Simoun Redoblado

Simoun fell in love with Hip Hop when he first heard Eminem's single Lose Yourself in 2002. By the time he was an adult, he tends to listen to exclusively Hip Hop, a trend that continues to this day. As an English teacher, he loves Hip Hop for what it is underneath, beautiful poetry that blends sound, imagery, and wordplay. What's not to love!

Uncle Luke Bio

On October 20, 1990, Luther Campbell picked up a huge win for hip hop. Actually, “huge” doesn’t even cut it. Had Campbell and his crew lost, the trajectory of the entire hip hop industry would have been very, very different. I’m not just talking about record sales, either; on a deeper level, Campbell’s team was […]

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Method Man Bio

Name a hip hop hook that’s more iconic than “Cash rules everything around me/C.R.E.A.M., get the money/Dolla dolla bill, y’all.” Go ahead. I’ll wait. With all due respect to the hard-hitting imagery of Raekwon and Inspectah Deck, that hit song doesn’t work without Method Man. There’s something in Meth’s voice that takes you on a

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KRS-One Bio

If I had to pick a song that concisely defines hip hop—like, the closest thing we have to a dictionary definition of this genre—I’d go with the 2007 track “Hip Hop Lives.” I can go on and on about the mind-blowing beat and the masterful production of DJ Marley Marl, but I’m especially fixated on

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Nelly Bio

This is the honest-to-goodness truth: in late 2002, I could not walk one block without hearing the song “Dilemma.” Why exactly was this track so ubiquitous? While Kelly Rowland’s heavenly voice is a damn good reason, I’d ultimately point to the artist who’s telling the irresistible tale of forbidden love: Nelly. The song’s incessant AAHs

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Nicki Minaj Bio

Remember what you felt the first time you heard “Moment 4 Life?” You may have bopped your head to the powerful beat crafted by star producer T-Minus. Or you could have marvelled at the braggadocious guest verse by pre-Take Care Drake. Or—and this is very likely—you became a huge fan of the Cinderella-esque music video helmed

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Rick Ross Bio

Listening to 2011’s “I’m on One” puts me in a different place, and it’s not hard to see why. You have DJ Khaled’s exquisite production, Drake’s unapologetic confidence, and Lil Wayne‘s efficient punchlines. (Seriously, I’ve never heard a more tightly packed set of puns and humorous bars in my life.) And then, there’s Rick Ross.

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