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When it comes to the biggest names in hip-hop, there are tons of names thrown around. There’s no denying that 2pac was an innovator, that Eminem brought a new level of talent to the scene, and that countless new-school rappers are continuing where these grandfathers of hip-hop left off. Another name that often comes up in this discussion is Jay Z, but nowhere near as often as I think he should!

Jay Z isn’t just a rapper – he is the legend behind some of the greatest rap songs of all time, offering not only his rapping skills but also his songwriting and beat production talent. There are few names out there with as many musical achievements as Jay Z, and that is exactly why I have a little corner in my studio dedicated to Jay Z poster tributes.

That’s right – all across my beat-making studio, I have a ton of hip-hop superstars watching over me as I produce, but Jay-Z has one of the biggest sections. This is partly due to my love for his music, and partly due to the enormous selection available on the market. This is wonderful, but it also makes it difficult to choose the find the best Jay Z posters, so that is exactly what I am here to help you with today!

Read on to find out more about my favorite Jay Z poster recommendations, the criteria I used to find those products, and much more!

Bottom Line Up Front: There are a whole lot of Jay Z posters out there for you to choose from, but only the best feature customizable options for framing, sizing, and material, not to mention having amazing reviews and of course, designs! My personal favorite would have to be the remarkably good value-for-money “XinArtDesigns Etsy Black and White Poster”, but the Abstract Linear Jay Z Displate comes in a close second!

What Kinds of Jay Z Posters are Out There?

Jay Z has enjoyed quite a remarkable career, kicking things off with “Reasonable Doubt” in 1996, not to mention blasting into the ‘00s with some serious collaborations and credits under his belt. Therefore, is it really surprising to hear that there are thousands of Jay Z posters ready for you to explore?

You can find just about anything you’re looking for online. Some posters feature photographs or illustrations of the rapper, perfect for anyone looking to pay tribute to their biggest inspiration. Alternatives include lyric posters, waveform representations, and abstract designs… there are just so many to choose from, but ultimately the only way to do so is to take your time and check out as many as possible.

I’m a fan of the more abstract, inventive, and subtle Jay-Z posters, particularly when they’re in black and white. I think this represents Jay Z’s style perfectly, as well as my own – this might not suit you though and that’s fine!

How I Choose the Best Jay-Z Posters

Later in this guide to the best Jay Z posters, I’ll be providing you with a list of some of my recommendations – through this approach, I hope to help make the selection out there a little less overwhelming for you. However, you might be wondering how you are supposed to know that you can trust my recommendations, and how are you supposed to do your own research if you can’t find anything of your fancy on my list?

Well, I always stick to the following criteria when searching for the best Jay Z posters, and you should do – let’s take a look.

jay z songs poster

Design & Colors

You might think that shopping with criteria sounds kind of boring, but you couldn’t be more wrong – in fact, a huge part of my selection criteria is always choosing the coolest-looking Jay Z posters. Now, I should note immediately that this is completely subjective. Some people might want a huge multicolored poster of Jay Z to brighten up their living room, whilst some people might prefer the thought of a subtle and small black and white poster of their favorite Jay Z record.

Luckily for you, there is sure to be a Jay-Z poster out there that fits your style, there are thousands! I’ve personally always found Jay Z’s aesthetic to be subtle and humble, so I’m a huge fan of interesting black and white Jay Z posters. However, that’s no reason to think that you have to pick the same – it’s just my way of expressing my love for Jay-Z through my own style.

Ultimately, the color & design of your Jay Z poster is going to be essential to consider as after all, it will be hanging up on your wall for the foreseeable future! However, for the same reason, I think it is a good idea to think carefully about what you really want. The idea of a giant rainbow-covered Jay-Z poster might seem great at first, but consider whether that may get a little sickly to the eyes over time. Perhaps a black and white poster has caught your eye, but you’re worried it will blend in with all the other black and white hip-hop posters you have – in that case, maybe consider mixing it up a bit!


The next thing that I always recommend considering when looking for the best Jay-Z posters is the budget. That might seem a little odd – surely posters are all pretty cheap as they’re just made of paper? That may have been true in the past, but these days there are tons of fancy poster options available that will greatly increase the price of your purchase.

