The Complete Nicki Minaj Merch Guide

When I think of Nicki Minaj, a lot comes to mind. The eccentric dresses from the early 2010s run through my head now and then. We have a pretty good list of her best outfits here you can check out, but when I start thinking about the fashion choices the rap star has dawned on in her career, I begin to think of her fans and if they feel inspired to have the confidence that Minaj does wearing what she wants.

I like to think so, and this train of thought led me to see what Nicki Minaj merchandise was out there for her fanbase to enjoy, and there was a lot more than I was expecting. From her official websites down to the small businesses selling those limited-edition perfumes wherever they can, the world of merch for the artist has kept me up at night. And I’m ready to tell you all about it.

But the online shopping world can be daunting for some, and if you’re a new Barb or have a friend who is one, having a guide for where to search for the correct item can help a lot. And I’m down for helping you out.

There are many guides and pages where you can find “best shirts” or “gift ideas” across the internet, but where do you start? Having a home base for an individual’s entire merchandise selection can narrow down that hunt and give you a map of all their merchandise in one place.

That’s what I’m here to do. This will be your umbrella for every category of Nicki Minaj merch.

nicki minaj wall poster

A Summary of Nicki Minaj

The Queen of rap has graced us with her presence in the game for over a decade, having become recognized with her three mixtapes before the turn of the start of the 2010s. Since her debut album Pink Friday released in 2010, her enigmatic rap skills held her up high with rappers of her time.

Lil Wayne famously signed her to his Young Money Entertainment label at the end of the 2000s and started her rise to stardom from there. Frequently collaborating with Drake and others, the female icon helped start a revolution in the rap game.

Nicki Minaj’s Albums

  • Pink Friday: Her debut album was released on November 22nd, 2010.
  • Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: Released on April 2nd, 2012.
  • The Pinkprint: Her sophomore album was released on December 12th, 2014.
  • Queen: Her third album was released on August 10th, 2018.
  • Beam Me Up Scotty: Her most recent album was released on May 14th, 2021.
  • Queen Radio: Volume 1: A collection of greatest hits was released on August 28th, 2022.

A Trinidadian-born artist born on December 8th, 1982, her alternate personas, colorful verses, and deliveries incorporate significant fluctuations and character, much like a performance rather than just rapping. Her fan base, called “The Barbz,” recognizes the work she’s put into the once male-dominated genre and continues to show their support to this day.

Breakthrough singles such as “Moment 4 Life,” “Super Bass,” “Anaconda,” and “Super Freaky Girl” demonstrate her longevity throughout the last decade and then some. Today, she has an even more significant impact on the female rap game, inspiring big names like Doja Cat, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion.

Today, the mother continues to further her career while maintaining a personal life, knowing that her status has been solidified. Now with all this said, a high-profile celebrity such as her is bound to have a large category of merchandise to offer. Deals with companies, her record label, personal interests, and all of the above makeup for the treasure trove of merch made available to all of us, and if you need some guidance going through what is out there, then keep scrolling.

nicki minaj

Why Buy Nicki Minaj Merch?

Everybody has their reasons of why they choose to support one artist or the other. These characters artists and celebrities portray to the public remain largely the fundamental consensus of what the consumer sees from the individual. Take the artist at focus here, Nicki Minaj, and think why her loyal fan base adores her so much.

She exudes confidence and breaks from the norm of what a typical rapper should be or what they should speak about. Keep this in mind as you read through a few valid reasons why some may want to buy her merch more than others:

  • The Person Behind the Persona

Despite what some may see or think of her public image, Nicki Minaj is a very empathetic human being. She has donated to places such as the American Red Cross, paid off a few unique fans’ college debts, has helped out communities in India to provide purer drinking water alternatives, amongst other noteworthy deeds.

  • Support Female Rappers

More female rappers have entered the game since Nicki Minaj took the world over. And although the great names we have seen in recent years have taken their position with stride, the number of well-known male artists still dwarfs that growing number. Nicki Minaj has always inspired young, aspiring artists, so seeing her name, face, or logo on you or someone you love can keep that spirit alive.

  • Quality Products

You can never go wrong with a comfortable hoodie or a clean-sounding vinyl. Many fantastic options are available from her official merch page, and some look dope. Picking up a quality product can make a difference in the long run, and you’ll be representing your inner Barb by going this route.

  • A Familiar Face

Plenty knows (or should know) who Nicki Minaj is. Her face is recognizable, and her name even more so. This could be a gateway to finding other Barbz to connect with and potentially even make a new friend.

