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Ahh, Biggie Smalls – is there a name out there more synonymous with east-coast hip-hop in the ‘90s? Obviously, you had dudes like Jay Z, Nas, and the Wu-Tang Clan changing the east-side hip-hop game in their own way, but something about Biggie (also known as The Notorious B.I.G) simply touched the new hip-hop generation like nobody else.

As a dude who grew up in London in the ‘90s, I sadly wasn’t old enough to appreciate Biggie at the time (I was just two years old when he was sadly shot). However, I began to discover the world of hip-hop in the early ‘00s, and it wasn’t long before I discovered Biggie, he was all over the TV music channels and I loved it!

I’ve always found it sad that I was unable to experience Biggie live in the ‘90s, and as a way to compensate, I like to express my love for the dude in my clothing. You can find Biggie Smalls hats, t-shirts, and even shoes, but I’ve always liked to show off Biggie loud and proud on my sweatshirts!

If you want to do the same, you should be aware that there is a huge selection out there and it can be tough to navigate. Don’t worry though – I’ve got years of experience buying the best Biggie sweatshirts, so I know exactly what to look for and how to help.  Read on to find out more about my top Biggie sweatshirt picks, as well as the criteria that I used to choose them!

Bottom Line Up Front: There is an enormous selection of Biggie sweatshirts out there, but only the best feature customization options for size and color, have excellent reviews and cater to all genders. Something like the Haase Unlimited Biggie Christmas Sweatshirt will be a massive hit for any fan of the rapper, but there are plenty more options out there if you’re looking for something a little less “Christmassy”.

My Criteria for Choosing the Best Biggie Sweatshirts

Biggie Sweatshirts

When people get an idea to buy a product such as a Biggie sweatshirt, the idea often takes over and before they even realize what they’re doing, a sweatshirt has been added to the basket. I get this – shopping for music merchandise can be exciting, especially when it’s a new addition to your hip-hop collection. However, you’ve got to be smart about it – if you’re not, you could end up buying a product that simply doesn’t cut the mustard.

Don’t worry though, as I’ve put together the following criteria guide for choosing the best Biggie sweatshirts. I’ve applied all of them to my recommendations list at the end of this guide, so you can be sure that you’ll at least have some inspiration to get you started!

  • Aesthetic
  • Color
  • Sizing
  • Style
  • Comfort
  • Reviews

My Best Biggie Sweatshirt Picks

So, we’ve gone over my comprehensive guidelines for choosing the best Biggie sweatshirts – it’s now time for the fun part, checking out my top recommendations! I’ve made sure to apply my shopping criteria to every single product, ensuring that only the best products are here to inspire you. I’ve also tried to pick out a nice selection so that there is something for everyone, but don’t forget to do your research as you might find something amazing online that I’ve missed!

Eastcoast Hip-Hop Designs “Notorious” Pullover Hoodie

Eastcoast Hip-Hop Designs "Notorious" Pullover Hoodie

Not everyone likes walking around with loud and proud music merchandise – wearing Biggie’s face on your chest might feel a bit weird, and that’s fair enough! If that sounds at all like you, I’d highly recommend this Eastcoast Hip hop Designs’ Notorious Pullover Hoodie. Simply reading “NOTORIOUS” on the front, it’s a seriously subtle and minimalistic hoodie, complete with a cozy two-hand pocket and a hood for those wet and windy days.

It’s designed to be unisex, and it is available in five different sizes that range from Small up to XX-Large, which I think is wonderfully inclusive. It’s also available in a few colors, although it must be said that it’s a bit limited – you can get it in black, navy blue, dark heather grey, or royal blue.


– Simply reads “NOTORIOUS”, perfect for anyone looking for something subtle
– Features one of those super cozy two-hand pockets
– Available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large
– Comes in four different colors


– Only the real fans will know what “NOTORIOUS” means, although that could be seen as a good thing
– The color selection is pretty limited

TSIIUO Women’s Biggie Lyrics Sweatshirt

TSIIUO Women's Biggie Lyrics Sweatshirt

Any fan knows that Biggie loved his ladies, and he was passionate about recognizing the hard work that women all over the world put in every day to make our world go around. Therefore, he’d be thrilled to see this TSIIUO Women’s Biggie Lyrics sweatshirt, featuring the iconic lyrics “To all the Ladies in the place with style and grace”, featured on the rapper’s 1994 hit “Big Poppa”.

This wonderful female-first sweatshirt is available in a small albeit fantastic selection of colors. My personal favorite is the grey one, but it’s available in pink, white and black too. It’s also sold in small, medium, large, and X-large, and is made from 100% cotton.

Overall, I love this sweatshirt and just wish that TSIIUO would release a male version too, but for now, I’ve just happy that all the ladies out there can rep Biggie’s merch without having to compromise.


– An excellent option for ladies looking for a nice and subtle lyrical Biggie sweatshirt
– Available in grey, pink, white, and black
– Sold in small, medium, large and X-large sizes
– Features some wonderfully empowering lyrics for the ladies out there


– It’s designed for women, so it’s probably not going to be comfortable for men
– Whilst I love the look of the pink design, reviews have mentioned that it’s a far more vibrant pink than the image shows

JAPYZEY’s “It Was All A Dream” Biggie Hoodie

JAPYZEY's "It Was All A Dream" Biggie Hoodie

Right, the last two Biggie sweatshirt recommendations have been pretty subtle in their design, so now I’d like to show you something a little more “in your face” – the JAPYZEY “It Was All a Dream” hoodie. Do those lyrics need an explanation? Even before I discovered The Notorious B.I.G as a teenager, I had already heard these words mentioned by friends, they’re nothing short of iconic.

