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Ah, Tupac – has there ever been a rapper that not only delivered such incredible music but did so with excessive amounts of style? From his iconic bandana to his sneaker selections, this dude had an incredibly tasteful sense of fashion, and he was not afraid to flaunt it. However, there is one major part of Tupac’s signature look that I think is overlooked – his nose stud.

Take a look at some pictures of Tupac online, and I guarantee that almost all of them will include Tupac’s signature nose stud. He even wore one for the cover art photoshoot of his classic 2pac album “All Eyez on Me”. It’s a truly iconic facial accessory, and anyone trying to style themselves like Tupac would be crazy to miss out on his nose stud.

Believe it or not, I never really noticed that Tupac wore this nose stud until recently, and this sparked my interest. Could I purchase a nose stud just like this, or would I have to settle for something similar? These may be questions you are asking yourself as a Tupac fan, so read on to find out what I discovered!

Bottom Line Up Front: Tupac’s iconic 15-point diamond nose stud is one of the most famous pieces of jewelry in hip-hop, fetching over $20,000 in a recent auction. Whilst such jewelry is very unaffordable, there are tons of authentic diamond nose studs on the market at a far more reasonable price such as FreshTrends’ Diamond Nose Stud.

tupac nose stud
Image source: Pinterest

The History of Tupac’s Diamond Nose Stud

Not many pieces of jewelry have such a famous status as that of Tupac’s nose stud – it can be seen in almost every picture of Tupac and it even features on the classic artwork of the album “All Eyez on Me”. Any diehard Tupac fan will remember this detail about the rapper and whether they were dressing as Tupac for Halloween or simply wanted to copy his drip, missing the nose stud would be a tragedy.

However, not many people realize that Tupac did not own much of a nose stud collection. Unlike most pierced people who own vast jewelry pieces suitable for different occasions, all pictures of Tupac’s nose stud feature the same piece – a 15-point diamond nose stud. This was one of Tupac’s prized possessions, so there’s no wonder that he neglected to take it out.

Whilst this famous nose stud is widely known to be made of authentic high-grade diamonds, I’m afraid I have to burst the bubble. I recently accessed a hi-res image of Tupac’s nose stud thanks to a 2017 auction (more on this later), and the letters “C Z” are visible on the stud bar. What does this mean? In the jewelry world, “C Z” stands for “cubic zirconia”, a manmade mineral made of zirconium dioxide. It looks incredibly like authentic diamonds, but they are completely different minerals.

Does this take anything away from the awe of this stud? I don’t think so – in fact, the nose stud was sold by a family member of Tupac’s in an online auction in 2017, and for a seriously hefty price. There’s speculation as to exactly how much the winner paid or who they are, but it is known that the auction began with bids between $15,000 and $20,000. Wowzers.

Overall, Tupac’s nose stud has some serious history, and whilst it may be made of the inferior cubic zirconia instead of true diamond, it doesn’t take away any of the dazzles from this piece of jewelry. If anything I would say that it adds to the value because it just goes to show that Tupac was a humble dude who did not care about trifles such as the authenticity of his diamonds. What a dude.

Did Tupac Also Wear a Nose Ring?

Before we dive deeper into Tupac’s iconic nose stud, I think it’s important that we address something I came across a lot whilst doing my research. It seems that all over the internet, people are searching for “Tupac Nose Ring”, and this threw me off. All the pictures I could find only feature Tupac wearing a nose stud, so I had no idea why there was so much online discussion about nose rings.

What’s the reason behind this mystery? I’m honestly not sure – it could be one of those “mandala effects” where thousands of people across the world claim to have the same false memory. It could also just be that they are mixing Tupac up with another rapper who did wear a nose ring.

Regardless, I can confirm that Tupac did not wear a nose ring, at least based on the photos that I have found on Google. I’ve scrolled for pages and pages, and I never found one, but who knows – perhaps he did wear them but just never got photographed whilst wearing them.

nose stud tupac

What to Look For in Tupac Nose Studs

So, you’ve taken a fancy to Tupac’s iconic nose stud and you’d like to get one for yourself – I don’t blame you, it’s a seriously cool piece of jewelry and it would look amazing in any collection. Whilst it’s incredibly unlikely that you’re going to get your hands on the original, there are tons of similar options available to purchase online, and I want to help you find them. Follow the following criteria, and I’m sure you’ll find the nose stud for you eventually.

