50 cent bio

50 Cent Bio

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50 Cent is controversial beyond comprehension. This article can easily turn into a book if I decide to write everything I know about this American hip-hop artist because I am such a fan of his. A couple of months ago, I read his last book, which he wrote in collaboration with Robert Greene. The book is named “50. Law”. It is about Fifty’s rise to the top, his childhood, ups and downs, and much more.

I remember being shocked the first time I heard about 9 bullets in his body, one of which went through his mouth. I couldn’t understand what this man was ready to do to rise to the top. He was tireless, working all day long, constantly searching for new ways to earn money and gain power. His personal obligation to become the best at what he does inspires me to this day, which is why I love him so much.

If you believe there is something that has never been done before, read the article below, and I assure you that you will find some similarities at least.

This article is devoted to the man I believe is one of the best in the game of power.

Quick Facts

Full Name Curtis James Jackson III
Birth Date July 6, 1975
Birth Place South Jamaica, Queens
Nick Name 50 Cent
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Siblings None
Children Marquise Jackson and Sire Jackson
Partner/Spouse Jamira Haines
Most Successful Songs/Albums In da Club, 21 Questions
Earnings $3.37 Million Per Year
Net Worth $40 Million
Social Media IG and TW: @50cent
Awards Grammy Award, Billboard Music Awards, and six World Music Awards
Last Updated 6/22/2022


Fifty was born in a very dangerous neighborhood of Queens called South Jamaica. That part of Queens was known for illegal activities such as drug and weapon dealing. That is because the neighborhood was highly populated with materially poor people who would often try to survive by participating in dangerous activities.

Jackson had a very difficult childhood since his mother was a drug dealer, and his father didn’t pay too much attention to him. He would often go to school to “kill” the time, as he would say in one of his interviews, and the rest of the time, he was either dealing drugs himself or training a box in a local gym.


His mother, Sabrina, was giving her best to raise 50 to be a man, but because of the difficulties and the fact they were poor, she started dealing drugs when Curtis was still very young. His father often wasn’t there for him, so Curtis had to do everything for himself. It seems that helped him develop incredible coping skills later on in his life.

When Curtis was barely 8 years of age, his mother, Sabrina, died in a fire, and it turns out it was not an accident but a planned murder. Fifty would say in one of his interviews that someone put something in her drink and turned the gas on.

Later on, he would also confess his mother was a lesbian. After her death, his father left him, and his grandparents raised him in Queens.

Early Life

Fifty was either “killing” time in school, dealing drugs, or boxing at a local gym in his childhood. The school never interested him, and he was always looking for alternative paths and ways to earn money for himself and climb the ladder of power or neighborhood hierarchy, as he would often say.

50 Cent Early Life
Image from Fandom

He was always looking to compete, so he found himself in a boxing ring and dealing drugs on the streets.

He needed adrenaline and the feeling of becoming more powerful in everything he did. Also, he found a link between boxing and rapping since he considered both aggressive and the way to attack and “defend” your views.

When he was in the tenth grade, metal detectors caught him at Andrew Jackson High School. He regularly brought narcotics and guns to the school, and he was arrested a couple of times because of that.

Professional Career

Curtis always dreamed of becoming rich and escaping the poverty he constantly faced during his childhood. But, his path to success was extremely difficult, with numerous failed attempts and near-death experiences. But, once he started rapping, he knew he was to become rich doing that.

His first-ever attempt to get more attention to the music scene began when he was introduced to Jam Master Jay(a Run-DMC group member). They collaborated and even created an album together, but unfortunately, it was never released, which was his first failure.

He also had some false attempts with Columbia Label, and nothing significant happened before he met Shady records, but before that, we need to mention the “accident” in 2000. Curtis was shot more than 10 times in his car and almost died. One bullet even passed through his mouth, and funnily enough while he was guest on Graham Norton Show, he stated that the wound left on his tongue was great for oral sex.

After the accident, he got noticed by Eminem and Dr. Dre, and they would go on to produce his first debut album, “Get Rich or Die Tryin,” in 2003. Album was beyond successful, and Fifty sold more than 9 million units. The most popular song on the album was his signature song, “In da Club.”

50 Cent Debut Album Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Image from Fandom

After that, he gave another hit album called “Massacre,” in which he rapped about drugs, crime, violence, and all the negative things he experienced in his childhood and on his road to success. He would then start his label(under Interscope Umbrella) with Young Buck and Lloyd Banks. They released the album “Beg for Mercy,” selling more than 5 million copies.

After his career’s massive success and progressive development, he released two more singles, Curtis and Before I Self Destruct, in 2007 and 2009, respectively.

Famous Videos

50 Cent Retirement and Post Professional

There is something to say about this because Fifty used the retirement announcement to tease his fans. There is a history of Curtis claiming he would retire, which were the times he was usually in decline, so he would use the retirement strategy to bring the spotlight back on him. After all, he is a master of marketing and skilled at gathering fans’ attention and likes.

A couple of months ago, he would go on to claim he was in the creation of his last album, but because of the history of his retirement announcement, it might be another marketing trick played on his behalf.

50 Cent Family

His father left him, and his mother, Sabrina, died from fire when he was only 8. We already mentioned his grandmother raised him, and he would claim he loved her the most. Today he is known for dating numerous women, and his first son Marquise was born in 1996.

On social media, we can conclude they act very strange to each other and don’t have a father-son relationship. Curtis would go on to claim that he is a pawn of his mother, Shaniqua Tompkins.

His second son came out from a relationship with Daphne Joy, and they would name him Sire. Curtis has developed a better connection with his second son, and they often spend time together. Because of this, the feud between him and his first son ignited again. His current partner is Jamira Haines, a Cuban model with more than 1.3 million followers on her Instagram.

