Eminem Zodiac Sign Guide & Interpretation

I was born on an ordinary Tuesday, and guess what? Em was too. Even though we were born on the same day of the week, Eminem’s life so far has been anything but ordinary. From a rocky childhood to drug abuse and an up-and-down career, the rapper’s life is still one of the most interesting in Hollywood.

Eminem is one of my favorite male artists, and I’ve always found his life journey unique. Since I’m a firm believer in destiny, I wanted to do in-depth research on Em’s life and character through the stars’ eyes.

Was Eminem destined for success in music but not in love and family life? What’s underneath all those epic rhymes? What does Em’s zodiac sign say about him, his past actions, and his opportunities in the future?

Keep on reading to find out everything about the greatest rapper of all time through the lens of his zodiac sign.


Bottom Line Up Front

Eminem is a Libra with an ascendant Aquarius. The main Libra personality traits that can be connected to Eminem’s life and relationships are “creativity” and a “sense of justice.” The most important women in his life are Capricorns, the direct opposite, which is why he never had an easy-going relationship with them.

His ascendant influenced the most important part of his career (The Slim Shady era). Through the rapper’s zodiac sign, we can explain why some things didn’t work out in his life and predict future steps.

What’s Eminem’s Zodiac Sign?

  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Ascendent: Acquarius
  • Chinese Zodiac: Year of the rat
  • Ruling planet: Venus

General Characteristics – Libra

Libras are natural peacemakers that strive towards peace and fairness in the world. Their diplomatic nature and positive outlook on life make them one of the best signs to be around, especially in a group of people. 

Most libra signs are extroverts who love sharing bits of themselves and always have an ear to lend when their friends need them. Libras are considered witty and educated, especially when it comes to their vocabulary and phrases they use in casual conversations.

However, outgoing Libras often find themselves pleasing others and having trouble committing to one person or one thing. Even though Libras are considered a sign that always puts others first, sometimes they can be self-absorbed.



  • Forgivable

Due to Libra’s balancing nature, they always avoid conflict and try to resolve every dispute. They will forgive your flaws if you are sensitive and open to them. With a positive outlook on life, they never hold a grudge. Unlike other signs, Libra’s forgive and forget, which makes them great friends and lovers.

  • Creative

Libras are driven by the idea of beauty, luxury, and aesthetics. They love expressing themselves through various forms of art, and they have tons of ideas all the time. These types of people always go all in when preparing gifts for others, but at the same time, they enjoy pleasing themselves.

  • Sense of justice

A sense of justice is the main trait of this zodiac sign. Empathic and loving towards others, Libras are fighting the existence of unfairness and evil in the world with just their attitude. They avoid conflict whenever possible and always want to hear both sides of the story.


  • Indecisive

Libras can be very indecisive when making an important decision. Due to their tendency to always make a balance and please everyone, they often change their mind. You may wait a very long time for Libra to make their final decision just because they need to consider everything. 

  • Self-pitying

Sometimes Libra signs can pity themselves because they desire attention. They like pleasing others. But, when indulging themselves, they can be a bit self-absorbed. At times, Libras may feel like everyone has abandoned them. Give them a bit more attention, and they will return to normal.

  • Manipulation

Due to their constant need to make things right, people born under this sign can use some dirty tricks. Manipulating others is something most Libra signs think of when they can’t reach a compromise. This negative trait comes to light when Libras are in a relationship and want to use the other person’s weaknesses for their own good.

Aquarius Ascendant

Key personality traits

As all air sings, the mind of an Aquarius needs constant stimulation and adrenalin. They desire a constant flow of energy, and their creativity is unmatched. That’s why an Aquarius loves discovering new places and testing new ideas. 

Natives of this ascendant are considered very loyal, so once they enter a relationship, they are all in. Deep inside, they respect old traditions and family bonds, but their lifestyle is conflicting. This gap makes this sign a bit unpredictable and unreliable.

People see them as born leaders and people who always stand out in a crowd. Everyone notices their energy instantly, so they are very attractive.


Year of the Rat

Key personality traits

In the Chinese zodiac, rats are considered witty, successful, and genuine problem-solvers. As far as emotions go, people born in the Rat year are compassionate toward others. Men born in the rat year are very confident and always try to find opportunities for themselves. They are not meant to be leaders due to their stingy nature and lack of courage.

All born in the Rat year are destined to do some unusual, creative job. The Chinese zodiac says they are born to be artists or authors instead of working with a team of people.