However, the focus of this hoodie is its unique design – half of it shows a black and white portrait photograph of the man himself wearing his signature crown, whilst the other half shows those famous lyrics in block capitals. The hoodie itself is an interesting stained white color (not the bad kind of stain!) and even features rainbow-colored toggles to tighten the hood!

I must say that it’s slightly odd that the design on the back is the same as on the front, but I suppose it’s practical – everyone will see this unique design, regardless of whether they’re walking behind or in front of you! It’s available in a grand selection of sizes ranging from small to XXX-large but unfortunately is not available in other colors.


– Features the iconic “It Was All a Dream” from Biggie’s hit song “Juicy”
– A very unique design that splits the lyrics and Biggie’s face in half
– Includes fancy rainbow-colored hoodie toggles
– The stained-white color is very unique
– Available in all major sizes from small to XXX-large


– It’s a bit “in your face” and this is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea
– The clash of stained white and rainbow toggles might put some people off
– Not available in other colors

Cozyease Brooklyn New York Sweatshirt

Cozyease Brooklyn New York Sweatshirt

Next up on my list of the best Biggie sweatshirts is another one for the ladies – the Cozyease Brooklyn New York Sweatshirt! Now, you might take one look at this sweatshirt and think, “that’s not Biggie Smalls merch”,  and technically you would be correct. However, Biggie Smalls was born and raised in Brooklyn New York and is a well-known superstar in the area. For this reason, I decided that this would be perfect for any Biggie fan that also loves other east-side rappers.

Just take one look at this sweatshirt and you’ll with your own eyes how comfy it looks – it’s made from 100% polyester and has long sleeves, ideal for those cozy days. What’s more, this sweatshirt has some insane customization features. For one, it’s available in an insane number of sizes, ranging from X-small up to XXXX-Large!

If that wasn’t enough, it’s also available in several different color palettes, including white, red, grey, turquoise, and navy blue. Be careful though, because the Amazon listing features a few different sweatshirt designs from completely different cities such as Chicago, so watch that you don’t accidentally buy the wrong sweatshirt when changing colors. It’s also worth noting that some additional colors are available such as pink, but the actual sweatshirt design is a little different.


– Specifically designed for female comfort
– Allows you to represent Biggie’s stomping ground, Brooklyn New York!
– Available in all sizes from X-Small to XXXX-Large
– Comes in several different color palettes


– This one is not for the men out there, unfortunately!
– The different styles and designs available can be a bit confusing

Haase Unlimited Biggie Christmas Sweatshirt

Haase Unlimited Biggie Christmas Sweatshirt

We’ve reached my final best Biggie sweatshirt recommendation, but don’t worry – I’ve left the best for last. Throughout my research process, there wasn’t a single Biggie sweatshirt that I came across that caught my eye as well as this one, and for good reason. It’s a truly epic Notorious B.I.G Christmas jumper featuring the classic “Juicy” lyrics “Wonder Why Christmas Missed Us”, making it quite possible THE best Christmas present for a Biggie Smalls fan. Best of all, it’s unisex, so gender doesn’t matter here.

It’s hard to say my favorite thing about this jumper – could it be the juxtaposition of the Christmas theme with Biggie’s unimpressed face, or could it be the vast selection of colors that the sweatshirt is available in? From subtle blacks and greys to vibrant oranges, pinks and greens, there’s a fantastic array of colors going on here. It’s also available in five sizes from small to XX-large which is a bonus.

Actually, I’ve changed my mind – my favorite thing about this sweatshirt is the combination of the fact that first, it costs a little more than 20 bucks, and second, that it has an overall rating of 5/5! Now, if these things don’t scream “good value for money”, then I don’t know what does!


– The perfect Christmas gift for a Biggie Smalls fan
– Features the iconic “wonder why Christmas missed us” lyrics from the 1994 hit “Juicy”
– Available in a ton (and I mean a TON) of different colors
– Available in all sizes between Small and XX-Large
– Costs just over $20
– Excellent reviews


– It’s a Christmas jumper, so you’ll only get away with wearing this in December and maybe January and November at a push!


Wow, who knew there was so much to learn about how to buy the best Biggie sweatshirts? There’s an awful lot to consider and I apologize if things have got a bit overwhelming. To make things a little easier, I’ve decided to finish this guide off with a quick FAQ, so hopefully, any burning questions you might have are about to get answered!

Question: What Should You Look For In The Best Biggie Sweatshirts?

Answer: Whilst the most important thing to look for in a Biggie sweatshirt is a style, design, and color that fits you, you should also make sure to find something that is available in a range of sizes and has excellent reviews regarding comfort.

Question: What Different Types of Biggie Sweatshirts Are There?

Answer: In terms of design, you’ll find Biggie sweatshirts that feature the rapper’s portrait, his lyrics, or even mention of his famous hometown Brooklyn. In terms of style though, you’ll find that Biggie sweatshirts exist as hoodies, pullovers, and even zip-up sweatshirts!

Question: Are All Biggie Sweatshirts For Males?

Answer: Absolutely not! In fact, most of the Biggie sweatshirts you will come across will be unisex, and there are tons of options for women too!

Final Thoughts

I’m sad to announce that we’ve reached the end of this guide to finding the best Biggie sweatshirts. I have really enjoyed doing the research for this guide, and it’s fair to say that I now have five new items in my Amazon basket.

I truly hope that my criteria explanations and product recommendations have made the grand selection of Biggie sweatshirts a little less underwhelming for you. Personally, I could not recommend the Haase Biggie Christmas Sweatshirt enough, but Christmas is a while away, so I understand if you end up choosing something else.

Regardless of which sweatshirt you choose, make sure that you read those reviews and shipping costs, and most importantly, make sure you rock that sweatshirt with confidence and swagger, just like Biggie did. Good luck!

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