  • An Ever-Changing Line-Up

With most artists and their merch, some products that roll out during a specific era or an album release typically last for that time before changing to the newest clothing line. Take the emphasis on the “Super Freaky Girl” line available now as of the writing of this article. If you see something you like now, it may be best to take the shot and buy it before it’s gone forever—or worse—have to buy it at a higher price secondhand.

nicki minaj merch

The Merch

Artist merchandise is more than just a cool shirt. It’s filled with some of the most random items you can think of and then some. Most surface-level merch for Nicki Minaj can be categorized into these fields below:

  • Clothing
  • Music
  • Accessories
  • Posters
  • Fragrances
  • Stickers
  • Jewelry
  • Books

These general categories will cover everything you need to know as a beginner merch hunter. I’ll go into more detail about each of them now:


The first one up is the most common type of all: apparel. These are pretty common as gifts and the most accessible. Shirts stand out from the others, though, as they are easier to make, and the styling is almost infinite. It’s what you’ll find the most on your travels, so it’s best to have a good idea of what else besides T-Shirts is being offered.

You’re probably going to start here anyways, so let me break this field down into what clothing is out there for Nicki Minaj.

T-Shirts: You can find these both online and at many local retail stores. They go for around $25 to $35, and an abundance of them can be found with various designs. If you’re just looking for something like this, then I recommend checking this list of the best Nicki Minaj shirts out there.

nicki minaj paint splatter portrait t-shirt

Long SleevesThe cooler sibling of the shirt, the long sleeve is another option. It helps keep you warm and can be stylized underneath a jacket or in other creative ways.

nicki minaj king kong longsleeve

Hoodies: The most excellent and most comfy of the family, the hoodie makes for a vibe best suited for the colder seasons. To be shared or kept to yourself, these make a lot of people happy.

nicki minaj freeeeeeak hoodie

Rally Shorts: A not-as-common item, these workout shorts can help your movement, comfort, and help you feel confident in yourself.

nicki minaj super freaky girl rally shorts

Bodysuit: And if you’re feeling extra confident, Nicki Minaj also has a bodysuit available on her website.

nicki minaj super freaky girl bodysuit

Here are a few of my choices for Nicki Minaj apparel merch that’s out there:


Going beyond the “normal” articles of clothing you can buy as merch, there are a few additional accessories that you can also find. Websites like Red Bubble offer fans the option to sell their items, including pins, masks, hats, bags, and more. I’ve got a few examples for you here:

Hats: There’s only one official hat currently offered by Minaj, but a few homemade and older ones are being sold on the market.

nicki minaj super freaky girl trucker hat

Head and Wristbands: Even fewer of these out there; you can find a set on her official merch store linked below.

nicki minaj freeeeeeak headband and wristband

Socks: They can vary in design and style and come at a higher price than a standard pair you can find elsewhere, but they may be great for that dedicated fan.

nicki minaj faces socks

Pins: Pin these badges anywhere on your clothing and flaunt the Barb in you to your enemies.

nicki minaj barbz love the tide pin

Tote Bags: A bag you can reuse again and again is not only environmentally friendly but can act as an accessory for you in your everyday life.

nicki minaj barb tote bag

Backpacks: Anybody needing additional storage throughout their day can benefit from a backpack branded with Nicki Minaj if they want to. There are actually a few out there that you can get both online and in stores.

nicki minaj backpack

Face Mask: Having a mask on you, whether you wear it or not, has become a habit for many people at this time of life, and thanks to fans, you can help protect yourself with a Nicki Minaj face mask.

nicki minaj barbz face mask


We’ve moved away from physical media as a society in the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean owning a vinyl or CD isn’t worth doing. In fact, vinyl records have been seeing a resurgence in popularity because of this specific reason. My collections are constantly growing, and yours can too.

Vinyl: This once dominant media form held the world’s favorite music inside grooves that a record player would use to playback for listening. Music lovers and the like collect these today, and artists release special pressings of their albums just for them. Here‘s an in-depth look into vinyl’s Nicki Minaj has been on.

nicki minaj pink friday super deluxe 3lp vinyl record set

CD: Reaching the height of their popularity in the 2000s, CDs have yet to see the renaissance that vinyl has, but many people who remember having them with their CD players can still capture those euphoric feelings by creating a new one.

nicki minaj beam me up scotty cd

Streaming: The most popular and accessible today, streaming music is the standard for consuming music. There are many ways to do so, but if you don’t have a Spotify or Apple Music subscription, you can always buy a downloadable version of Nicki Minaj’s music from her website.

queen radio volume 1 (digital download)

Cassette: There was a limited edition release of Queen as a cassette that can now be found sold secondhand on places like eBay.


Nicki Minaj has been partnering up to release a line of fragrances since September 2012. In the time frame since then, a total of nine have been removed, with the most recent being in 2019. They each have their unique design resembling different Nicki Minaj looks and outfits.

