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When you think about music memorabilia, you probably think of buying signed t-shirts, rare records, and framed posters, but you probably don’t think about action figures! Believe it or not, hundreds of the biggest celebrities have their own action figures, some of which are officially released and some which are fan-made.

When I realized this I immediately knew that I had to own an Eminem action figure, and to my delight, there were loads of options available. However, it took a lot of research for me to figure out my options, so I’ve put together the following guide to the best Eminem action figures in hope that I can make the process easier for you.

I’ll be going over your options in the Eminem action figure market, what to look for when buying one, and I’ll even be providing you with my personal idea recommendations. Read on to find out my thoughts!

Bottom Line Up Front: There are many Eminem action figures out there for fans to collect, with the most popular being the official Shady Con and Art Asylum product ranges. There are also many other options such as official “bigheads” and even customizable action figures, but in my opinion, the holy grail simply has to be to own the full set of Art Asylum Eminem products.

Are There Official Eminem Action Figures?

When shopping for an action figure of your favorite rapper, it’s important to realize that there will be a lot of unofficial merch out there. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – sometimes unofficial action merch such as fan-made action figures can be even cooler than official ones! However, it’s something to bare in mind when shopping for Eminem action figures, although there are tons of official ones out there!

Eminem has released official action figures on several occasions in his career, most recently being his Shady Con range in 2021. These came in several different designs and are probably the highest-quality examples I’ve seen, including moveable limbs and tons of special details. However, these are far from the only official Eminem action figure options – he also partnered with Art Asylum in 2001 on a horror-themed action figure range (more on this later).

Eminem Action Figures

In addition to these official Eminem action figure product ranges, you will come across tons of fan-made products with a simple search online. Some of these may be bespoke and expensive, whilst others could be mass-produced and easy to buy. Whether you decide to buy one yourself or simply use it as inspiration for making your own Eminem action figure, it’s certainly worth having a look at the options available on craft sites such as Etsy.

My Criteria for Buying Eminem Action Figures

Shopping for the best Eminem action figures can be pretty confusing – as I mentioned earlier, there are tons of different varieties of Eminem action figures, some of which are official and some which are not. There are many things that you need to consider to ensure you find the right product, and I’ve broken them down into the following criteria checklist. I applied every part of these criteria to my product recommendation list later, so make sure to do the same when doing your own research!

  • Authenticity
  • Condition
  • Design
  • Features
  • Pricing

My Top Idea Recommendations for Eminem Action Figures

Now that we’ve covered my in-depth criteria for choosing an Eminem action figure, let’s dive a little deeper by looking at my personal idea recommendations. I’ve ensured that each idea fits the criteria that I provided, so whether you’re looking for a budget alternative or a vintage official, there will be something here for you!

Official Shady Con Eminem Action Figures

Official Shady Con Eminem Action Figures

Perhaps the most logical place to start looking for official Eminem action figures is at the official Eminem online store, and the store does indeed sell action figures. However, as I mentioned earlier, these sell out seriously fast, and when I last checked there weren’t any available. The store does list the three Shady Con action figures, consisting of the “Eminem” figure in which the rapper is holding a microphone,  the “Marshall Mathers” figure featuring young Eminem in normal attire and headphones, and finally the “Slim Shady” redesign of the classic 2001 Jason Voorhees figure.

The fact that the website still lists these does give me hope that they will be put on sale again in the future, but unfortunately, they were last officially sold during the Eminem Black Friday sale. Thankfully, there are tons of these being sold on websites such as eBay, with some actually being sold at the retail price of $35. Watch out for people charging a killing though, because these are only a couple of years old!