Pierced or Clip-On

The first thing that you should consider when purchasing a Tupac nose stud is whether you want to use a legitimate nose piercing or stick with a clip-on. There’s no denying that real piercings sit much more comfortably and are generally of far higher quality than clip-ons, but clip-ons do have their time and place.

For example, imagine that you want to dress like Tupac for a hip-hop-themed fancy dress party, or maybe it’s for Halloween. Do you want to go to the effort of getting your nose pierced, tackling the ubiquitous frustrations of infection, only to use the nose stud for just one night? In my opinion, you would be far better of going for a clip-on stud if this sounds like you.

However, if you genuinely want to introduce a nose stud into your sense of style as a tribute to one of your favorite rappers, you don’t want to look like a poser with a clip-on! I say go for it – get your nose pierced and grab yourself a proper diamond Tupac nose stud (well, maybe it doesn’t have to be diamond).

It is fairly difficult to find clip-on nose studs online as they are mainly for earrings and nose rings. However, after some searching, I did find a few pairs, one of which gets an honorable mention later on in this idea guide.

Quality and Cost

The next thing to consider if you’re shopping for Tupac nose studs is the quality of the nose stud that you are looking to purchase. I would imagine that you are aware that much like any other jewelry, nose studs vary greatly in quality and cost.

You could take a trip down to a local alternative store and I do not doubt that you could pick up a nose stud that looks similar to Tupacs for less than $20, but the quality is going to reflect that. It’s certainly not going to be made out of diamond, and it’s more likely to be made out of steel or even plastic.

However, it’s more likely that you see great value in jewelry, and that you want to stay true to Tupac’s style with an authentic, high-quality and costly nose stud. It is certainly true that you pay for what you get, and the more expensive a stud is, the more likely it’s going to include authentic diamonds. I think you can go overboard with this – especially if you’re not a millionaire. After all, not even Tupac’s nose stud was made from real diamonds, so why should you worry about that stuff?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you are looking for in your Tupac nose stud. I would try and meet the price and value somewhere in the middle. If you’re planning to wear the stud a lot, spend a modest amount on a high-quality stud, but don’t go crazy and start spending thousands of dollars on diamonds. That is, unless you have a money tree in the garden, in which case I say go for it!

2pac's pierced nose


This next criterion is arguably the most important – aesthetic. When you think about it, 100% of the purpose of jewelry is to look nice, that’s it. We wear it to add a little glitz into our style, which works especially well when you have a diamond nose stud like Tupac. So, when you’re shopping online for Tupac nose studs, it makes sense to “follow your nose” (pardon the pun) because you’ll most likely seek out the studs that look coolest to you.

The one frustrating thing about this is that it’s difficult to tell what a diamond nose stud will look like without seeing it in person. Amazon pictures just don’t cut it, so I’d recommend you check one out in a jewelry store if possible. Returns are usually possible for this reason so don’t worry too much about it, but consider whether the stud may look different in reality than in the picture.

Overall, my core piece of advice for buying a Tupac nose stud is to buy one that you think looks good. Tupac wasn’t wearing his nose stud because he wanted other people to like it – he wore it because he liked it and it represented his personality. So, find a stud that looks good and fits your budget, and you’re nearly good to go.


The last thing to consider when purchasing a Tupac nose stud applies to just about any form of online shopping – read the reviews! You could find the perfect nose stud that looks dazzling in the picture and claims to use real diamonds, but if it has negative reviews then it should be avoided.

It’s pretty hard to mess up jewelry – if it’s made from what it says it is and it’s prepared properly, there shouldn’t be any surprises. Therefore, if customers are leaving negative reviews about a particular nose stud, that’s a pretty bad sign. Perhaps the quality was not as good as advertised, or maybe a clip-on stud simply doesn’t clip-on effectively.

Thankfully, this problem is incredibly easy to navigate, you simply have to read the reviews of each item you investigate. This doesn’t have to take long – if a product has a near-perfect feedback score overall, you’re most likely in the clear. However, I would take particular care when dealing with products with a lower than 4.5 out of 5 ratings, especially if they haven’t had many reviews yet.

My Top Tupac Nose Stud Idea Recommendations

So, you’re now an expert on Tupac’s nose stud – you know the original wasn’t quite made of diamonds but it looked pretty darn cool, and you should also understand what to look out for when looking to purchase one for yourself. There’s an awful lot of choice though, so to help make that a little easier for you, I’ve prepared for following product recommendations. I hope there’s something that you like!