Key personality traits

The ruling planet influences the person’s movement through life. How does Venus do it? Venus is the planet of love, art, and beauty. It influences your behavior, personality, and relationships. Through the power of Venus, a person can get in touch with his senses and explore the pleasures that fulfill them.

Venus is an interesting ruling planet for Libra and Taurus because it influences them differently. Taurus is more drawn to the material world, while Libra will enjoy sensual pleasures more.

The influence of this ruling planet can be seen in the important decisions regarding themselves and their relationship. But, we can see traces of it in simple decisions like fashion sense and choice of music.

Eminem’s Zodiac Sign Interpretation

If you know Em’s biography by heart, you may have already found similarities in the descriptions above. Just in case, here is a complete breakdown of Em’s life according to his zodiac sign:

Eminem’s Past

Early Childhood 

Libra children typically require a harmonious atmosphere where they can express their creativity. For Eminem, it wasn’t like that. Eminem’s dad left him when he was a baby, so he was left without the perfect scales from the start.

Yet, Eminem didn’t search for this harmony in his relationship with his dad. In fact, the rapper didn’t have any contact with him until the day he died. Therefore, one of the main characteristics of Libra, “forgiveness,” isn’t relevant for Eminem in this period because he knows how to hold a grudge.

However, that rift and imbalance provoked the “Mercury in Scorpio” to form his intense personality. Younger Eminem expressed his creativity through his sharp tongue and witty rhymes.

First off, in the cafeteria rap battles because he didn’t want to take the inferior position and be pushed around by bullies. Unlike most Libras, Eminem didn’t show self-pity, even when he was constantly pushed away by society. The rapper expressed his rebellious spirit through his bars, which got him from cafeteria rap battles to street rap battles.

Imagine a white kid in an area dominated by Afro-Americans who are the “Kings” of rap music. Little did Eminem know that the legendary Mike Tyson would later call him “the only white man who knows what it’s like to be black.”

But Eminem felt his best during those rap battles because he finally found his equilibrium. The main characteristics of Libra, “creativity” and “sense of justice,” are evident during this period of his life.

eminem young


During his breakthrough year, Eminem leaned more toward his ascendant – Aquarius. If the stars didn’t align like that, we probably wouldn’t get his famous alter ego, Slim Shady. 

The rapper was in a very undesirable position at that time. The poor performance of his album “Infinite” and the troubles with his wife and child lead to the rapper’s suicide attempt. Yet, the Aquarius in him helped him bridge this gap between his controversial lifestyle and family life with the creation of Slim Shady.

Through the creation of his alter ego, Eminem managed to express one part of his character – a crazy lover of violence, drugs, and sex. In that way, we also managed to reconcile the two sides of himself – the family and tradition-loving Eminem and the unhinged, self-absorbed Slim Shady. This was the moment when his Zodiac sign and ascendant were in balance.

In the next albums, the rapper expressed his feelings of rage and inequality through his multisyllabic rhymes. The artist in him was at his peak.

A whole era of Slim Shady and the “dark” albums expressed his drug rehabilitation process and internal demons. After that, his ruling planet Venus influenced a positive outcome, and the rapper returned to his best qualities – empathy and love.

In his new album, he was deeply connected to others, and in his album “Recovery,” he sent a message to everyone fighting their demons. His ruling planet influenced him so much that he became so confident that he started to really indulge himself and enjoy his fame. In that period, he crowned himself “Rap God.”

Love Life

Kim & Eminem’s Relationship Interpretation

Eminem’s relationship with Kim Scott was one of Hollywood’s most toxic and turbulent relationships. She was his childhood sweetheart, and they were married more than once. The only positive thing that came out of their relationship was their daughter Hailey.

But why weren’t they a match made in heaven?

Air and Earth signs generally don’t get along well because they are basically opposites. Kim’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, and they don’t get along with Libras. Due to different priorities and character traits, the combination of these two signs doesn’t usually have a happy ending.

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, so there is a lot of love and feminine energy. They are flirtatious and always looking for sensual pleasures. On the other hand, Capricorns are more grounded and don’t have their head in the clouds. They want trust and stability, which Kim says was lacking in her relationship with Eminem.

Kim couldn’t fulfill the constant flow of energy her lover needed; that’s why Em had other lovers on tour. Also, Em remarried Kim three times due to his indecisiveness and difficulty reaching a final decision, which at some point was a big “no, no” for Kim.

eminem and kim scott

Compatibility with Other Signs

Now we know that Capricorn is not a sign Eminem should look for. Here are the Zodiac signs Eminem should look for:


Strangely enough, Aries and Libra are opposites that complement each other. They are both passionate lovers who need good vibes and lots of love. Even though their relationship would usually start as a purely sexual one, these two signs can have a profound connection. 

