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For my money, there is no rapper who can pull off a flurry of jokes better than Lil Wayne.

Dispute this all you want, but Wayne combines mind-blowing wit, masterful verse structure, and uncanny consistency in his next-tier writing. Though many emcees have displayed proficiency at deploying punchlines, none of them has been as prolific as Weezy F. Baby. (What does the F stand for? Fertile? Fruitful?)

Wayne’s immensely fun persona translates well into consumer products. And there might be no better way to represent his youthful spirit than to amass a nice little toy collection.

Were you expecting a particular type of candy to be sold under Wayne’s name? Sorry, no such luck. But don’t worry—all these available toy selections are sweet, sweet prospects indeed.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Lil Wayne toys capture significant moments of the rapper’s storied career, as well as different aspects of his persona. These Funko Pop! figures serve as snapshots of Wayne’s creative and commercial peak, and they also happen to represent his fun-loving and aggressive sides.

The Lollipop Funko Pop

the lollipop funko pop

Funky Features

As of the publication of this article, there’s only one official Wayne figure available on the Funko website. And what a beauty it is! Wayne’s all suited up, as if he’s ready to steal the show at some prestigious awards ceremony.

Of course, he’s sporting his signature sunglasses, along with those unmistakable tattoos on his face. While there’s nothing quite remarkable about the microphone in his left hand, it’s that thing in his gloved right hand that stands out: a little green lollipop.

A Story to Tell

Weezy fans, of course, will recognize this Funko’s get-up instantly. Give or take a red handkerchief, this was the same ensemble that Wayne wore for much of the “Lollipop” music video. Among all the bestselling singles that Wayne has put out, “Lollipop” is his most successful to date, having been certified 8x platinum.

This Static Major-assisted track is an infectious dance track, so it’s no surprise that millions around the world have propelled it to such great heights.

Where Do I Purchase this?

  • To order the official Funko figure, click here.
  • Alternatively, you can check out ebay.

When this Toy Arrives, Play this Song

Here’s a joke that’s definitely not PG: in the intro to “Lollipop,” Wayne quips: “I said, he’s so sweet, make her wanna lick the wrapper/So I let her lick the rapper”. This is probably the wittiest passage in the entire song, unless you prefer that line about Hillary Clinton’s maiden name.

But then again, who’s counting puns in this smash hit? “Lollipop” was designed to get you dancing and grooving. So go ahead—dance and groove with your Funko Pop!

Tha Carter III Funko Pop (Toddler Version)

tha carter iii funko pop (toddler version)

Funky Features

While the Lollipop figure is the only official Funko toy to date, you can explore other options out there. Disclaimer: if this next Funko figure gives you cognitive dissonance, I don’t blame you one bit. The human likeness is evidently that of a toddler, but it’s dressed to the nines!

The child is most certainly Lil Wayne, but is this toy trying to tell us that he’s had those tattoos since he was in diapers? (Plus, those red details right below his eyes could be mistaken for tears, as though Weezy Baby is crying for his mama.)

In all likelihood, though, no one’s going to take advantage of this baby. That mafioso attire is a huge red flag, so it’s best to let this young Wayne have his way.

A Story to Tell

When the image of Weezy Baby on Tha Carter III‘s cover first showed up on Amazon, hip hop heads were abuzz. Was this the real album cover, and if it was, why would Wayne choose this particular image? In an interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Simon Vozick-Levinson, Wayne explained that he’d been recording Tha Carter III “my whole life.”

From that perspective, the album cover is meant to take us back to the origins of Wayne as a poet, person, and (yes) prankster. Plus, a number of hip hop greats have made their childhood pics look cool on their album covers.

In 1994, Nas did it on Illmatic and The Notorious B.I.G. pulled it off on Ready to Die. (For what it’s worth, four years after the release of Tha Carter III, Kendrick Lamar continued the tradition on the cover of good kid, m.A.A.d. city.)

Where Do I Purchase this?

  • To order at Amazon, click here.
  • To order at ebay, click here.

When this Toy Arrives, Play this Song

This is one of those songs that make you pick up your jaw from the floor, dust it off, and watch it drop once more after another barrage of scintillating bars. Word on the street is, Wayne recorded “A Milli” in just one take. I can totally buy this, as his lyrics and flow are infused with the rawness of a vintage freestyle session.

