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Marshall Bruce Mathers III, or as we all know him, Eminem, was born on 17 October 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. He is a world-known rapper or even called American Rap God, songwriter, and record producer.

And to be realistic, is there even a person that has never heard of Eminem, right? The first time I heard his song was back in 2002, when he released 8 Mile and at the same time his hit song Loose Yourself. I was blown away by how the good song was and from that moment I became Eminem’s fan.

I stayed true to his music, and up to this day, I still track his career and his newest hit singles. Btw, he just published a new song featuring Snoop Dog, I would recommend you to check it, it is a completely different vibe yet totally Eminem’s style.

Plus, he succeeded in merging hip hop in middle America, which was pretty hard back then, and was hailed as one of the best rappers of all time. And I could not agree more.

The acceptability of white rappers in mainstream music is often credited to Eminem’s widespread popularity and works, which broke down racial barriers. But there is more than just this. I love him because he has built an amazing career, published some remarkable records and songs, and set up the highest level of rapping in the rap music world.

That’s why I appreciate him so much, respect him as an artist, and of course, love his merchandise because it matches my vibe! For that reason, here is a little guide on the best Eminem hoodies. I made a list of my top 5 Eminem hoodies according to my style, preference, overall quality, and budget!

My Bottom Line Up Front

Eminem’s merchandise is just killing. I dig a lot of his hoodies, but my winner has to be Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti Chef Hoodie.

The design for me is just perfect, it is not even that minimalistic, even though I always prefer that, but it is just the right one for me. Besides, the hoodie is devoted to my favorite song of his, and it is in my favorite color – black, of course!

My Top Three Picks

  • Eminem’s Kings Never Die Pullover Hoodie
  • Eminem’s Slim Shady Pullover
  • Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti Chef Hoodie

1. Eminem’s Kings Never Die Pullover Hoodie

Eminem’s Kings Never Die Pullover Hoodie

This hoodie resulted from his song featuring Gwen Stefani – Kings Never Die. This song was released about 6 years ago, and it has around 60 million views. Honestly, this is not such a big number compared to his other hits like “Lover the way you lie” with Rihanna, which counts over 2.4 billion, and “Without me,” which counts over 1.4 billion views.

However, Kings Never Die is a pretty new song compared to the songs mentioned above, since it was released in 2015, while the other ones were published over 10 years ago.

Regardless of the song’s success, I love this hoodie so much. Firstly, I love the color. This light grey color is my favorite one for hoodies. The design is so minimalistic, just how I like it. It has Eminem’s silhouette on the front with the “King’s Never Die’ inscription below the design.

The silhouette represents Eminem from the back with opened arms, which is actually the cover of his single Rap God. His head is nogged back, looking up in the sky, while the parts of his body are separating and flying above. Very artistic design, with a message of the song that I think they managed to convey beautifully.

The hoodie also has a hood with strings around it so you can pull it tighter if you are feeling cold. It also features a front puch hand-warm pocket and rib cuffs. The pullover is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester and is machine-washable, which is always a plus.

The hoodie is not so loose-fitting, so if you prefer to look baggy, I recommend going a size or two up. Overall, the hoodie is beautiful; it is suitable for both genders, and the only downside is that I would like to see and feel more cotton, but at the end of the day, almost all hoodies, unfortunately, feature polyester.


  • Great, minimalist design
  • Front pouch pocket
  • Very comfy and warm


  • I would prefer more cotton

2. Eminem’s Slim Shady Pullover

The Real Slim Shady is a killer song of Eminem’s and one of my favorite ones, as you would guess. It was released over 20 years ago, and it counts almost 700 million. To pay tribute to this legendary song, there has been a lot of merchandise connected to this hit.

However, one of my favorite ones is the Slim Shady black hoodie. It is a black pullover with hood and hood strings, a front-pouch warmer pocket, and rib cuffs. The style of the hood is very minimalist, as you would already expect of me, so I dig it very much.

When it comes to design, as I said, the hood is all black with the front headline Slim Shady in red, sharp letters. The logo can seem a little scary due to the red color, slim font, and dark appearance. But I do not mind since, let’s be honest, black goes with everything, and red does not prevail, so it can be easily combined with other styles.

The best thing about this hoodie is the 100% cotton feature, making this piece of cloth extremely soft. You already know how much I am a fan of cotton, so this feature is always my favorite one! Besides that, the hood comes in different sizes, from S to 3XL, which is great since almost everyone can find their perfect fit.


  • Scary yet great design
  • Dark but appealing
  • 100% Cotton
  • Goes with almost everything


  • It might be too dark for someone

3. Eminem’s Mom’s Spaghetti Chef Hoodie


If you are not such a big fan of Eminem’s music, you are probably confused about why mom’s spaghetti, right? Mom’s spaghetti is a popular line from Eminem’s hit song Lose Yourself. The line goes: “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti” – Eminem, Lose Yourself.

But there is a little more behind this. It is not only a popular line from a hit single; it is the name of Eminem’s restaurant. How original, right? However, this is not a classical restaurant but rather a pop-up one. The “Mom’s Spaghetti” was located in downtown Los Angeles, at 820 S. Spring St., and was opened from February 9th to February 13th.

And when it comes to this hoodie, it is equally great as this hit song and rapper’s restaurant. I love the overall design and colors, even though it might be too dark for someone. The hoodie is light black, almost grey, with a dark black design and logo.

On the front of the hoodie is a little logo of Mom’s Spaghetti Detroit. Mi, while on the back is the Mom graphic logo.

The style is beautiful, vintage, and very different from other Eminem hoodies; it is also a limited edition. As per usual, the hoodie has a hood with hood strings and a front warmer hand pocket. It is also 100% cotton and is suitable for machine washing. I just love this hoodie, and it is my favorite of all time.


