Biggie Smalls Costume Ideas – More than Oversized Shirts & Versace Shades

When someone says “Biggie Smalls,” the first thing that pops into my mind is “Versace shades and colorful jumpers.” Even though being a fashion icon was not one of Big’s goals, he still had unforgettable outfits and a unique style.

Tupac even accused the rapper of stealing his style, but honestly, Pac is more bandanas and T-shirts, while Big is more shades and oversized shirts/sweaters.

If you want to dress up as Biggies Smalls or try to imitate his style, of course, the first thing you will look up on the net is the numerous shades and oversized shirts he wore. However, that is just the surface. Biggie had a much more interesting style and wild outfit choices for that time.

 You have come to the right place if you need inspiration from the rapper’s career and his fan’s transformations.

Finding ideas for the best Notorious BIG costume was not easy because the artists back in the day didn’t take as many pictures as the new ones do. If you want to do a Kanye West or Doja Cat costume, all you need to do is look on their Instagram fan pages and find dozens of pictures.

Fashion was not the most important thing for old-school rappers, so you have to dig deep to find the most iconic outfits to get an idea of their unique style. Don’t worry. I have done all the hard work for you.

I tried to find costume ideas that you can easily recreate and be sure that they 100% represent the rapper’s iconic style. Everyone will know who you are at first glance, without even spitting some of the rapper’s bars.

Let’s check them out.

notorious big

Bottom Line Up Front: If you want to imitate Big’s style, the most important thing is to have his iconic sunglasses and an oversized shirt or jumper. Weight was very important for Biggies’ culture because there was a saying, “the bigger you are, the healthier you are.”

Therefore, consider that when planning your outfit, you may need some cushions to be Big’s size. As for the outfit choice, Biggie loved both bold colors and plain black shirts. You can get the famous Coogi shirt or dress all black, and people will notice you immediately. 

My Top Picks Up Front

  1. The Coogi – The Coogi jumper is a legendary piece of clothing in the rap world, first worn by nonother than the notorious BIG. He started a trend with his jumper, which soon became iconic in the streets.
  2. Bad Boy  – Famous jersey, which Big wore in the “Juicy” music video. One of the most popular music videos back in the day and a memorable item of clothing that every hardcore Biggie fan associated with the rapper.
  3. Billboard Music Awards outfit –  One of the rapper’s more “official” looks that incorporates his street style with a dose of elegance. 

Selection Criteria

I have selected these 17 outfits that you can easily recreate and use as Big’s costumes for your next costume event. I picked them because:

  • All outfits were worn by Big or recreated by his fans 
  • The clothes represent Big’s style and what people usually associate with him
  • Some clothes  are colorful some are plain because Big loved both options
  • You can easily buy or recreate these costumes

All of these ideas are closely connected to Big’s personal life and career; you can use one of them, mix them or just get a glimpse of Big’s style and outfit choices. Many of these outfits aren’t the “classic” Biggie style we are used to, but they only prove that the rapper wasn’t only versatile with his music but with his outfits as well.

One of the greatest rappers of all time loved both bold and plain colors and different accessories. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about his style to have the best Biggie Smalls costume.

The Best Biggie Smalls Costume Ideas

Music Videos, Award Shows, and Colorful Outfits

Some of Biggie’s most iconic looks are from his music videos and public appearances. Here is a list of the most interesting ones that you can use for your costume.

Hypnotize Music Video

biggie for the hypnotize music video in a beige suit

The first we have on the list is Biggie’s light beige suit from the “Hypnotize” music video.

“Hypnotize” was the first single off Big’s album “Life after death.” The music video received many awards posthumously, and the song was one of the five songs that ranked number one after the artist’s death.

The music video was even popular two years after Big’s unfortunate death; therefore, his outfit is very well known by his fans. The outfit is one of the rapper’s most iconic ones, and the accessories are his iconic black sunglasses and a cane.  

Price range: $100- $500 ( depending on the brand of the suit)

Difficulty: 2/10

What you will need:

  • A beige suit
  • A cane
  • A white T-shirt or shirt
  • Black sunglasses that resemble Versace shades ( or the original if you have the funds)

Black Billboard Music Awards Outfit

biggie for the vmas in a black suit

Biggie was one of the first rappers to attend the Billboard Music Awards. Now, artists use this event to showcase outstanding outfits, and even though Biggie was not a “fashion guru,” he used the same opportunity.