Conclusion: Wayne is a monster with the writtens, but he’s also a beast whenever he spits off the dome. That is…utterly insane, if you think about it.

The Red Vest Funko Pop

the red vest funko pop

Funky Features

This is another classic Weezy look. The red motif gives Wayne a fierce aura, showing off another dimension of his rich persona. (Think he’s all about the jokes and games? Underestimate him at your own risk!)

The red vest, hat, and shoes make him look like a walking and talking inferno, ready to scorch anyone who dares doubt his greatness. The message sent by this Funko Pop! is loud and clear: Weezy F. Baby is for real, and the F is for fire. Get in line or get burned.

A Story to Tell

Don’t let the affable nature fool you: Lil Wayne is competitive as hell. He’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in the rap industry, and in each of these team-up songs, he’s either outperformed the other emcee or (at the very least) made a great account of himself.

Wayne has gone bar for bar with the likes of T.I., Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, Kanye West, Drake, and Nicki Minaj. Check hip hop forums all around the Web and see if anyone thinks that Wayne got bodied by any of these rappers. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Where Do I Purchase this?

  • To order at Amazon, click here.
  • To order at ebay, click here.

When this Toy Arrives, Play this Song

What better way to showcase your competitive vibes than to share a song with an icon who shares your surname? On the track “Mr. Carter,” Dwayne Carter appears to be very, very determined not to get smoked by the more established Shawn Carter.

Judging by his wordplay in his verses, I’d say Wayne held his own against Hov. Here’s a nugget from his second verse: “‘Cause Wayne win and they lose/I call them April babies, ’cause they fools”

The Premium Vinyl Figure

the premium vinyl figure

Funky Features

Even Lil Wayne can look tall at times! This Funko certainly stands head and shoulders above the other options that we’ve covered thus far. The Premium Vinyl Figure is wearing the same ensemble as the Red Vest Funko, and its longer dimensions allow the details to be better defined.

Here, you can better appreciate the tats on Wayne’s arms, the gold watch on his right wrist, and the chain dangling from his left pants pocket. Plus, the intensity of Wayne’s facial expression appears to be heightened as well. (Did someone mess with Weezy? Big mistake.)

A Story to Tell

Want an example of Wayne’s red-hot competitive fire? In 2021, during a live Q&A session on Twitter, Wayne was asked by a fan if he had ever adjusted one of his guest verses after hearing what his collaborator had to spit.

Wayne revealed that his protege Drake made him do exactly this. “Everything Drake send back, I always have to go back and re-record,” Wayne frankly admitted. “I have changed my verse a billion times because of Drake and that’s always the person.”

Where Do I Purchase this?

  • To order at Amazon, click here.
  • To order at ebay, click here.

When this Toy Arrives, Play this Song

There’s no doubt in my mind that Drizzy and Weezy were trying to outdo each other on the 2010 track “Miss Me.” But please don’t ask me to pick a winner in this lyrical exchange: both Wayne and Drake brought out their finest ammunition in this sexy single from Thank Me Later.

“Miss Me” went on to peak at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100, and when the dust settled, it was yet another platinum-certified hit for the Young Money fellas.


Question: Is there a One-stop Shop for Official Lil Wayne Merchandise?

Answer: For sure! Check out to get your hnds on official Weezy products.

Question: Aside from Toys, what other Merchandise is Available on the Official Merch Shop?

Answer: At, you’ll find t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, long-sleeved shirts, and various music formats like cassettes, CDs, vinyl tracks, and digital albums.

Question: Any Chance that I’ll Find Actual Baby Products in the Lil Wayne Line of Merch?

Answer: Sure! The Trust Fund Babies series has a couple of baby onesies. No worries, though: there are no non-PG details to be seen anywhere on this baby merch! Check out these onesies here.

Question: Is there a Lil Wayne Memoir that I can Get My Hands on?

Answer: In 2016, Wayne released the memoir Gone ‘Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island. If you ever wondered how Wayne fared during his eight-month prison sentence in 2010, grab a hold of this book on Amazon and ebay.

To Wrap Up…

All these toys reflect the multi-faceted persona of Lil Wayne. On the one hand, you have the youthful imagery; on the other hand, you have the more serious theme of intense competition.

Whether your Funko Pop! is oozing with cuteness or raring to set the mic on fire, one thing’s for sure: that toy you have in your hands contributes to the legacy of one of the greatest rappers to exist.

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