The most classic example of this is size – these days this can commonly be customized to your preference, but the bigger the poster, the bigger the cost. Similarly, posters can also be sold with fancy frames or even be etched into expensive metals. These added features make today’s posters far cooler than those of the past, but there’s no denying that they’re more expensive.

When setting a budget for your Jay Z poster, I’d recommend thinking about your choice in the long term. For example, if you are a huge fan of Jay Z and have a single large space on your wall begging for a Jay Z poster, it might be worth stretching that budget out to afford something fancy, as it’s a one-off and dedicated space you are dealing with. However, if you’ve already got a ton of hip-hop posters and simply want to add Jay Z to your collection, a more budget alternative might be more appropriate.

Ultimately, your budget will greatly depend on your financial situation, but there are tons of posters to accommodate anyone. From small $10 posters to $100+ metal artworks, the options are flexible, so think hard about how much you are looking to spend, and apply this to your search filters!

Sizing Options

In the previous section I mentioned how modern posters are often available in multiple sizes, and I wanted to touch on this for a little longer. Generally speaking, I think it is always a good idea to find a poster that has customization options for sizing. You might want an enormous print of a particular poster, but I might prefer to have the same design fit in a photo frame. It’s all a matter of preference, and in my opinion, companies that don’t provide this type of customization are only losing customers!

Generally speaking, the smallest poster sizes you will find will be 12” by 8” – this is the size of an A4 sheet of paper, and will work excellent as a subtle addition to a hip-hop wall of fame, or even as a photo frame sitting on your desk. However, most posters will be in A3 size (12″ x 16.5″) or A2 size (16.5″ x 23.5″). This isn’t to say that posters are limited to this size because I have seen some monolithic posters that could cover an entire living room wall!

As I mentioned earlier, you should take great care when choosing a size for your poster. Many people assume that bigger is always better, but this often is not the case – massive posters can sometimes feel oversized and strange within a room’s interior design. On the other hand, tiny posters can also be too small to notice and get forgotten. Finding a nice middle ground is always a good option, but whatever you choose, don’t forget to bust out that trusty old tape measurer!

Framing and Material Options

This next point kind of follows on from the previous point – as well as size options, poster producers often allow their customers to purchase pre-fitted frames, helping to give the poster a little extra “pizzazz”. A prime example of this is Displate – this is a poster production company that has taken the industry into the 21st century, specializing in the innovative process of printing posters onto metal. They even allow customers to choose the type of metallic finish the poster has, as well as opt for a wooden or metal frame. Some even glow in the dark or come fitted with backlights!

However, it should be mentioned that this type of feature is still fairly rare. Whilst some poster producers on websites such as Etsy will offer framing and other additional features, the vast majority of posters you will come across will not have such options.

Don’t worry if Displate’s fancy frames are out of your budget though – whilst they certainly look great, they’re a little overpriced, and you could easily frame your poster at a fraction of the price. Sure, framing services are certainly convenient as you don’t have to mess around with the dimensions yourself, but if you have a tape measure handy, it’s certainly going to save you a few bucks!


The last thing that I always recommend considering when purchasing Jay Z posters is to check the reviews – this is generally a great idea throughout any purchase in life, but posters are no exception! The main reason for this is that reviews act as a showcase for the positive (or negative) experiences of customers like you. If someone bought a poster you are interested in and it turned up damaged, they are certainly going to mention this in their review!

Generally speaking, there aren’t that many things that can go wrong with a poster. Examples of potential problems include a poster being ripped upon arrival, the print being of poor quality, or the poster never even turning up! However, I must mention that I have never encountered this happening for myself, despite buying hundreds of posters online over the last decade.

You should take reviews with a slight pinch of salt, as it is commonly known that people are more likely to leave a review when their experience is negative. However, as long as a product has at least a 4.5 out of 5 rating overall, you’re generally on to a winner. Use your common sense, put yourself in the reviewer’s shoes, and you’ll gain a much deeper insight into the product you’re purchasing – that’s a promise!

