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Best Nicki Minaj Vinyl Guide for Collectors and Fans

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Listening to rap on vinyl? Absolutely! There is no better way (except live) to listen to Nicki Minaj spitting some of her most iconic bars. I love collecting and listening to Nicki’s songs, and owning her vinyl is a new experience every time I put it on.

I am one of her biggest fans, and I love how she is one of those artists that still make vinyl records. I own all of her vinyl records, and I prefer listening to them to streaming them because:

  • Vinyl does not compress the music as CDs do, so you get the full spectrum of frequencies you’d otherwise miss with compressed digital recordings
  • You can hear individual instruments/voices/noises that are buried in compressed digital recordings 
  • You also get a much richer bass from a vinyl record, and there are no problems with the ‘highs’ either; you get the full frequency range if your record player’s up to it

Keep reading to find out more about my favorite picks and why I choose these 6 Nicki Minaj vinyl records. Let’s dive in.

Bottom line up front:

The vinyl record that I like the most is “ Beam Me Up, Scotty.” It’s because it is a mixtape that features Nicki, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Gucci Mane, and hearing them rap on a vinyl record gives the music so much volume.

My Top Picks:

  1. Beam Me Up Scotty Vinyl
  2. Turn Me On Vinyl
  3. Queen Vinyl

The Best Nicki Minaj Vinyl

Selection Criteria

I chose these vinyl records because I bought them and have the experience of unpacking them and listening to them.

Not only that, but I believe these records each represent a specific era of Nicki’s career. They are all well-known albums/tracks. Even though Nicki doesn’t have many vinyl records, I chose ones with many good sides, and I would generally buy/recommend them.

Nicki Minaj Beam Me Up Scotty Vinyl

beam me up scotty

Minaj released the mixtape in 2009 while the singer was still working on her debut album. The mixtape features guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Drake, and Gucci Mane. I was so excited to buy this song as vinyl because up until 2021, you couldn’t find it on streaming services. In 2021 Nicki released this mixtape on streaming services, but the sound is still better on a vinyl record.

What I love about this vinyl is that the packaging is old-school, Nicki’s image is so fire, and it feels great in your hands. As a musician, I really appreciate it when the beat changes fast, and on every track, you can hear her amazing vocals. Also, I love how it takes me back to 2009 just by listening, touching, and smelling the record’s packaging.

” Beam Me Up Scotty” is a collector’s item, and if you are an old Nicki Minaj fan, this is the perfect one for you.

Pro tip:

Watch out when buying these “older” vinyl records online from someone you don’t’ trust. It is better to find it at a local vinyl record store. This is because they are fragile and can be easily lost/damaged in transport.


  • Release date: 2009
  • Packaging: Old-school with Nicki’s face on it
  • Songs: A mixtape
  • Sound quality: 9/10


  • Cool packaging
  • Nicki’s first hits
  • One of the oldest vinyl records


  • It used to be rare before 2021
  • Not for new Nicki Minaj fans

Final Mark: 10/10

Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday Vinyl

The record has a gorgeous pink colorway and is packaged in a high-quality, deluxe gatefold jacket. Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday” is a limited edition, high-quality vinyl record that is perfect for anyone who loves music or collecting records. I adore this album, and listening to it on a vinyl record brings back the old Nicki Minaj.

You can clearly hear her vocals, the flow, and the beat changes, which even an inexperienced musician will enjoy listening to. The vinyl version of Nicki Minaj’s debut album ‘Pink Friday’ sold over 375,000 copies, making it the highest-selling hip-hop album on vinyl in the last 20 years.

It wasn’t easy to get it at some point, but for Pink Friday’s 10th anniversary, Nicki dropped it on her official website. It is still there and has a deluxe version, so don’t forget to check it out.

Pro tip:

Of course, the quality of vinyl records in 2010 and 2022 is different. I got the old version, so I believe the new one is better regarding quality.

I suggest buying the new version from Nicki’s site if you can. That way, you will get way better quality.


  • Release date: 2010
  • Packaging: Pink, the album cover on the front
  • Song: An album
  • Sound quality: 7/10 (the old one)


  • One of the most iconic albums
  • Beautiful packaging
  • There is a deluxe version
  • Available on Nicki’s site


  • Pricey

Final Mark: 8/10

Nicki Minaj “Trollz” Vinyl

Nicki Minaj has a vinyl record for her 1# hit on Billboard’s Hot 100 Charts. The collaboration with 6ix9ine was very colorful and controversial, and the vinyl record resembles that period. What I think stands out the most for this record is the colors. I don’t enjoy Tekashi screaming on this vinyl record; it kills the vibe. Yet, Nicki’s smooth bars made this experience worth it, so I bought them.

I didn’t regret buying it because the packaging is so colorful and cool, and it is definitely my most beautiful record on the shelf. So if you want something that, apart from the sound, looks fun and attractive, this is it. This is not a song that I would play on a vinyl record every day because it is a bit up-beat for me, but the look definitely earns it some points. If you are not a 6ix9ine fan, maybe this record is not for you.


