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Ice Cube Bio

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Ice Cube is one of the most controversial rappers in American hip-hop. Hearing his song “It Was A Good Day” for the first time was a revelation to me. I started tripping that I was a gangster while cruising around the hood with my boys.

He has always been interesting to me because of his aggressive tone and the controversial topics he raps about in his songs. He also starred in many movies, my favorite of which was his role in “Anaconda.” I liked that movie so much, and his role as Danny Rich was hilarious and scary at the same time.

Ice Cube Quick Facts

Full Name O’Shea Jackson Sr.
Birth Date June 15, 1969
Birth Place Crenshaw, California, United States
Nick Name Ice Cube
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Siblings Beverley Jean Brown (half-sister, murdered) and Clyde Jackson (older brother)
Children Darrel Jackson, Shareef Jackson, Karima Jackson, and O’Shea Jackson Jr.
Partner/Spouse Kimberly Woodruff
Most Successful Songs/Albums The Predator, Amerikka’s Most Wanted, Death Certificate




Earnings $12 Million + Per Year




Net Worth $190 Million
Social Media IG: @icecube, TW: @icecube
Awards BET Hip Hop I Am Hip-Hop Icon Award, NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Last Updated




Ice Cube Birthplace

Los Angeles

Ice was born in Los Angeles, California, back in June 1969. Neither of his parents had affiliations with the music industry. His mother, Doris, was a hospital clerk and custodian, and his father, Hosea Jackson, was a machinist and UCLA groundskeeper.

In 1970, Los Angeles was home to nature-loving hippies, various creative campy colors, and high-tech geeks. I can freely assume that Ice Cube had firm ground to build his musical career since the town was known for its creativity and openness to new ideas at that time.

Ice Cube Parents

In one of his interviews, Ice mentions that his father played a significant role in his life and that he was the ideal he was looking up to as a role model.

Ice Cube’s mother, Doris, openly says she is one of the happiest mothers and is always there to support him no matter what. She also claims Ice had already developed his working discipline from a young age, which is why he is successful as he is today.

Ice Cube Early Life

High School in San Fernando Valley
High School in San Fernando Valley

Ice’s parents always strived to put him on the right path and support his love for rap. However, at that time, Los Angeles was a dangerous neighborhood filled with guns, violence, and drugs, and it was not an easy process to raise your kids.

One of the things I was amazed to hear was that Ice was a passionate and disciplined student and a keen lover of football. In his teens, he changed schools and went to high school in San Fernando Valley.

He was motivated to build a better life for himself when he saw what was happening to his friends who were either dead or going to jail. He managed to earn a two-year degree in drafting at the Phoenix Institute of Technology. He started writing his first songs in high school, and soon she started a group called CIA. Dr. Dre quickly noticed them.

Together, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre formed a new group called N.W.A (Niggaz Wit Attitudes). I remember their second album, “Straight Outta Compton,” and their controversial hit “Fuc* the police.” With this album, Cube switched attention to the ongoing problem of young black youth and law enforcement.

Ice Cube Professional Career

Ice Cube’s professional career can be divided into multiple pieces, and I believe that is the best way to understand his career trajectory and decision-making process. That is the primary reason I divided his professional career into the most critical events, year by year.

Briefly, Ice started his career somewhere when he was introduced to Dr. Dre. He was at Dre’s party, and later they decided to collaborate on a few projects. I like that most musicians, at some point, decide to try their hands at acting, and that is what Ice did. He had a couple of movie roles, which I’ll get into more below.


Image From X Voice Fandom

Ice Cube formed the group N.W.A. with his two friends, K-Dee and Sir Jinx. That was the same way I started my first group too. They used to go and perform at Dr. Dre’s parties. Dr. Dre would come later on to team up with them for N.W.A.

Straight Outta Compton (1988)

Straight Outta Compton is N.W.A.’s landmark album, selling over 3 million copies. I loved this album as it slowly began to show Ice’s style and how he approaches rap.

AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted (1990)

AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted (1990)

Ice Cube’s debut solo album was about sensitive issues like the ghetto, drugs, racism, and poverty. We all know that racism plays a huge role in today’s society in America, and that is why I loved this album. 

Death Certificate And No Vaseline (1991)

After Cube left the N.W.A., he was dissed on 100 Miles and Runnin’. So he decided to punch back with his album, Death Certificate. The track was titled No Vaseline, and I can tell you by the name that he was not fooling around.

Boyz N The Hood (1991)

Boyz N The Hood (1991)

This was the start of his on-screen career. He starred in a teen drama called Boyz N The Hood. The movie is about three boys living in the ghetto, and I highly recommend it since it is of excellent quality and the message is well conveyed.

The Predator (1992)

The Predator was his third album which included his most iconic songs, It Was A Good Day and Check Yourself. Not bad, but not one of his best albums.

Lethal Injection (1993)

Lethal Injection (1993)

This album was Cube’s failed attempt to copy the style of his recent successful album, The Chronic. Unfortunately, the album didn’t meet the satisfaction of the critics, and Cube was on his way again to making something more creative.

Natural Born Killaz (1994)

After N.W.A. was dismissed in 1991, Dre and Cube had more time to work together. I was so thrilled, back then, to hear these two were going to start working again. So they worked together to create a song Natural Born Killaz.

Friday, comedy movie (1995)

Friday, comedy movie (1995)

Let’s face it. Cube has the potential to act. Back in 1995, he starred in a comedy movie called Friday. The film is a classic, but the fans weren’t satisfied with Cube’s performance.

Westside Connection (1996)

After the previously mentioned role in the comedy movie Friday, Cube went on to start a rap supergroup, Westside Connection. Their first album was a success, and they received a platinum certification the same year album was published. The album has some outstanding songs, and I highly recommend you to check them out.

