Simoun Redoblado

Simoun fell in love with Hip Hop when he first heard Eminem's single Lose Yourself in 2002. By the time he was an adult, he tends to listen to exclusively Hip Hop, a trend that continues to this day. As an English teacher, he loves Hip Hop for what it is underneath, beautiful poetry that blends sound, imagery, and wordplay. What's not to love!

Eminem Bio

Eminem Bio

If hip hop ever had a modern-day Shakespeare, it has to be none other than Eminem. A world-renowned artist with roots in Detroit, Eminem captures the full spectrum of human experience in his unparalleled lyricism. No emcee before him—and, in all likelihood, no one after him—has ever merged form and content so seamlessly in the

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Treach Bio

Every time I hear “Hip Hop Hooray,” my spirits are lifted for some visceral reason. Maybe it’s the feel-good vibes generated by the track’s production. Maybe it’s the colorful music video that makes you want to wave your hands like Queen Latifah. Or maybe I’m simply carried away by the ’90s nostalgia that this song

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King Los Bio

Every hip hop fan has watched at least one clip of the infamous “Five Fingers of Death.” You know exactly what I’m talking about: the hip hop gauntlet thrown down by DJ Sway Galloway on Shade 45. Playing five beats with varying tempos, Sway challenges his guest to freestyle continuously as one beat progresses to

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Lil Kim Bio

I’m not gonna trip: the ’90s were a rough terrain for femcees to thrive in. Not that the ’80s were any better, of course, but we’re talking about a period of time when hip hop was growing exponentially. With the genre blowing up all across the globe, you’d think that any poet who could bless

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Kool G Rap Bio

Ever heard the remix of J. Cole’s “Let Nas Down”? Quick story: Cole wrote the song because he had apparently displeased Nas, who felt that the young fella threw lyricism out the window with his radio hit “Work Out.” Taking an apologetic, regretful tone, Cole shouts out his childhood idol in the song’s chorus: “Long

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