– Available in three variations – Slim Shady, Eminem, and Marshall Mathers
– Excellent attention to detail, with each figure coming with its own accessories
– These figures only sold out two years ago, so they’ve not reached a premium resell price
– Officially licensed Eminem merch


– The official Eminem store sold out of them in 2021
– The “Slim Shady” figure simply is not as cool as the original Art Asylum version

Eminem My Name is Slim Shady Art Asylum Action Figure Unopened

Eminem My Name is Slim Shady Art Asylum Action Figure Unopened

My next top Eminem action figure idea recommendation would have to be this listing I came across on eBay. The item in question is the classic 2001 Art Asylum “My Name Is Slim Shady” Jason Voorhees design, complete with Eminem wielding a chainsaw and Jason’s mask! It’s an absolutely classic piece of Eminem merch which in just 20 years has increased greatly in value, generally being sold boxed online for between $100 and $150. Personally, I think that this is fair value as long as the box is in good condition.

However, you should be careful when investigating listings such as this. I came across this eBay listing offering to sell the other Eminem figurine from the same Art Asylum set, boxed, for well over $300! The box isn’t even in particularly good condition, there’s clearly a defect at the top. Unfortunately, people like this will always try to target the love that we have for Eminem to make a quick buck, so be on your guard and make sure you don’t bid on anything that is being overvalued.


– One of the most prized products in many Eminem fans’ collections
– Comes in two varieties, Eminem and Slim Shady
– Can be frequently found on sites such as eBay
– If you can find the full set, each figure comes complete with some highly unique accessories


– They sold out from official stores years ago, back in the year of their release (2001)
– Some resellers take advantage of these figures’ desirability, charging extortionate prices for them even when the condition is not good

Art Asylum EMINEM Action Figures x 2 – My Name Is Eminem + My Name Is Slim Shady

Art Asylum EMINEM Action Figures

Near the beginning of this guide, I made sure to acknowledge that not everyone cares about collectibles coming boxed in mint condition. It can be significantly cheaper to buy the exact same action figure that is not boxed, and this set of action figures on eBay is a prime example. This listing includes every product that was sold in the original 2001 Art Asylum Eminem action figure set, including the “My Name is Eminem” rapper action figure and the “My Name is Slim Shady” horror figure. Not only this, but it even includes the original table, desk, pencils, and other accessories featured in the original range!

For not much more than $100, you’d be saving yourself a ton of cash if all you wanted was to own these action figures, not giving a damn about the box. There are even options for you to “upcycle” this product into something even cooler, which I’ll talk about in the next product listing.


– Sets like this come complete with everything in the range, from the two Eminem and Slim Shady figures to the desk, pencils, milk, and other small accessories
– A listing such as this can be so much better value for money than boxed products, especially if you’re not bothered about the condition


– If you’re an Eminem merch collector, you’re probably going to want to save up for the proper boxed products
– Unboxed items may suggest that the product has not been looked after properly, and therefore other elements of the figure could be damaged

Custom Eminem 3D Portrait Painting Action Figure from Photo

Custom Eminem 3D Portrait Painting Action Figure from Photo

When I first started looking for Eminem action figures, I really wanted one that featured Eminem as he appeared in the Real Slim Shady music video, but I just couldn’t find one available. However, what I did find was this fantastic Etsy product line, which allows you to get a custom action figure designed especially for you based on the information and photographs that you provide. I still haven’t done it yet, but I’m planning to send in a pic of Eminem in the music video!

Some of the pictures I’ve seen of other people’s action figures from this service are amazing, but they’re pretty expensive. The prices are pretty misleading too – it initially seems to only be around 35 bucks but this is for a digital portrait only. You can pay nearly $100 for a keychain head of your design, or alternatively, the actual action figure is exceeding $200!

It might be an expensive option, but it’s important to remember that you would be the only person to own that Eminem action figure, that’s pretty darn cool!


– A one-of-a-kind opportunity to own an Eminem action figure that no one else in the world owns
– Unlimited potential for customization
– Available as a digital image, a keychain, or as an actual action figure


– The actual action figure is pretty damn expensive at over $200

2001 Eminem Slim Shady Big Head Action Figure HTF

2001 Eminem Slim Shady Big Head Action Figure HTF

This next example is a little different from the typical Eminem action figures – instead, it’s the 2001 Eminem Slim Shady “Big Head” Action Figure HTF. Whilst I never owned one of these when they first hit the stores, I can remember my best friend having one and I thought it was so damn cool. It looks pretty similar to a bobblehead, but it’s actually a fixed action figure, so the head does not move, unfortunately.