  • Beautiful design and concept.
  • Very soft.
  • Vintage style.
  • Dark vibe.
  • 100% cotton.


  • Appears too dark.

4. Eminem’s Rap God Hoodie

Eminem’s Rap God Hoodie

Why be a king when you can be a god? This is so accurate. I love this line from Eminem‘s Rap God hit. As you already know, Rap God is one of the most popular single and counts almost 1.4 billion views on YouTube.

The song was released in 2013, so almost 10 years ago, and has been made to Guinness World Records list as the song with the most word, to be precise, 1,560. The song was announced as the most popular song in 2013 and as the second most popular song of the decade!

Aside from this, Rap God’s single was nominated for a Grammy; unfortunately, Eminem lost to ‘i’ a hit single from Kendrick Lamar. But Eminem has won an incredible amount of awards in his entire career, to be precise, 149 out of 382 nominations, so this is not really a big loss!

As for the hoodie, it is equally amazing as Eminem’s hit. However, I prefer the other three more compared to this one. I do not say it is ugly; otherwise, it wouldn’t be on my list; however, it is not in my top three picks.

I dig the colors and appreciate the hood, obviously, and the front pouch pocket. As for the design, it is good but not my favorite. I love the words since it is my favorite line from Rap God single; however, I think the overall design and the sketch could be a little better.

The hoodie has Eminem’s silhouette in lines on front with the most popular line from the Rap God song. The back of the hood is empty, which makes this hoodie pretty minimalistic; hence, a big plus for me!

It is crafted from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, which is acceptable, but it could be 100% cotton, and then I would forget about the not-so-perfect design. Nevertheless, the hoodie is of great quality, I dig the colors and features, and the design is also acceptable.


  • Comes in various colors and sizes.
  • Hood with drawstrings and front pocket.
  • Great quality.


  • Style might not be suitable for everyone.
  • I am not blown away by the design.

5. Eminem’s 8 Mile Hoodie

Eminem’s 8 Mile Hoodie

8 Mile is the soundtrack and the movie from 2002. It is drama and musical at the same time about the boy who is trying to get out of the ghetto by rapping. B-Rabbit is the main role played by one and only Marshall Bruce Mathers, as you would assume.

Besides that, 8 Mile is the official soundtrack; however, the album has various artists on it but was published by Shady records – a record label founded by Eminem and his manager Paul Rosenberg in 1999. Eminem, who acts in this semi-autobiographical film, has helped his smash hit track “Lose Yourself” reach the top.

When we talk about this hoodie, we can all see that it is old-fashioned, but I wouldn’t agree. There is not much anything on it to label it like that. It is very, very minimalistic, even more than I would usually prefer, but it is still beautiful.

The hoodie is very simple. It is all black with sewn yellow 8 Mile line on the front. I love the combination of black and yellow, so this is my style. Though it is very subtle, I dig it. There is nothing old about it, even though this hoodie is from Eminem’s old merchandise.

The hoodie has typical features. A front-warmer pocket, a hood with strings, and rib cuffs. The only compromise I have to make is regarding the material. The hood is 20% polyester and 80% cotton; however, this is acceptable. Besides that, it is suitable for both females and males, and it comes in various sizes, which is always a good thing.


  • Affordable hoodie.
  • Very minimalist and classic.
  • Suitable for both genders.


  • Old collection.


Question: How can I style like Eminem?

Answer: Eminem built his style throughout his rapping career. His style is simple and toned down, and if you want to imitate it, you can do that easily with a simple jacket and a hat.
Overall, Eminem is mostly popular for wearing a zip-up jacket and classical black cap. These jackets are usually larger sizes, appear like baggy ones, and are usually dark in color. Regarding caps, he prefers dark ones with clean designs or classic, dark-color hats.
If you are not a fan of zip-up jackets, try some leather ones. Eminem was the one who popularized these jackets, so wearing one of those can reflect his look. When it comes to bottoms, Eminem wore a lot of cargo shorts or even baggy jeans. Combined with a white t-shirt and a hoodie or a zip-up jacket, you will have the Eminem style you looked up for.

Question: What clothing brand does Eminem wear?

Answer: Eminem usually wears Nike Air Max sneakers, Gucci jackets, and Casio watches. However, he has seen wear other brands as well, but he mostly prefers these.
Besides that, Eminem has launched his clothing line. He collaborated with Millinksy – a young, on-the-rise designer. Caps, hoodies, and shirts are included in this collection and reference a variety of Slim Shady tracks, including ‘The Real Slim Shady’ and ‘Without Me.’

Question: What shoes does Eminem wear?

Answer: Eminem usually wears sneakers; his favorite is the Nike Air Max line. For instance, in his last appearance on the Super Bowl LVI halftime show, he wore amazing Jordan 3 kicks.
However, Eminem has his own Jordan sneakers collection, which was a limited edition. In celebration of his album “Encore,” only 50 pairs of the Air Jordan 4 (IV) Retro Eminem were made. All of the sneakers from his collection have “Eminem” stitched onto the tongue.

Question: How tall is Eminem really?

Answer: Marshall Bruce Mathers, known as Eminem, is tall, 1.73 meters or 5.67 feet.

Best Eminem Hoodies: Conclusion

Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time, and none can deny that. He has released 11 studio albums, over 21 billion streams on Spotify, numerous collaborations, world-broken records, and a place in the Guinness World Records book.

Besides that, Eminem was always distinguished by his different looks. He has always had his style, and we all love him for that. With his merchandise and online store, he published some iconic looks, including t-shirts, pullovers, and of course, hoodies!

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