Release date: 2020

Packaging: Colorful, 10/10

Song: Trollz with 6ix9ine

Sound: 9/10


  • Colorful packaging
  • Interesting vinyl design
  • One of her latest hits
  • A controversial song
  • Nicki’s 1# song


  • Not an iconic song for me
  • 6ix9ine’s voice on a vinyl record 

Final Mark: 7/10

Nicki Minaj “Turn me On” Vinyl

One of my favorite collaborations with stunning music effects, amazing beats, and even better vocals is” Turn Me On” ft. David Guetta. This vintage vinyl is hard to find, valuable, and has a very good sound. First, I love this collaboration between Nicki and David; it is such a positive, upbeat, and funky song that I can listen to all day. David’s artwork on the beat can be heard way better on the vinyl record.

Even though the record is older, it still has a modern touch that many artists use. However, I am not really a fan of the packaging; I expected Nicki’s robot outfit from the video or her dripping in gold. Still, this is a very old record; Nicki would have slain the cover if she had designed it herself.

Even though I don’t like the cover, the inside or the music is just worth it. It spins so smoothly, and it just hits the right notes. I would recommend this vinyl to all ” Turn Me On” fans. So for those of you who don’t care about the looks and are only here for the music- this record is perfect for you. It has a high-quality sound and some notes that flow well on a vinyl record.

Pro tip:

I have seen that many of these vinyl records come without packaging. I don’t recommend buying them, because the record could be damaged in the transport.

  • Release date: 2011
  • Packaging: Not good 3/10
  • Song: Turn Me On with David Guetta
  • Sound: 10/10


  • Amazing sound
  • Iconic song
  • Rare to find


  • Poor-quality packaging

Final Mark: 9/10

Nicki Minaj ”Queen” Vinyl

The Nicki Minaj ” Queen” album is her latest album and the most ” fresh” vinyl release. The quality of the tracks on a vinyl record has drastically improved, and you feel like you have Nicki in your room. Every track on the album sounds amazing, from slower ones such as Ganga Burn and ” Though I knew you ” to more upbeat ones such as ” Hard White” and ” Rich Sex.”

I love how the changes between the tracks are so smooth, and everything runs perfectly. What even got me more hooked is that the cover is Nicki’s album cover. I just love this sexy, empowering, and beautiful image of hers, and it has a specific place on my vinyl shelf. This vinyl record is a full package, and you won’t regret buying it.

Pro tip:

Since it is her latest album, it is not a rare find. Therefore, this is not it if you are looking for more vintage, rare vinyl records.


  • Release date: 2018
  • Packaging: Colorful and Beautiful 10/10
  • Song: Queen the Album
  • Sound: 10/10


  •  The sound
  • The quality of the record
  • Her latest album
  • Beautiful packaging


  • Not a rare find

Final Mark: 10/10

Nicki Minaj “Say So” Vinyl

One of the most iconic female collaborations was when Nicki jumped on Doja’s song ” Say So.” Everybody was listening to the song; it soon became #1 on Billboard’s List.  The vinyl version offers Doja Cat’s single plus the collaboration with Nicki. Nicki added her style and energy to the song and made it even better, according to Doja.

What I love about this gem is that both the girls sound amazing on a vinyl record. Even though I heard the song a million times on the radio, the feeling is completely different on a vinyl record. Every transition is better and flows in and out of the room. What I don’t like about this vinyl record is the cover art. It is too basic, and I would love to see a picture of Nicki and Doja on it.

Even though it is expensive, I think it is worth the price. You can’t find it that easily, so don’t waste time. My advice is that if you are sick of this song or don’t like Doja, you won’t be impressed with the vinyl. If that is the case, check out the other options above.


  • Release date: 2020
  • Packaging: Basic 4/10
  • Song: Say So with Doja Cat
  • Sound: 8/10


  • Iconic collaboration
  • Good sound quality
  • Amazing transitions
  • Two songs on it


  • The price
  • The packaging

Final Mark: 7/10

Best Nicki Minaj Vinyl Guide: Conclusion

Even though Nicki Minaj doesn’t have a lot of vinyl records, especially for her new albums, it is not easy to make a decision here. My advice is to decide if you prefer the quality of the sound or the packaging. Unfortunately, not many records have both, but the important thing is that they represent Nicki 100%.

If you want to buy a vinyl record as a gift, make sure you know the person’s favorite album/track/ collaboration. If you ask me, you won’t make a mistake with “Turn Me on” or “Queen.” Even though “ Beam Me Up Scotty” is my number one, I am aware that not many people have a special place in their hearts for it. You have three amazing collaborations, so you can choose some of them as well.

If you are still wondering if you should get a CD or vinyl record, I strongly suggest you buy a vinyl record. Once you get hooked on the sound of the vinyl, you will only buy them. Plus, if you show off your vinyl covers by framing them or putting them on a shelf, everyone will ask you all about it.

You have my top picks and all the advantages and disadvantages, so don’t forget to check them out. I love how vinyl records are still so popular, and I hope Nicki will make more of them for her next album and new music. I hope you find this guide useful, and I hope you will find the right vinyl for you.

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