War & Peace Vol.1 (1998)

War & Peace Vol.1 (1998)

This was Cube’s fifth album. The album sold more than 180.000 copies in the first week of its release, and it was beyond successful.

War & Peace Vol.2 (2000)

This was the time he starred in the second sequel of the comedy movie Friday. The film was successful, but fans were left unsatisfied again by Cube’s performance, and that’s why he released the second volume of War & Peace. Anyways, I liked the movie, and like the last one, I recommend you to watch it.

Tour with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Dre (2000)

Tour with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Dre (2000)

What a line-up this was — probably one of the most powerful in hip-hop history. On Up In Smoke Tour, Cube performed songs like Hello, You Can Do It, and AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted.

Westside Connection’s Album (2003)

After finding their muse, the group finally reunited in 2003 and would go on to release their final album.

Seventh album, Laugh Now, Cry Later (2006)

Seventh Album, Laugh Now, Cry Later (2006)

At this time, Cube’s philosophy focused on different roles in movies, and no one could blame him for that. But, after realizing that music is his first love and the only thing that drives him through life, he decided to release his seventh album, Laugh Now, Cry Later.

Eight Album, Raw Footage (2008)

This was the album that included controversial political records. In addition, this was when Cube started integrating more political messages into his songs. For example, the song Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It tried to elaborate more on gangsta rap’s role and responsibility in today’s society.

Ninth Album, I Am The West (2010)

Ninth Album, I Am The West (2010)

I Am The West is Cube’s independent album, released in 2010. He decided to run it independently because he had some different opinions on how marketing should be run.

Forming of 3-on-3 Professional Basketball League

How diverse a person can be to participate actively in both sports and the music industry. Since Cube is a big fan of basketball, he decided to help and form a 3-on-3 basketball league.

Tenth Album, Everythang’s Corrupt (2018-2019)

Tenth Album, Everythang's Corrupt (2018-2019)

This was his tenth album which put a spotlight back on him. The album included newly added songs Arrest The President and That New Funkadelic. I loved the name of the first song I mentioned and started laughing so hard when I heard it for the first time. 

Ice Cube Video

Ice Cube Family

kimberly woodruff and ice cube

Ice has an older brother, Clyde Jackson. However, his older half-sister was murdered by her husband when Cube was only 12 years old. At the moment, he is married to Kimberly Woodruff.

They have been together for more than 25 years and met during their college days. Together, they have children, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Darrel Jackson, Karima Jackson, and Shareef Jackson. Kimberly doesn’t have a job but is involved in numerous charity activities.

All of their kids have some involvement in the music industry, except Karima, who worked as a Family Service Specialist, and now is running a charitable company “Organize Change, INC.”

Ice Cube Dating and Relationship History

It’s very hard to find anything interesting about Cube’s relationships because he has been with Kimberly for more than 25 years. However, he is a loyal husband and, to this day, claims he has never fallen out of love with her wife.

They met first when they were in college. They have a happy marriage with four children, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Darrel Jackson, Karima Jackson, and Shareef Jackson.

Ice Cube Controversies or Scandals

There was an interesting story when Cube was accused of anti-Semitism after posting a controversial tweet. The tweet depicted an image of a London mural called “Freedom for Humanity.” The picture depicts Jewish men playing a game of Monopoly on the backs of black men.

Ice Cube claimed that he was pro-black, not “anti anybody,” but critics were quick to point out other anti-Semitic tweets from the rapper, as well as an instance in 2015 where he was accused of encouraging his entourage to beat up a Rabbi. A series of tweets followed Cube’s original post, and the rapper dismissed any accusations of anti-Semitism.

Ice Cube Net Worth and Career Earnings

Ice Cube’s net worth is around $190 Million, and he earns more than $12 Million yearly.

Ice Cube Real Estate & Residence History

Jean-Claude Van Damme's house

Ice is a proud owner of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s former home in Marina del Rey. The house was built in 2011, including a home theater, wine cellar, and gym.

The home has three floors, and an elevator connects them. The whole house is 7,574 square feet. Everything is luxurious, from the dining room, 11 bathrooms, and 6 bedrooms to the kitchen and bars. The top of the house has a beautiful view of the city, and there is a swimming pool to enhance the experience.

Ice Cube Famous Quotes

Ice has many quotes, most of them about music and lifestyle, but some are even political. I chose a few quotes that resonated the best with me, and I will share them below.

The entertainment business is about giving people what they want in the first place – Ice Cube.

You can only measure how good a movie is by how many times you watch it. Comedies tend to get corny and sometimes even off the track, which is why I like to be a producer. I firmly believe in quality, so I force the philosophy of “Less is more” when building different scenes. I am always here to keep it grounded – Ice Cube.

Reading is one of the most important things. It would help if you either started to read about the topic you are interested in or a person you are interested in – Ice Cube.

Ice Cube Discography & Full Credits

Raw Footage

  • AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted – 1990
  • Death Certificate – 1991
  • The Predator – 1992
  • Lethal Injection – 1993
  • War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc) – 1998
  • War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc) – 2000
  • Laugh Now, Cry Later – 2006
  • Raw Footage – 2008
  • I Am the West – 2010
  • Everythang’s Corrupt – 2018


Question: How Did Ice Cube get his name?

Answer: He got his name because his older brother threatened to put him into a freezer and then pull him out as an ice cube.

Question: Why did Ice Cube leave NWA?

Answer: He was very unhappy even though the album was successful. Ice felt like he was cheated on out of royalties by Jerry Heller, a group’s manager.

Question: Did Ice Cube Go to Eazy-E’s funeral?

Answer: Shortly, yes. Ice was the only one who attended the funeral even though Dr. Dre and Mr. Ren were at the Eazy-E’s bedside. He says that is because some people can’t take it.


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