Morbid Metals 9Ps Nose Stud Set

morbid metals 9ps nose stud set

You might think that social media is a waste of time, but let me tell you that Instagram is a seriously good resource for finding Tupac nose stud ideas! It was my first port of call when I began researching this iconic piece of jewelry, and my efforts were not wasted as I quickly came across this fantastic Morbid Metals 9Pc Nose Stud set.

This product is ideal as it contains a couple of options that are strikingly similar to Tupac’s nose stud, but it also includes some alternatives in case you’d like to mix things up a bit. Furthermore, the studs are made from synthetic opal as opposed to diamond, so if you’re on a bit of a tight budget then this should still be an affordable idea!

Mix Things Up with Additional Piercings

mix things up with additional piercings

As I mentioned near the beginning of this guide to the best Tupac nose studs, there is a common misconception that Tupac used to wear a nose ring, whereas he only ever wore nose studs. However, I think it’s always important to push things forward in fashion, so why should you limit yourself to a single nose stud?

I was trying to find people online who have a Tupac-style nose stud but also complement it with an additional piercing, and this dude I found on Pinterest is exactly what I was looking for! Whilst he has a nose stud strikingly similar to Tupac’s, he didn’t stop there, adding a right-sided nose ring, a tooth grill, ear stretchers, and even face tattoos!

Whilst this may seem a bit too much for some people, I think it’s a fantastic example of how you can add to Tupac’s style and make it your own.

Go for a Smaller Stud

go for a smaller stud

Looking at a photograph taken from afar may make you think Tupac’s nose stud was small, but take a look at some close-up pics and you’ll quickly realize the magnitude of his stud – it’s pretty big, and this isn’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea. Some people prefer something a little more subtle, such as this Tupac nose stud I found on Instagram.

In this photo, Dabhiatch is flaunting a far smaller nose stud, and I believe that she did this on purpose to prevent her stud from overshadowing her stunning septum piercing and nose ring (not to mention her huge collection of ear piercings!) It’s just yet another piece of evidence that shows you do not need to copy Tupac to the T, but instead, you can improvise a bit and spice up your look depending on your preferences!

TOKRING Clip-on Fake Nose Ring and Stud Set

tokring clip-on fake nose ring and stud set

We discussed in detail earlier how if you’re only buying a Tupac stud for a fancy dress costume, there’s no point splashing out on a legitimate diamond stud, especially if you don’t have your nose pierced yet. This is why I want to include something fake and cheap, yet pretty good value – the TOKRING Clip-on Fake Nose Ring and Stud Set.

This fantastic nine-piece jewelry set is comprised only of clip-on nose jewelry, with the main product being septum nose rings. However, that’s not what we’re interested in – it’s the three fake diamond clip-on nose studs

I don’t think that I need to tell you that you shouldn’t expect high quality here – the entire set costs a little over ten bucks, whilst a single real nose stud will cost you at least double that! However, this set is going to be great if you’re looking to experiment with different piercings, and it’s available in tons of different styles and colors which I think Tupac would approve of!

Lavari Jewelers 0.01 to 0.07 Carat Diamond Nose Stud

lavari jewelers 0.01 to 0.07 carat diamond nose stud

This next option is my favorite on this list, it’s the Lavari Jewelers 0.01 to 0.07 Carat Diamond Nose Stud. Take a look at this product and you’ll quickly see that it’s fairly budgeted, ranging from $50 to $100. However, look a little closer and you will see that despite the low price, these nose studs contain legitimate diamonds. Admittedly this is at very low weights with the lowest being 0.01 Carat, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is an authentic diamond nose stud.

I’m sure that any jewelry purist would disagree with me, but from my perspective, if my nose stud has even an atom of diamond then that is pretty darn cool. You can also choose between white or yellow gold for the rod, and I think being able to choose the carat weight by intervals of 0.01 is pretty cool.

FreshTrends Diamond Nose Stud 14K White Gold


This next product is relatively similar to the previous listing by Lavari  Jewelers because these are relatively low-carat diamond nose studs that are available in different carats. However, whilst the smallest size of the FreshTrends Diamond Nose Stud 14K White Gold is 0.02 carat, they do list one that is 0.1 carat, and you’re getting into real diamond territory there. Tupac would have approved, for sure.

