Best Lil Wayne Shirts

Best Lil Wayne Shirts

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Is there any better way to express your passion and respect for a musical artist than to fly their name on your shirt? I’ve always been a fan of doing this – it allows me to express myself, let people know the kind of music that I’m into, and help spread the word about my favorite musicians’ music.

I have a huge collection of music shirts and t-shirts, mainly representing my favorite rappers, but my proudest collection of all would simply have to be my Lil Wayne shirts. Ever since I started listening to his music as a young child in the early ’00s, I was pestering my parents to buy me a Lil Wayne shirt as I thought he was the bee’s knees! I received my first shirt for Christmas one year,  and I proceeded to spend a big chunk of my allowance on them from that moment onwards!

To celebrate my Lil Wayne shirt collection and help others find some of the best merch opportunities out there, I’ve decided to create the following guide to the Best Lil Wayne Shirts! Whether you’re an avid collector or you only recently got turned on to the rapper, I’m sure there’ll be something here for you to check out. Enjoy!

Bottom Line Up Front: There are a ton of fantastic Lil Wayne shirts on the market both licensed and unlicensed, but the best I have seen is the officially licensed “Got Money” unisex tee. Regardless of which shirt you decide to buy, always read reviews to check the quality, confirm where the shirt is being shipping from, and make sure that it’s available in your size to avoid disappointment!

My Top Tips for Buying Lil Wayne Shirts

Before we get started at taking a look at some of the best Lil Wayne shirts out there, I think it’s worth discussing some of the top tips that I have learned along my collecting journey. After all, there are so many Lil Wayne shirts out there that it’s important to know how to choose shirts that are of the highest quality, that look cool, and that isn’t going to be a nightmare to get shipped to you.


Perhaps the first and most obvious criteria for choosing a Lil Wayne shirt is ensuring that it is of high quality. We’ve all been there with those cheap, low-quality transfer t-shirts. You wear them a couple of times, you put them in the wash, and when they come out of the dryer, the design transfer has started peeling off! There might also be holes in the material or color fades – this isn’t the sort of thing you want out of your Lil Wayne shirt!

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to avoid this from happening – there are two things that you can do to ensure it. Firstly, always read the reviews! The people of the internet are very vocal about their opinions on the products that they buy, and I would argue that Lil Wayne fans are even more vocal than the average punter. This means that for every Lil Wayne shirt that you view online, you will find a ton of reviews that should outline the quality of the product.

It’s worth bearing in mind that people tend to only leave reviews when they are angry about something, so if you find a Lil Wayne shirt that doesn’t have many reviews, this is a good sign! However, if a shirt has many reviews complaining about the low quality of the product, it is worth avoiding.

A final way that you can protect yourself against low-quality Lil Wayne shirts is to recognize that high-quality products are priced accordingly. If you find a shirt that costs $5, this should be a major red flag. If they can sell it for that cheap, goodness knows how cheap the materials they used to make it were!


The next important thing to consider when browsing Lil Wayne shirts online is the sizing. This should seem pretty obvious – who on earth would purchase a shirt without checking the size? That may be the case, but the process can be more difficult than you might initially think.

Firstly, you should always check what country the shirt is being sold from, as different countries have different dimensions for different sizes. In addition to this, different online stores will often have their own set of dimensions too that are listed on their website. Always give this a thorough read to ensure you are getting a product that fits.

Next, you will want to ensure that the size is in stock in the first place! I’ve come across so many Lil Wayne shirts that I have loved the look of, spending a good hour or two dreaming about wearing it and analyzing the specifications, only to discover when I click “add to basket” that the large size is out of stock! Check this when you first begin thinking about buying a shirt to avoid disappointment later down the line.

Finally, it’s worth checking whether the size is designed for men or women. My sister is a big Lil Wayne fan and loves wearing big, baggy Lil Wayne shirts – that’s her personal preference, but it isn’t everybody’s. Some ladies prefer wearing fitting shirts, and a large percentage of the shirts available online will sadly not be fitted. Once again, check this out before you get excited about a shirt to avoid disappointment.


The last point that I wanted to mention regarding the best Lil Wayne shirts is that you should always investigate where the shirt is being shipped from. There is a variety of reasons for this, with the most obvious being shipping.

I can always remember buying perhaps my second or third Lil Wayne shirt, finding a super high-quality product that was in my size, and hitting that order button. The website said that it would be dispatched within 24 hours and delivered within 3 to 5 days, so imagine my disappointment when a week went by and I still didn’t have the shirt! It turned out that I was ordering the t-shirt from the United Kingdom – what a nightmare! I did receive the t-shirt in the end, but I was planning to wear it to my friend’s party, and this put a spanner in the works.

The other point adds some real insult to injury – not only can foreign t-shirt shipping take forever to arrive, but you may also be charged through the nose. I was lucky enough that the Lil Wayne shirt I bought did not impose any additional fees, but I have had friends that have had to pay an additional $20 in shipping costs and tax fees for a t-shirt that only cost $15! It almost makes it not worth it. However, it could get even worse – I’ve even known people to order something from the United Kingdom, only to have it never arrive due to taxing complications as a result of Brexit.