My Best Jay Z Poster Recommendations

Now that you understand the criteria I use for assessing the best Jay Z posters on the market, it’s time to apply that knowledge to my own best Jay Z poster recommendation list! Every product I’m listing here covers all of the significant assessment points I mentioned, and I’ve been sure to feature at least a couple of products for each optional feature (such as framing or alternative materials). I hope you find something you like, but don’t forget to do your research because you might find a hidden gem that I missed!

XinArtDesigns’ JAY-Z Wall Art Canvas Painting Poster

For a lot of people, the first place they will search for Jay Z posters is on giant online marketplaces such as Amazon, or maybe at their local record store. However, I always head to Etsy, it’s a real hidden gem for music merchandise. One of the main reasons is that you can get highly niche and high-quality products such as posters that are simply not available anywhere else, and this Jay Z wall art canvas is a prime example!

This gorgeous canvas art decor comes in black and white, featuring a dramatic yet comforting image of Jay Z with his hair in short dreadlocks, smoking a guitar whilst wearing a tuxedo. Does it get much cooler than that!? Actually, it does – despite costing just over 20 bucks, this poster is printed onto canvas meaning a frame isn’t necessary! It’s also available in a bunch of different sizes, from as small as 8″ x 12″ up to a massive 24″ x 36″ print!

This may be the first and cheapest product on my list, but I have to say – it might just be my personal favorite.

XinArtDesigns' JAY-Z Wall Art Canvas Painting Poster


  • A subtle yet powerful black and white print of Jay Z smoking a cigar in a suit… what a dude!
  • Printed onto a strong canvas instead of flimsy paper
  • Available in many sizes ranging from 8” x 12” to 24” x 36”
  • A seriously reasonable price considering what you are getting


  • Many love it, but black and white designs are not to everyone’s taste

Generic’s Rap Gods Poster (Featuring Jay Z!)

As many would do, I headed straight to Amazon when I first started searching for the best Jay Z posters, but I was quite disappointed with the selection. Considering the size of the site the options are quite limited, but after five minutes I came across this diamond in the rough – it’s Generic’s Rap Gods “Fine Art” poster! Now, this is a unique product for one core reason, being that it does not only feature Jay Z. While he certainly holds the key focus being placed bang in the bottom-middle of the frame, he’s also featured along the likes of Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dog, Easy E, Eminem, Ice Cube and even Tupac!

This fantastic star-struck poster has been illustrated into cartoon form and printed onto eco-friendly “Oxygen Coated Satin Finish” paper in a variety of sizes (A0, A1, A2, and A3). That’s right, A0 – that’s insane, 33.1” x 46.8” to be exact! So, if you’re looking for a massive poster containing the most inspirational rappers of the ‘90s and ‘00s, you can’t go wrong with this!

Generics Rap Gods Poster Featuring Jay Z


  • Instead of just Jay Z, this poster features him surrounded by some of the other biggest names in hip-hop
  • Available in four different sizes, including the truly enormous A0 (that’s 33.2” by 46.8”!)


  • Some people will find the cartoon illustration a little tacky
  • You’re only going to like it if you appreciate the other six rappers that Jay Z is surrounded by!
  • Only available in the U.S

Jay Z Reasonable Doubt Waveform Displate

I mentioned earlier in this guide about how a company called Displate was changing the poster game, and it’s true – see for yourself with this Jay Z “Reasonable Doubt” waveform poster. Unlike the other posters listed in this guide, this does not feature Jay Z’s face – instead, it pays tribute to the rapper’s debut album “Reasonable Doubt”, showing the unique analog waveforms for every track.