You could argue that the minimal extra diamond carat doesn’t justify the significantly higher price than the previous Lavari Jewelers listing. However, there’s just something about this stud that feels far higher quality. The white gold bar is beautiful in itself and the stud features the same classic style as Tupac’s. So, if you’re looking for a mid-range diamond nose stud that features legit diamonds inside, I would say that splashing out a couple of hundred bucks on this stud would be a smart move.

Diamond Jewellery United 1.05 Carat E VVS2 Round Diamond Stud Earrings Set In 14 Karat Solid White Gold

diamond jewellery united 1.05 carat e vvs2 round diamond stud earrings set in 14 karat solid white gold

Okay, NOW we are getting to the serious stuff, this time featuring the dazzling Diamond Jewelry United 1.05 Carat Diamond Nose Stud. At 1.05 Carat, this is the first nose stud so far to feature a whole carat, beating the previously mentioned FreshTrends stud tenfold! The crazy thing about this nose stud is that I have seen it on sale for as low as $850, even though that is only a couple hundred bucks more than the FreshTrends 0.1 carat!

That is a crazy bargain when you think about it, but $850 is still a lot of money to spend on a nose stud, and the normal price is more like $1,250. Regardless of the price, it’s a beautiful piece that holds great resemblance to Tupac’s nose stud, yet it’s even higher quality due to featuring naturally mined diamonds and more than one carat. I can’t forget to mention the 14 Carat Solid White Gold bar either, that’s a beauty in itself!

Tupac Shakur’s Nose Stud

tupac shakur's nose stud

This guide to the best Tupac nose stud ideas simply wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t include THE legitimate Tupac Shakur nose stud. Now, you might be thinking ‘surely you can’t buy that?’ Well, you’d be right at the moment, but as mentioned earlier in this guide, a family member of Tupac put his nose stud on auction!

Finding this online auction was unfortunately the moment when I saw that “C Z” engravement and discovered that this stud was not made out of diamonds. However, it’s still a beautiful 15-point stud secured by four posts with a gold stud.

It was never revealed how much this stud sold for, but the site lists starting bits at $15,000 to $20,000 which is pretty insane. However, you would be wearing THE stud that Tupac himself wore, and that is priceless. Who knows, perhaps you’ll win the lottery someday and manage to convince the new owner of Tupac’s nose stud to sell it to you.


Well then, we’ve covered just about everything that I could think about regarding Tupac’s iconic nose stud, discussing everything from its history, and how to find one that is similar to his, in addition to some of my recommendations. Before we finish things up, let’s round off everything we’ve learned with a quick FAQ.

Question: What Was Tupac’s Nose Stud Like?

Answer: Tupac’s nose stud, commonly misconceived to be made from diamonds, was a 15-point 4-post cubic zirconia nose stud, with the stud itself being made from gold.

Question: Did Tupac Wear a Nose Ring or Just a Nose Stud?

Answer: There is a common misconception or even a “mandala effect” that Tupac wore a nose ring in the ‘90s, but there are no pictures online of this being the case – only nose studs.

Question: Is It Expensive to Get a Nose Stud like Tupac?

Answer: Not necessarily – whilst real diamond nose studs will cost you at least a few hundred bucks, there are lots of low-grade diamond alternatives and cubic zirconia studs that will set you back at less than $100.

Question: Do You Need to Have your Nose Pierced to Have a Tupac Nose Stud?

Answer: no – there are a few clip-on nose studs out there, so you can easily wear a nose stud just like Tupac without there being a permanent hole in your nose!

Final Thoughts

Well, that brings us to the end of this guide to the best Tupac nose stud ideas! Tupac was a dude, and I love his style. It was glitzy and glamourous, yet tasteful and humble, and I think his ‘diamond’ (aka cubic zirconia) nose stud is a perfect example of this. If you are dedicated to the idea of getting a nose stud just like Tupac, I would personally go for the FreshTrends Diamond  Stud. Whilst these are very low-carat diamonds, I think that most accurately reflect the quality of Tupac’s nose stud.

Whether you follow that advice, opt for a clip-on or splash out thousands of dollars on a high-carat diamond stud, I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Who knows, perhaps someday Tupac will return from the grave and release his range of nose studs. That truly would be a hip-hop miracle.

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