To maintain a serious relationship, these two need to meet each other halfway and settle their differences. Since Aries is a fire sign, it can influence Libra’s character in a good way, making them more motivated and determined to take future steps. Also, while Capricorn criticizes Libra’s indecisiveness, Aries has a way of teaching them how to work on that.

Fun fact: Mariah Carey’s zodiac sign is Aries. Eminem said he dated Mariah for about six months before calling it quits. Yet, Mariah denied those claims and said they only talked a few times and that there was nothing serious.

mariah carey


Another fire sign that complements Eminem’s air sign is Sagittarius. Both have charismatic, adventurous, and loving personalities, and that is what makes them perfect lovers. These two signs stimulate each other, bringing out the best in each other. They are a  perfect combination for lovers but for serious relationships as well.

These two signs will never get bored of each other, which is perfect for a dynamic lifestyle like Eminem’s.

Fun fact: Nicki Minaj’s zodiac sign is Saggitarius. The two have always been close and have a couple of songs together. There were rumors that these two were dating. Later we found out that it was a publicity stunt.

eminem nicki minaj

Family Life 

What surprised me the most was that his mom, daughter, and ex-wife have the same zodiac sign. Omg. Capricorns and Libras don’t get along pretty well, which is probably why Eminem had a love-hate relationship with his mom and ex-wife.

Even though Eminem grew up with one parent, he didn’t have a good relationship with his mom at first. He recorded a song, “Cleaning out my closet,” where he bashed her and the way she treated him.

As I have mentioned, Capricorns are very grounded and have strict rules; that’s why Eminem’s mom didn’t like him playing around. She wanted proper education for him, but that was too much pressure for a Libra. Generally, Libras don’t like feeling trapped. During his, Eminem felt like his mom didn’t understand or love him.

Later on in life, Eminem found a way to get along with his mom and finally reached the equilibrium Libras strive for in relationships with others. However, with his ex-wife Kim it seems that he never succeeded.


The only exception was his relationship with his daughter. Since the rapper was abandoned by his father, he never wanted to do the same to Hailey. He managed to put their differences aside, and his “justice” trait was very enhanced in that relationship.

He wanted to be fair and the best version for Hailey because of how his dad treated him. He is overprotective and even reveals his more aggressive side when needed. When Machine Gun Kelly commented that Em’s daughter was hot, the rapper verbally attacked him. 

This is another example of when the rapper’s rebellious side came to light. Like a true artist, he used his skill to speak his mind. Other than that, Eminem tries to keep Hailey out of the spotlight. Even though his marriage didn’t work out, he still tries to keep a harmonious atmosphere for Hailey.

hailee scott, eminem's daughter


What does the future hold for Eminem?

In 2023 Jupiter will have a strong influence on Eminem in a positive way. Jupiter is the planet of miracles, and there are some hints that Eminem will have a very successful 2023.

Mostly in the areas of love and family, the universe will guide the rapper toward new opportunities. Hopefully, it won’t be another Capricorn! Libra signs will be very pleased because 2023 is set to be a year of social gatherings and making friends. 

As far as creativity goes, 2023 may be a prosperous year for the rapper. If he plays his cards right, we might get a very successful album by the end of the year. So far, the stars are looking bright for our Libra.  

Celebrities Who Are Libras

Here are the celebrities with the same Zodiac sign as Eminem:

  • Lil Wayne
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Bruno Mars
  • John Lennon
  • Ralph Lauren

As you can see, many artists and creative people are on the list, which means the “creativity” trait is definitely the one that defines Libras.

lil wayne libra
Lil Wayne

Conclusion – Did the Stars Get It Right?

If you ask me, yes! Many of his actions and events can be analyzed through his zodiac sign and ascendant.

From the ups and downs in his career to his turbulent relationships with women, the stars can explain it all. Also, when you look at Eminem, you would immediately think he is some fire sign because of his life dynamics. However, hardcore fans may have noticed his gentle side and a constant need for peace and equilibrium. 

Everybody knows the facts, but the zodiac helps explain the “WHY.” 

If you don’t believe in Zodiac signs, this may be just a coincidence for you. But, if you believe things are meant to be, this guide has surely blown your mind.

If you couldn’t figure out some of Eminem’s decisions and relationships, I hope this guide helped you clear things up.

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