The poster is then signed off by Jay Z’s autograph at the bottom, and I think this is a perfect example of how simple designs are usually the best. There’s nothing too fancy going on here and it’s in black and white, yet the concept is so much more subtle and representative of Jay Z’s humble skills. It’s also available in medium, large and XL sizes (ranging from 17.7″ x 12.6″ to 35.4” x 25.2″), can be pre-applied with either matte or gloss finishes, and is available in four different frames (natural wood, graphite, white wood, and black wood). Love it.

jay z reasonable doubt waveform displate


  • A unique waveform-style poster that pays tribute to Jay Z’s amazing debut, “Reasonable Doubt”
  • Available in three different sizes, ranging  17.7″ x 12.6″ to 35.4” x 25.2”
  • Lots of further customization options for frame and finish


  • Once you start increasing the size and adding frame options, this poster can get pretty expensive

ChrisBardellArts’ Jay Z Contemporary Art Portrait Poster

I’ve always been a fan of contemporary art, especially when artists apply their talent for abstract paint strokes to things that are found outside of the fine art community, and this poster is a fantastic example of this. I found this on Etsy and instantly knew I needed to mention it – it’s a beautifully painted print of a young Jay Z in a white t-shirt and black NY baseball cap, looking fly as hell!

Whilst this product is only available in A1 and A2 sizes (a bit of a bummer for fans of smaller posters) and does not feature any further customization options, you have to remember that this is a home-made product, it’s pretty unique in itself and doesn’t need to stand up on customization. At the end of the day, it’s just over $25 – can you really complain about that price!?

chrisbardellarts jay z contemporary art portrait poster


  • A uniquely abstract contemporary art take on a Jay Z poster
  • One of the rare examples of a young Jay Z on a poster
  • Handmade to order
  • Available in two large sizes – A1 and A2


  • Large sizes are great, but there’s nothing smaller available than A2

Jay Z Abstract Linear Displate Poster

I mentioned at the beginning of this recommendation list that I was starting with my favorite (the fantastic XinArtDesigns poster from Etsy!), and whilst that is true, I saved the second best for last. This final recommendation is another product from Displate, this time being an abstract linear depiction of Jay Z in black and white.

I’m no expert in fine art, so describing what makes this poster so unique feels kind of impossible to me. I’ll try my best though – a digital artist has used straight greyscale lines to trace over a photograph of Jay Z performing, and this somehow conveys a dynamic energy that I have never seen in a poster before! There’s no way my description will do this poster justice though, just take a look at a picture of it for yourself!

Much like the other Displate listed in this guide, this metal poster is available with a matte or gloss finish and can be fitted into a variety of frames. It’s only available in medium or large sizes, but to be honest, I think this poster is an exception to needing more variety, as the fantastic design and definition deserve to be flaunted in a large size!

jay z abstract linear displate poster


  • A unique and jaw-dropping linear representation of Jay Z performing live
  • Subtle and stylish black-and-white imagery
  • Available in various frames, metal finishes, and two sizes (medium and large)


  • Whilst a small option might not work for such a high-definition image, it would be nice if there was an XL or XXL option available
  • Like any Displate, the quality and customization come at a high price


Whilst I worked hard to make this guide to the best Jay Z posters as coherent, concise, and informative as possible, this is difficult to achieve when there’s so much to say, and therefore I think it’s time we broke what we have learned down into bitesize chunks. If that sounds helpful, take a look at the following FAQs, and hopefully, you’ll get some answers to those final questions!

Question: What Should You Look For in the Best Jay Z Posters

Answer: Poster designs are subjective, but the quality is not, so you should check that any Jay Z poster you are interested in fits into your budget, has excellent reviews, has the customization options you desire, is available in an appropriate size, and most importantly looks cool and fits your style!

Question: What Is the Perfect Size for a Jay Z Poster?

Answer: There’s no right or wrong answer here – some people are happy with subtle 12” x 8” photo-frame posters, whilst others need something bigger for those large empty wall spaces.

Question: Can You Get Jay Z Posters Framed?

Answer: Yes – not only do websites such as Displate and Etsy offer posters that arrive framed, but you can also get any poster framed at local stores (it’ll probably be a lot cheaper, too!)

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s just about everything from me on the best Jay-Z posters! As you can see, I’ve done a lot of research to ensure that you are left with only the best product recommendations, so don’t forget to follow in my footsteps and do your own research!

Whether you end up choosing a fancy Displate or you go for my personal favorite (the XinArtDesigns Etsy Black and White Poster), I’m sure your research will pay off. Whichever you choose, just make sure to pay attention to those reviews, keep your tape measure handy, and don’t forget to check those pesky shipping details. Good luck

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