’s wall. And if you’re a comic book fan, checked out the first one linked. I bet you’ll love it.


And then, finally, we have all the miscellaneous items I grouped together. There are a fair number of merch possibilities that stand out here and others that are common. Also, mostly all of these come from TeePublic, who seem to love creating the most random merch for artists. I love their enthusiasm, so here go.


Jay-Z Shaped Throw Pillow

These household products are practical in everyday use but having one with Jay-Z on it may be a niche thing to have lying around, but that’s what we’re all about here on the Hip Hop insider, so here you go!

Phone Cases

Jay-Z phonecase
Image Courtesy of RedBubble

A novelty item, having a phone case inspired by the rapper is—a choice. But there are some out there you can look for. Note that a lot of them are for iPhones. That’s important in this field.

The Black Album has my second favorite cover from his discography. It’s only fitting that a fan would want to display that one (or the Blueprint 3 cover) on your phone. That’s the one I’d get.

Laptop Cases

Jay-Z laptop case

Another interesting option; these have more aesthetically pleasing options if you ask me. The one I have linked below definitely draws my attention the most.

You also have more options than you would think in this field of merch. Apparently, Jay-Z laptop cases are in high demand. I’d still say go with something lowkey like the 4:44 one. It has that signature peachy color but presents itself in a clean way.


Jay-Z notebook
Image Courtesy of Amazon

Anybody heading to school or needing to write something down will have the option to do so in style. Or maybe use your phone or something.

Whatever works, but if you do decide to go the classic route, you can get a spiral with an old-school Jay-Z pic as the cover. Or go that extra personal step and get a Jay-Z journal/diary from Amazon to write your own lyrics with.


jay z magnet

Attach them to your refrigerator, a car…other metal surfaces…whatever you decide to do with these little things; there’s plenty out there.

However, I don’t see many people with magnets, in general, these days. Oh well, some of these are dope. The “99 Problems” one below is now one of my favorite sayings.

I won’t write the saying here, though, because of the language. And don’t worry; I’ve selected more appropriate magnets for your refrigerator, too, down below:


jay z sticker

These are another option, but a lot harder to move around. Still, stickers are another classic way to show support.

What’s most cool is that they’re one of the cheapest ways to show that love. Like the abstract spray paint sticker of Jay, I found. You can get one of those and just stick it wherever or give them out for fun.


dusse pin

Another simple means of showing your love, pins are small (sometimes) and can be attached to your clothes. You can easily take them off and cheaply make a whole collection out of this one. I always like having multiple pins on my beanie at a time, so this is a good field to look at and buy a few of.

I would love to talk about a few, but I’ll stick with the Dussé pin, the pure white circular one with the famous double cross logo at the center. I love this design and wish more merch had it.

Then there’s the Black Album cover-inspired pin at the end. Pair these two and other artists’ pins together, and you’ll look fresh.

Coffee Mug

jay z mug

An item nobody should say they have too much of; give your morning one less problem by having one of these prepared with a quote from the famous rapper. Or if you’re busy and need coffee on the go, the “Empire State of Mind” travel mug may be better for you.

Tote Bag

jay z tote bag

Do your grocery shopping with a reusable bag, with HOVA taking center stage. You’ll also be helping the environment, so please do so! The ones here offer a variety of art styles and sizes for any fan.

The all-black, Roc hand sign tote bag is my favorite of the bunch. It’s a great example of a standard tote bag for groceries or personal items. Then we got the weekender bag that’s much larger and has a more eye-catching design print. Either of the two will get the job done.

Face Mask

jay z face mask

If you still need or want to wear a face mask in public, there are a few options with artwork of the man himself on them. One of them is a straightforward jersey-looking black and white mask with “99 Problems” as the focus.

I’d personally enjoy one of these designs rather than having another man’s face on my own, but it’s your call.


One of Shawn Carter’s newest endeavors, he has partnered up once again to bring “a new chapter in cannabis” to the world. This premium brand of hand-rolled and carefully grown flowers is a unique way to show your support, but it is a way all the same.

So, you’ve got a few options to work with here. Any smaller, less common items will make you stand out as a Jay-Z fan, so don’t sleep on these. Except for the pillows. You can sleep on those.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Jay-Z a Billionaire?

Answer: Yes. Jay-Z has become the first hip-hop billionaire with an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion. Most of his wealth has come from his deals and partnerships through his business ventures.

Question: Does Jay-Z Still Have a Record Label?

Answer: Jay-Z owns and is in association with several record labels. The list includes Roc Nation, Roc-A-Fella Records, Def Jam Recordings, Universal Music Group, Atlantic Records, Artista Records, Priority Records, The Island Def Jam Music Group, FFRR Records, and Payday Records.

Question: Does Beyonce have More Money Than Jay-Z?

Answer: Yes. Although at the start of their marriage, Beyonce was netting more revenue annually, Jay-Z surpassed her for the first time in 2011. With her now having an estimated net worth of around $500 million, Jay-Z has eclipsed the goddess and is one of the most wealthy musicians in the world.

Final Thoughts

Jay-Z has been very busy throughout his life. He’s managed to put his name and make his mark on so many different business endeavors that someone needed to make a guide for it all. And while I’m honored to be the one to do so, you ultimately decide to go out and buy the merch.

With so much out there, you have a lot to consider, but keep in mind the pricing for some of the more lavish products on this list. Unless you really want to, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a bottle of champagne just because it is from Jay-Z.

With all that said, I hope this Jay-Z merch guide will help you decide how to show the world that you love Jay-Z.

Take care.

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