His iconic Billboard Music awards outfit is interesting because of the sparkly black jacket. Instead of his iconic glasses, the rapper wore a hat ( a contrast to Pac’s bandanas) and a big cross. This outfit is also iconic because, for the first time, Big didn’t wear something oversized but a white turtleneck. 

The Coogi Jumper

biggie in a coogi jumper

The Coogi jumper is one of the most interesting fashion choices of the notorious rapper. Before the famous Coogi jumper, the rapper was known only for his plain oversized shirts. 

The rapper was one of the first African Americans to rock this Australian brand. After Biggies started wearing Coogi, the brand became the urban street style everyone wanted. 

This Coogi jumper is now vintage and legendary in the hip-hop world. Also, this picture doesn’t only have the iconic jumper but also the Versace shades and an interesting blue hat. If any outfit pops up in most Biggie fans’ heads when they think of him – it is probably this one.

Price range: $600-800$

Difficulty: 2/10

What you will need:

  • A Coogi jumper from the original store or buy a used/similar one
  • A blue hat
  • Black sunglasses that resemble Versace shades ( or the original if you have $)
  • Pair of classic blue jeans

Vintage Outfit 

biggie in a vintage outfit


The vintage blue outfit is one of the more “casual” outfits Biggies used to wear. It is easy to recreate because you only need a pair of jeans and a plaid blue and white shirt. Biggie wore his famous cross, black sunglasses, and a hat to spice up the outfit.

The rings and bracelets make this outfit interesting because Big didn’t usually wear a lot of jewelry. His favorite piece of jewelry was his famous gold cross.

Price range: $50-150$

Difficulty: 3/10

What you will need:

  • A plaid blue and white shirt
  • A blue hat
  • Black sunglasses that resemble Versace shades ( or the original if you have $)
  • Pair of classic blue jeans
  • Jewelry ( a cross and rings)

All White with a Cane

the rapper biggie smalls in a beige suit

Next, we have a more formal look, aka Biggie in a white suit. Even though the rapper insisted that his style was only street style, he knew how to rock a suit.

Even though the rapper wore a plain white suit, he didn’t leave out his famous accessories. I love the golden watch and the ring because they match perfectly with the outfit. Apart from that, we have the white hat, cane, and sunglasses – things you couldn’t see Biggie without at that point.

Price range: $100-$800 ( depending on the brand of the suit)

Difficulty: 4/10

What you will need:

  • A white hat
  • A cane
  • Plain white suit
  • Golden watch
  • Ring
  • Black Sunglasses

Bad Boy Basketball Jersey

biggie in a bad boy basketball jersey

Back in the day, rappers had few opportunities where they could make a fashion statement. There were few award shows, so they had to use their music videos to showcase their new fit.

One of the most memorable music videos was for “Juicy.” Big wore a basic white T-shirt and a “Bad Boy” Basketball jersey.

The yellow “Bad Boy” jersey became really popular after the video, and hardcore Biggie fans have to have it in their home. You can order it online easily, and everyone will know whose jersey it is. This piece of clothing brings back so many memories because “Juicy” is one of Big’s most well-known songs.

yellow bad boy jersey

Price range: $30-$40

Difficulty: 1/10

What you will need:

  • A “Bad Boy” jersey
  • A classic white T-shirt

Classic Biggie Looks

For most of his career, the rapper had a classic but memorable look. Many fans knew and loved Biggie because of his plain jackets, oversized shirts, and cool glasses.

Classic Red Jacket Look

the rapper biggie in a red leather jacket

A more classic look for those who don’t want an all-black or formal look. Biggie wore this red leather jacket several times, and hardcore fans remember that. 

If you have a red leather jacket, you just need a pair of jeans, a white shirt, and some dope black shades. If you really want to spice it up, add the golden chains and a cane. Even though many remember Big in an oversized shirt, he had very interesting fashion moments like this one.

Price range: $100-$200 ( depending on the leather jacket)

Difficulty: 3/10

What you will need:

  • Blue jeans
  • White T-shirt
  • Red leather jacket
  • Brown shoes
  • A cane
  • Black sunglasses that resemble the Versace ones

All Read with Bling

the rapper biggie in a red jumpsuit sitting on a chair

Biggie loved black, but you could also say he had a thing for red. He wore his classic red leather jacket a couple of times, but this time he decided to go “all red.”