Overall, it’s always best to order domestically when it comes to Lil Wayne shirts. However, if you cannot find a shirt in your own country and simply have to order internationally, just make sure that you carefully read through the shipping terms and conditions to inform yourself of how much you will be charged and how long it will take to arrive.

My Top Recommendations For The Best Lil Wayne Shirts

Phew – now that we’ve got all of the boring stuff out of the way such as quality control, sizing, and shipping costs, it’s time to get down to the fun stuff – the Lil Wayne shirts themselves. As a long-term Lil Wayne fan, it was seriously tough to decide which shirts I would include on this list, choosing between shirts that I already own and love, and shirts that are on my watchlist. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Lil Wayne Got Money Unisex Black T-Shirt

Lil Wayne Got Money Unisex Black T-Shirt

The first shirt on this list of the best Lil Wayne shirts is the “Got Money” Unisex Black T-Shirt. Unless you’ve been living under a rock and have never listened to Lil Wayne much, you’ll be aware that Lil Wayne loves money. We all love money, but to him, cash seems to be more like an obsession.

This is why I’m such a big fan of this t-shirt – it features an illustrated photograph of a young Lil Wayne rocking a red cap and a red leather waistcoat, surrounded by 100-dollar bills. It also reads “Take It Out Your Pocket And Show It – Lil Wayne”, a classic example of how the rapper doesn’t just like to collect money but to flaunt it.

There are two more major features that I love about this t-shirt. Firstly, it’s unisex, meaning that any of Lil Wayne’s fans can enjoy the t-shirt without having to worry about it fitting correctly. Secondly, it’s an officially licensed t-shirt with the “Lil Wayne” logo printed both on the fabric label and the ticket that comes on it. This way you know that you’re not just spreading the word about Lil Wayne, but supporting his music directly.


  • Officially licensed t-shirt
  • Unisex
  • Represents Lil Wayne’s obsession with money
  • Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Extra Extra Large


  • While I would consider this t-shirt to be vintage, some people prefer more modern depictions of Lil Wayne

Lil’ Wayne Tee by Greazy Tees

Lil' Wayne Tee by Greazy Tees

Next up on the list is the Lil’ Wayne Tee by Greazy Tees, and while I must say that this t-shirt isn’t my cup of tea, it is one of the most popular options I have seen online. I think the main reason for this is the amount of color and imagery going on in the print – you can see three dreadlocked Lil Waynes strutting around, you guessed it, a pile of falling 100 dollar bills, present in three different outfits.

There’s a purple outfit, a red outfit, and even a pink-camouflage outfit, topped big silver Lil Wayne logo at the top of the t-shirt. I also love that this t-shirt shows faint pictures of Lil Wayne as a baby, juxtaposed against images of him all grown up with tattoos all over his body. It just goes to show how much the rapper has grown up over the years!

If this all wasn’t great enough already, the back of the t-shirt features what initially looks like a tour list, but is actually a list of Lil Wayne’s albums and mixtapes ranging from Tha Block Is Hot in 1999 to 2020s No Ceilings 3. To top all of this off, the t-shirt is also available in white and black and ink grey, which I think makes a huge difference as the white t-shirt is quite “in your face”, whereas the black and ink grey editions are far more subtle. It makes sure that there is something for everyone, and I love that.


  • A highly detailed and intricate Lil Wayne t-shirt
  • Available in white, ink grey, and black
  • Features a list of all Lil Wayne’s major released on the back
  • Lots of colors on show


  • It’s a bit too colorful and “in your face” for some people
  • Indirectly licensed by Greazy
  • Seriously expensive in comparison to other options

Boohoo Death Row Records Oversized T-Shirt

Boohoo Death Row Records Oversized T-Shirt

The next product that simply had to make it on my list of the best Lil Wayne shirts is undeniably a little morbid – it features a white illustration of an anonymous figure sitting in an electric chair with a bag over its head. To anyone unfamiliar with Lil Wayne’s music, this might feel quite scary, but to anyone in the know, that’s not the case at all. The words printed on the t-shirt explain it perfectly, reading “DEATH ROW RECORDS”.

Lil Wayne was sadly never featured on Death Row Records, but it is common knowledge that it is one of his favorite record labels in the music scene. He’s a huge fan of Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, 2pac, and tons of the other rappers in their back catalog, and who knows – perhaps he will finally be featured on the label in the future. One thing is for sure though – when you wear this Death Row Records t-shirt, you’re not just representing the label, but Lil Wayne’s music taste!


  • Available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large
  • Printed with a great Death Row Records logo and header on the front and back
  • Represents tons of the greatest rappers in the world
  • Oversized, making it a great fit for fans of baggy clothes


  • Not directly related to Lil Wayne

John Wayne Lil Wayne Men’s Blue Graphic T-Shirt

All of the shirts that I have listed so far have been smart, serious, and cool, but not everything in life has to be so dramatic. A perfect example of this is the hilarious John Wayne Lil Wayne Men’s Blue Graphic T-shirt, a product that I have come across several times on Etsy and eBay.