Dating and Relationship History

Fifty has dated many famous women over the years. Curtis started dating Shaniqua Tompkins, his first wife, back in the 1990s. They would have a son Marquise in 1997 and officially broke up in 2008.

From 2002 to 2003, Fifty was dating Meagan Goode, an American actress and model. In 2003, Curtis would date Vivica A. Fox actress and a television host. From 2005 to 2006, Jackson was with a woman named Joy Bryant, his coo star in the movie Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

He also dated Ciara from 2007 to 2010, which is considered his most high-profile relationship. They collaborated on numerous projects, but things didn’t work out between them. In 2008, there were some gossip and rumors about Curtis dating Paris Hilton after they were spotted together in Las Vegas. However, to this date, their relationship was never confirmed.

50 Cent With Paris Hilton
Image from Fandom

There was a scandal in 2010 where 50 was briefly linked to Chelsea Handler. They slept together for about three months and supposedly stayed in a friendly relationship afterward. From 2011 to 2012, Fifty was dating Daphne Joy. He had his second son, Sire, with her back in September of 2012.

After that, 50 Cent dated Tattedup Holly, an Instagram model, from 2013 to 2015. Since 2019 he has been in a relationship with Jamira Haines, a Cuban model.

50 Cent Controversies or Scandals

I am not sure where I should even begin with this one. There were so many scandals over the years, and I will mention only five, which were the most controversial for me.

Problems with Homophobia

Fifty has some prejudices when it comes to gay people and says he doesn’t feel comfortable when he is around them. He also acknowledged his homophobic views during a feud with Perez Hilton, a blogger who commented on the Fifties views quite a few times.

Fifty would go on later and say that some of his comments were out of context and that, after all, his mother loved women.

50 Cent
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Leaked Tape

Curtis “accidentally” found an intimate tape of Lastonia Leviston, who had a child at a time with a 50’s rival, rapper Rick Ross. Over 4 million people have seen the tape, and she decided to go for an invasion of privacy lawsuit.

She claimed she had nothing to do with it, but in 2018 she was seen partying with the man on the tape.

Autistic Teen Story

Fifty accused an autistic person back in 2016 of being on drugs. An ex-classmate of the autistic person has seen the footage and said that he already has a hard time getting through life and that Fifty making fun of him was very inappropriate.

When Curtis found out that the person he mocked was autistic, he would go on to issue an immediate apology.

Trolling Floyd Mayweather

Why would you even consider talking thrash to one of the most dangerous boxers ever? Apparently, Curtis was not afraid and would go in 2020 to mock Floyd for his literacy struggles. They were best friends until 2012 when they had business disputes while Mayweather was imprisoned.
Floyd would say on the Champside podcast that Curtis demanded half of his company.

50 Cent
Image from Fandom

Fifty and Donald Trump

There isn’t an obvious reason Fifty isn’t a fan of Donald Trump. This one is so funny because Curtis would describe a president as an accident. The funny thing is that he would change his mind when he heard that Joe Biden was planning to raise taxes for wealthy Americans.

He would change his mind again and write on Twitter: “F*** Donald Trump, I never liked him.”

I can freely say here that he demonstrated a brilliant marketing move by constantly changing sides, and I believe that is one of his biggest advantages when it comes to public battles and controversies. He adapts quickly and doesn’t care what other people think of him.

50 Cent Net Worth and Career Earnings

A net worth of 50 Cent is estimated to be around $40 million. Fifty makes around 3.5 million a year, and it is estimated that he has earned more than $260 million during his career.

Real Estate & Residence History

Curtis had a mansion in Farmington, which is 80 miles from Greenwich. Not surprisingly enough, the home has over 50,000 square feet and has approved grounds for helicopters.

It is one of the most luxurious homes you have ever seen, and it includes a grotto(cave), pool, basketball court, pond, gardens, and guesthouses.

Fifty tried to sell it for 18 million dollars, but after 12 years, he only managed to sell it for 2.9 million.  He purchased the property from Mike Tyson in 2003 for $4.1 million.

50 Cent
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50 Cent Famous Quotes

Fifty has many famous quotes, and I will mention only a couple of my favorites below:

“Behind me is fathomless power. Before me is a never-ending possibility; around me is unlimited opportunity. I am a master of the physical, mental, and spiritual realms.” – 50 Cent

“My music is a soundtrack. The film is my life. My music matches things I’ve experienced or felt. Even if the whole thing is made up.” – 50 Cent

“I’m not trying to save the world. As a musician and artist, it just ain’t me.” – 50 Cent

Discography & Full Credits

Guess Who’s Back? – 2002

Get Rich or Die Tryin’ – 2003

24 Shots – 2003

The Massacre – 2005

Curtis – 2007

Before I Self Destruct – 2009

50 Cent Album Before I Self Destruct 2009
Image from Fandom

5 (Murder by Numbers) – 2012

Animal Ambition – 2014

The Kanan Tape – 2015

Best Of – 2017


Question: Why did 50 Cent get shot?

Answer: Fifty was shot in his car under the instructions of Kenneth McGriff. Fifty was shot because he gave details of McGriff’s criminal past in his song.

Question: How did fifty-cent get his name?

Answer: Curtis got the inspiration for the name from Kelvin Martin, a robber in the 1980s known as 50 Cent.

Question: Who made 50 Cent famous?

Answer: After Fifty released the mixtape “Guess Who’s Back,” he was discovered by Eminem and Dr.Dre. After signing for Shady Records, he became more famous, and his career was about to start.


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