A red velvet suit is something only the notorious BIG could pull off. I love how he doesn’t have his famous Versace shades in this picture, but different ones. Therefore, if you don’t like his classic shades for some reason, you can have something like this as well.

Even though the rapper insisted that he doesn’t care as much about fashion, this iconic outfit proves otherwise.

Price range: $300- $500

Difficulty: 4/10 ( difficult to find a similar tracksuit)

What you will need:

  • A red velvet tracksuit
  • Red shoes
  • A chain
  • Black sunglasses

All Black with a Bandana

Tupac and Biggie chilling together

A rare sight for the eyes of true hip-hop fans – Tupac and Biggie chilling together. The image is iconic but let’s look at the styles.

I didn’t think Biggie wore bandanas, but in the picture, he is wearing one. Bandanas were a “Tupac thing,” but I love how Biggie wore them in his own way here.

The outfit is classic Big, a black T-shirt, and a matching black shirt. If you want something more classic, or you want to recreate this image with a friend, this is a perfect choice.

Price range: $30-$50

Difficulty: 2/10

What you will need:

  • A black bandana ( ideally with a white pattern)
  • A black T-shirt
  • A black shirt with short sleeves

Blue Denim

Biggie the rapper wearing all blue denim outfit for his music video

This all-blue denim outfit is from the famous “One more chance” music video by Biggie.

The rapper wore a blue suit with a matching blue shirt and his classic jewelry. I love how even though he has changed his style from time to time, he always kept a piece of his original style.

Many fans remember the iconic music video, so there is no chance anyone will not know who you are.

Price range: $400-$600

Difficulty: 5/10 ( difficult to find a blue denim suit)

What you will need:

  • A blue denim suit
  • A chain
  • Black sunglasses
  • Rings

Classic Leather

biggie the rapper sitting in a sofa and wearing a leather jacket

As for more casual outfit choices, we have the classic leather jacket, which Biggie liked wearing. You can see the Coogi jumper underneath, so you can combine those two outfits as well.

Biggie loved wearing leather jackets, and he had a lot of pictures with his black and red ones. Nothing says “Biggie” louder than his iconic jewelry, so don’t forget to copy that from the picture as well.

Price range: $100-$200

Difficulty: 3/10

What you will need:

  • Classic leather jacket
  • A colorful jumper underneath ( A Coogi one if you have $)
  • A black hat
  • Black sunglasses
  • White pants
  • Brown shoes

Red Coat

biggie wearing a red coat

Not many people know that Biggie loved the color red. Besides his famous red leather jacket, he also had a red coat. 

Even though many would never match a colorful jumper with a red coat, Biggie did that. He liked pairing things that didn’t match at first glance, but he knew how to wear them. He was very ahead of his time because no one in the rap world experimented like that.

This picture is from one of his top-notch performances, which hardcore fans may remember. If you fancy a red coat, you can make a cool Biggie costume with it.

Price range: $200-$400

Difficulty: 4/10

What you will need:

  • A red coat
  • Blue jeans
  • A colorful sweater
  • A chain
  • A blue hat

Black Shirt Biggie

Biggie and Puff attend the Vibe party at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, 1997. Image source: Instagram

This is a cool picture of Biggie and Puff. They attended The Vibe party at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles in 1997. This picture brings back a lot of heartbreak and memories because it was the night Biggie was shot.

Biggie wore his classic outfit a black velvet jacket/shirt with cool shades and a big gold chain. This picture means a lot to his fans because it is his last picture where he wears his iconic outfit.

Price range: $20-$100 ( depending on the brand of the shirt)

Difficulty: 4/10

What you will need:

  • A black velvet shirt
  • Jeans
  • Chain
  • Black Sunglasses

Fan-Inspired Biggie Costumes

Biggie greatly impacted hip-hop lovers; his music and iconic style are his legacies. That is why I had to include some of the best Biggie costumes his fans created over the years, so you can be inspired and become one of them:

Classic Black

classic black biggie outfit
Image source: Instagram

The dad in the picture wanted an “all-black everything” look. Who does that remind us of? Well, of course, the notorious BIG. The dad in the picture wore Biggie’s classic black suit with his famous Versace shades and a chain. 