The t-shirt does exactly what it says on the tin – it features Lil Wayne standing side-by-side with John Wayne, the classic Western movie actor. The couple is depicted in a cell-shaded black-and-white illustration style across the blue fabric, and while the shirt is certainly somewhat tongue-in-cheek, they also both look very cool. My favorite thing about the t-shirt is the fact that John Wayne is rocking massive chains and face tattoos just like Lil Wayne!

Some people think this t-shirt is in poor taste and that it isn’t worth the “Wayne” pun. In my opinion, those people need to get themselves a sense of humor!


  • A stylish black-and-white cell-shaded illustration style
  • A great humorous edition to a more serious Lil Wayne t-shirt collection
  • You can rock both Lil Wayne and John Wayne on a single item of clothing


  • It’s a bit of a silly joke
  • The blue fabric is not for everyone
  • Unofficially licensed

Boohoo Oversized Lil Wayne License T-Shirt

Boohoo Oversized Lil Wayne License

Next on my list of the best Lil Wayne t-shirts is the Boohoo Oversized Lil Wayne License T-Shirt, a personal favorite that I’ve got in my collection. As soon as I saw this t-shirt, I simply had to buy it, and the main reason for this is the amazing design.

Much like many other pieces of Lil Wayne merchandise, this t-shirt includes a large photograph of Lil Wayne’s face as a toddler. However, the catch is that face tattoos that the rapper has these days have been drawn over the toddler’s face, making him look like one cool toddler dude!

Other than this, the t-shirt is minimalistic which I respect, with a red Lil Wayne logo in block capitals filling the top space, and an empty bottom and back. It’s also officially licensed which is always good to know, and available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.


  • Awesome design of Lil Wayne as a toddler with face tattoos
  • Minimalistic and uncluttered
  • Officially licensed


  • Some people find it strange to walk around with a picture of a face tattooed toddler on their t-shirt
  • Not available in extra-large sizes

Purple Lil Wayne Rapper Vintage Shirt/Hoody/Sweatshirt by JustGoods

Purple Lil Wayne Rapper Vintage Shirt

The last Lil Wanye shirt that I wanted to list here is a recent purchase of mine, the purple Lil Wayne Rapper Vintage Shirt by JustGoods. This t-shirt is a handmade product sold on Etsy which I think is great as it is supporting a small business that clearly has a passion for Lil Wayne, although this does mean that the shirt is unofficially licensed.

Putting that aside though, this t-shirt is so darn cool, I think it fits the Lil Wayne aesthetic perfectly. Firstly, it’s printed on a black t-shirt which has always been more my style. Then, the rest of the t-shirt’s aesthetic is represented in a glossy purple fashion, sporting both the Lil Wayne logo at the top in purple, in addition to a photograph of a dreadlocked purple Lil Wayne at the bottom. To contrast this image, the producer of this t-shirt also features a younger, naturally colored illustration of Lil Wayne with his pre-dreaded long hair, showing off all of his epic body tattoos.

There are a lot of fan-made Lil Wayne shirts out there, but this easily has to be one of the best. It’s also highly customizable by being available in just about color and size, in addition to being available as a hoody or sweatshirt too! Fantastic.


  • Glossy purple aesthetic
  • Features both an older, face tattooed Lil Wayne, and a younger, body tattooed Lil Wayne
  • Seriously good values for money
  • Subtle black background
  • Available as a t-shirt, hoody, and sweatshirt, in just about every color and size you could imagine


  • Unofficially licensed
  • Only available on Etsy


I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this guide to the Best Lil Wayne Shirts on the market! We’ve covered a ton of information and product recommendations, so I’m sure that there is something on the list for you to add to your collection. To round things off before I leave you, let’s take a look at the following FAQ section, just in case you have any unanswered questions.

Question: Where Can You Buy Lil Wayne Shirts?

Answer: Lil Wayne shirts are available all over the internet as well as in clothing and music stores, but eCommerce stores and Etsy are some good bets!

Question: What Are The Main Themes On Lil Wayne Shirts?

Answer: Lil Wayne shirts feature a ton of classic themes such as his obsession with money, tattoos, and a photograph of him as a toddler.

Question: Are All Lil Wayne Shirts Officially Licensed?

Answer: No, not all Lil Wayne shirts are officially licensed, but there’s nothing wrong with this – just bear in mind that some unofficially licensed shirts may be of lesser quality.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you enjoyed this guide to the best Lil Wayne shirts as much as I did! There’s a seemingly never-ending selection out there so it’s understandable if you’re a bit overwhelmed. I would personally recommend the “Got Money” unisex shirt if I had to choose one, due to its tasteful design and unisex approach. However, it’s all down to personal preference really.

Good luck on your journey, and don’t forget to check those reviews to ensure that you are choosing a shirt that is of high quality. Finally, don’t forget to remember this article when you are swaggering down the street in your new cool Lil Wayne shirt!

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