Like most of the other products on this recommendation list, these Eminem “big heads” are sadly no longer sold, which means you’re going to need to improvise. They’re definitely out there to purchase – I’ve seen them on eBay, Etsy, and even Amazon once or twice, but you should expect to pay a premium for them. Sure, they only cost $15 when they first hit the shelves, but they’ve since become a rare and collectible item, and therefore you’re unlikely to find one for less than $75. If you’ve got the cash to splash though, there’s simply no Eminem action figure collection that is complete without this one-of-a-kind product.


  • A rare must-have in any Eminem merch collection
  • Much more attention to detail has been applied to Eminem’s face than other action figures I have seen
  • Excellent attention to detail in terms of Eminem’s signature tattoos and visor cap


–      The head does not “bobble” which is a bit disappointing
–      The product’s rare nature makes it difficult to find at a reasonable price

Eminem “Marshall Mathers” Limited Edition Shady Con Action Figure DISPLAY CASE

Eminem "Marshall Mathers" Limited Edition Shady Con Action Figure DISPLAY CASE

This next item might seem a bit weird of me to recommend initially, primarily due to the fact that it does not include an action figure. Instead, this product is one of the original and official display cases used in stores when the 2021 Shady Con figures were first sold. The display case comes in three styles, one for each of the figures (Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers, and Eminem), with each coming complete with epic artwork and an official licensing sticker.

There’s no denying that if you don’t own one of these action figures already, owning the display case would be a bit of a weird move. However, it’s an excellent purchase idea if you own the action figure but unboxed it. Instead of it gathering dust, you can spruce up your 2021 Shady Con figure with its own official display case, and with a bit of fancy lighting, it could form one of the best parts of your collection!


– A fantastic way for collectors to upcycle their unboxed Eminem Shady Con action figures into a more presentable format
– A great way to save some cash, instead of purchasing the action figures in their original boxes
– A seriously unique piece of Eminem memorabilia that very few people will ever get their hands on
– Available in each of the three Shady Con designs


– It doesn’t feature an action figure, so make sure you are aware of this!
– Even this display case won’t be comparable to the original packaging for serious collectors


Well, that’s just about all of the information that I have for you regarding finding the best Eminem action figures! If you’re feeling a little overloaded with information, don’t worry – I can relate. To make things easier for you, I’ve decided to put together the following FAQ, so if you need a reminder of any information then this is the time to get it!

Question: Are There Official Eminem Action Figures?

Answer: There sure are – there were two official Eminem action figure releases, one being the Art Asylum release in 2001 and the second being the Shady Con release 20 years later.

Question: Are the Shady Con and Art Asylum Eminem Action Figures Rare?

Answer: Sort of – whilst both the Shady Con and Art Asylum Eminem action figure ranges sold out quickly in their respective year of release, there were tons of them produced and therefore they are sold commonly on eBay and other commerce sites, usually at a fair price.

Question: What Alternatives Are There to Eminem’s Action Figures?

Answer: Whether you cannot afford an official Eminem action figure or you already own them all and want something new, there is a wide range of Eminem action figures alternatives such as the official “bigheads”, custom figures, miniatures, and even cake toppers!

Final Thoughts

I truly hope that you enjoyed this guide to finding the best Eminem action figures as much as I enjoyed writing it! Any fans of Eminem will be spoiled for choice if it’s the first time they’ve seen the Art Asylum and Shady Con figures, these are easily the best options for Eminem collectors. However, don’t forget that there’s no need to pay through the nose for mint condition boxed collectibles unless you are a serious collector of course!

I wish you the best of luck on your journey to finding the best Eminem action figures. Don’t forget to remind yourself of the shopping criteria that I provided earlier as this will help you avoid any disappointments, and most importantly, always read those reviews!

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