It is all in the details when it comes to recreating Big’s style.

Price range: $20-$50

Difficulty: 2/10

What you will need:

  • A black T-shirt and a suit
  • Black hat
  • Chain
  • Black Sunglasses
  • Black jeans or pants
  • Black shoes

Baby Big



This fan decided to recreate the album cover from Big’s iconic debut album “Ready to die.” The album is not only special because it is the rapper’s debut, but it was certified 4 times platinum.


The album cover features a chubby baby that resembles Big. It is simple but effective, and this fan decided to dress up as the chubby baby off the album. You don’t need much dressing up for this costume, but you will make a statement.

Sometimes a costume doesn’t need to be an outfit for the real fans to know what’s up.

Price range: $10-$30

Difficulty: 1/10

What you will need:

  • Sunglasses
  • A wig if you don’t have Afro hair
  • Diapers or very small shorts

Biggie with Crown


The original plastic Biggie crown was sold for over $500k. Biggie wore this crown for his photoshoot for the Rap Pages Magazine. He called himself the king of New York, which made a lot of people in the rap circles mad.


I love how this fan mixed the crown and something similar to a Coogi jumper to create his Biggie costume. Once again, he proved that you can mix things and still remain loyal to Biggie’s style.

Price range: $50-$600 ( depending on if you want a Coogi jumper or some other brand)

Difficulty: 4/10

What you will need:

  •  Black Sunglasses
  • A plastic crown
  • Sweater ( Coogi or some other colorful one)
  • Black jeans
  • Chains

Gucci Biggie



An oversized shirt can make you look way bigger than you actually are, which is important for a Biggie costume. Oversized shirts and black shades – Biggie’s essence.


I love how this fan added the hat and the cross, making the costume 10x better.

Price range: $30- $300 ( depending on if you want an original Gucci shirt)

Difficulty: 4/10

What you will need:

  • Sunglasses
  • A black hat
  • A cross
  • Rings
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes
  • Oversized Gucci shirt ( you can get a fake one for a lower price)
  • Brown jacket underneath


Question: What did Biggie usually wear?

Answer: Biggie usually wore oversized clothes because he was a “big guy.” He liked wearing all-black outfits, but also you could see him in colorful jumpers and jackets. He was known for his love of glasses and comfortable clothes. As for jewelry, he liked rocking a big chain, and he was one of the first artists to start that trend.

Question: What were the famous glasses that Biggie wore?

Answer: He wore the Versace 424 in his “One more chance” music video, and they became known as “Big’s sunglasses.” The rapper loved wearing glasses, and seeing him without a pair was strange. The glasses are now part of his legacy and public image. Don’t forget the glasses if you want to dress up as the notorious BIG.

Question: Was Biggie’s style different from Tupac’s?

Answer: Even though Tupac accused Biggies of copying his style, the two had very different vibes. Pac was known for his shirts that don’t cover his tattoos and his love for bandanas. Biggie was more fond of oversized comfortable clothes, with a big chain and a pair of black glasses. Even though the two rivals rapped in the same era, many fans think they had different styles when it came to music and clothes.

biggie smalls white hat


Dressing up as Biggie doesn’t only mean wearing oversized shirts and black glasses. His music and style are legendary, so your outfit displays a cultural phenomenon.

I know many of you have been looking to find more inspo than the classic Biggie looks you can find anywhere. With that in mind, I tried to find and share moments in his career where his outfits spoke louder than words.

From classic outfits to colorful modern ones and fan-inspired posts, you can find more than ten ideas to look into. My favorite outfits include Biggie getting out of his comfort zone with a Coogi jumper or the sparkly jacket at the VMA’s. I think those outfits are perfect for those fans who know every single detail. For those fans who want a more classic Biggie look, check the ideas with the leather jackets. Just remember that Biggie was a rapper and a very popular one. What does that have to do with anything?

To have the best Biggie outfit, you need to know some of his famous songs, gestures, and the way he spoke. You need to incorporate Big’s spirit to be the real big deal. Look up some of his interviews, and you will get the hang of it, trust me.

I hope these outfits will inspire you to recreate Biggie’s style in the best possible way.

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