Minaj’s introduction to the fragrance industry, her first release, Pink Friday, brought the rapper’s personality and voice into a whole other sense: smell. Since then, the line of aromatic scents with accompanying bottles has brought a new layer of confidence to the Barbz.

Pink Friday: Described as fruitful and musky, some scent notes are Starfruit, Boysenberry, and Sheer Wood. The Pink Friday era inspired the bottle’s design with the iconic pink hair with bangs serving as the cap.

pink friday eau de parfum spray by nicki minaj

Minajesty: Notes of Peach, magnolia, tiger orchid, and others make this second product in the line-up. Described by Nicki to smell like a “passionate love affair,” the majestic fragrance is kept inside a bottle that shows her Super Bowl XLVI Halftime performance outfit and hair.

nicki minaj minajesty 3-piece gift set

Onika: Starfruit, water lily, and cedarwood highlight the notes in this third product and sixth overall scent for Minaj. The darker tone of the bottle gives the rapper she straightened black hair and bangs look with the matching colored bust. Some exclusive merch (an Onika Rollerball and Air freshener) were sold for only one day with the Minajesty Exotic collection, but you may never see that merch.

nicki minaj onika mist spray

The Pinkprint: The fourth in her growing line-up, this clear bottle has her clothing made of pink fingerprints and the light wig seen on Pink Friday’s special edition. Aroma’s from pink grapefruit, roses, white driftwood, and more encapsulate the Pinkprint era and the album that came out in this time period.

Trini Girl: Number five in the collection now, notes of blood orange, Trinidadian chaconia flower, dewy leaves, and white musk bring the dividing levels of scents together in one fragrance. The gold lacing partially hides the pink body while the gold head with pink lipstick sit under the black straightened wig and bangs.

Queen: And the most recent and coolest looking one for me, this Queen edition holds notes of Asian pear, sleek woods, and musk. The gold paint covering the body dips into a dark area towards the bottom—matching the hair at the top that holds Queen jewelry that drapes over her.

Three of the released were limited editions, so it may be harder to come by, but this list below will give some information on what you can get now.

This category has a lot going for it, so this specific ‘Nicki Minaj Perfume Guide‘ read can give you an even better understanding and rating of the different ones.


nicki minaj music wall art poster

A room full of posters can say more about your personality than you can verbally. A timeless way to show your support to an artist, these uniquely designed products can be hung up and shown off where ever you like if you’re creative enough. Check out this pool of posters as examples.

If you want even more examples of Nicki Minaj posters, check out our article on the best ones here.


nicki minaj heart charm necklace

Moving on, we have some jewelry that you can find there as well, though most will be fan made. And remember, these aren’t officially licensed, so be aware of what you’re getting and where you are getting it from. Here are two examples:


And, of course, there have been books and graphic novels made of Nicki Minaj that you can get your hands on too. From unofficial autobiographies to comic books, this category wraps things up here.

Autobiographies: The story of Nicki Minaj is inspiring to many, and telling it in an autobiography form is one-way fans can hear the fascinating tale.

nicki minaj the woman who stole the world (paperback)

Comic: TidalWave comics presents an issue of the FAME series that details celebrities’ lies. A case of Nicki Minaj has been released under this series with writer Michael Troy and illustrator Jill Lamarina behind the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Nicki Minaj’s Clothing Line Called?

Answer: Nicki Minaj has a lifestyle brand named The Nicki Minaj Collection. The company launched in October 2013 with a partnership deal with Sears. Designing apparel along with household appliances and other accessories, Nicki’s niche products were made available through K-Mart and

Question: How Long Does Merch Take to Ship?

Answer: Shipping may vary on where you live, the website you purchase the merch from, and other factors. If you go the safe route and buy straight from her website, typical shipping times range within “2-3 business days.”

Question: Where can I Buy Nicki Minaj Merch?

Answer: The most common website to visit is Nicki’s official merch page. Other popular sites such as Amazon and Walmart are your following best options. The more well-known sites. There are plenty of other non-official websites to go through, but the quality and experience with the purchase may not be as reliable.

nicki minaj t-shirt

Final Thoughts

A good mixture of merch here for Nicki Minaj. What you’ll find searching on your own is going to be more of these ideas. So, if you want something for yourself or maybe know of a fellow Barb who deserves a present, then the outline above is where you should start.

Most people should be okay with just a T-Shirt, but vinyl and posters are other unique ways to show that inner Barb of yours. The comic book of hers looked interesting. I might get that, myself. And the varieties of fragrances are enough for a lovely gift basket for someone you love.

This guide should be a great starting stop for anyone trying to navigate their way through Nicki Minaj’s merch. Also, remember to put thought into what you buy and where you buy it. Stick with these practices and you’ll be just fine.

Take care.

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