Best Coogie Sweaters by Biggie

Few other rappers in hip-hop history get the same kind of love as Biggie Smalls. Not only was he a lyrical genius, but he was also a style icon that set countless trends. One of those trends was introducing the Coogi Sweater into hip-hop culture.

Coogi is an Australian brand known for its colorful sweaters with textured, asymmetrical designs. Bill Cosby was the first celebrity to bring Coogi Sweaters into popular culture, but Biggie was the first rapper to cosign the brand. Biggie helped make the brand popular among a younger audience, and he is wearing a Coogi Sweater in some of his most iconic photos.

Biggie is one of my all-time favorite rappers. I was such a fan of Biggie that I even found a Coogi sweater at a local thrift store and used to wear it in high school (although it didn’t look nearly as cool on me!)

Both Ready to Die and Life After Death are undeniable hip hop classics, and even though he died at just 24 years old, he’s still created some of the best rap music the world has ever known.

So, if you want to emulate the style of one of hip hop’s most beloved artists, here are the best Coogi Sweaters by Biggie.

Bottom Line Up Front

My favorite Biggie Smalls Coogi Swearer is the Coogi Classic Limited Edition. It’s the most authentic because it’s actually made by COOGI and features its classic woven knit pattern. If Biggie were alive today, this is the COOGI Sweater he would wear.

It features an attractive color scheme and a mesmerizing design that is hard to ignore. Plus, it’s made of 100% mercerized cotton with an elasticized waistband and sleeve cuffs. It also features a new slim fit that hugs the body for a more contemporary look. It isn’t the cheapest item on the list, but if you’re trying to look fly, this is the sweater you need.

My Top Picks Up Front

  1. COOGI Sunset Classic:  Limited Edition
  2. The COOGI X Art Basel X Biggie Hip Hop Crew Neck Sweater
  3. KAPITAL: Mr. Porter

Selection Criteria

Each product on this list was chosen based on my taste and the garment’s overall quality and creativity. Biggie was known for his unique sense of style, so I picked these sweaters for their ability to capture his aesthetic.

The selection of Coogi sweaters on this list represents different styles and price ranges. So, whether you’re looking to be as stylish as possible or you’re ballin’ on a budget, you can find something you like.

These are the top 10 COOGI Sweaters out there that I would personally recommend because they offer comfort, originality, and a timeless look that will always be stylish. The main criteria I looked at to compile this list were:

  • Style
  • Originality
  • Authenticity

Product Recommendations

1. COOGI Classic Blues, Limited Edition


This authentic COOGI product offers the brand’s signature kaleidoscopic design with mesmerizing hues of blue and purple for a new take on a classic design. The sweater is made from 100% mercerized cotton that is both comfortable and form-fitting and elasticized waistband and sleeve cuffs that hug the body in just the right places.

This product is perfect for those who want a bit of 90’s nostalgia with a slightly more modern design. This is from COOGI’s most recent collection, and over the years, they’ve perfected their design with new styles and features that lend the same aesthetic but with a more contemporary look. COOGI also sells a matching skully cap, so you can complete the ensemble and look extra fresh. Plus, the company offers free returns and exchanges so you can try it on and send it back if it isn’t quite your style.


  • A bright color scheme that attracts the eye
  • Comfortable fabric made of 100% mercerized cotton
  • Authentic COOGI Product


  • Not quite as vibrant and eye-catching as traditional COOGI designs.

2. COOGI X Art Basel X Biggie Hip Hop Knit Crew Neck Sweater 

COOGI X Art Basel 2 X Biggie Hip Hop Knit Crew Neck Sweater

This stylish crewneck sweater is a limited-edition piece first created for Art Basel, the international art fair and interactive experience held annually in Miami. The lightweight crewneck features the same kaleidoscopic design and the classic image of Biggie counting money in a Coogi sweater in the center.

The ode to Biggie gives this piece a bit of added flavor and metacommentary, making it one of my top picks for those searching for a modern take on the classic COOGI style. 

Like all of COOGI’s products, this crewneck is made with 100% mercerized cotton, making it comfortable and lightweight. The colors are a bit more subdued than a traditional COOGI sweater, which may be attractive for those who are after a subtler look. 

But it’s an authentic COOGI product that pays homage to the late great Biggie Smalls, making it the perfect addition to the closet of any fans of the rapper. 


  • Limited edition product
  • Innovative design featuring Biggie’s likeness
  • Lightweight and stylish


  • Higher priced item
  • It doesn’t feature the classic COOGI design 

3. Vintage Coogi Style Biggie Crew Neck 

Vintage Coogi Style Biggie Crew Neck 

This COOGI Style sweater by J Ferrar is a vintage throwback that offers the same aesthetic that Biggie made famous. This crewneck sweater features earthier tones but with the same asymmetrical kaleidoscopic patterns that were COOGI’s signature style.

While not an authentic COOGI product, this comfortable crew neck sweater offers the same basic concept at a fraction of the price. J Ferrar is a brand owned by JC Penny, which are known for making more cost-effective versions of classic designer fashion.

So, if you’re headed to a costume party and want to dress as Biggie, or you simply like the style but don’t have the budget for a real COOGI sweater, this is your best bet. This elegant garment is manufactured in Bulgaria and made with 52% cotton and 48% acrylic for a warm, form-fitting fabric. The muted tones offer a bit more subtlety than the traditional design.


  • Cost-effective alternative to COOGI
  • Machine washable
  • Natural tones


  • Not authentic Coogi
  • Not as vibrant



The COOGI Sunset classic is a limited-edition sweater that is an official product of the Australian brand. The most modern version of the authentic COOGI sweater, the sunset classic features fiery reds, mellow yellows, and aquatic blues in a pattern resembling the dusk sky’s warm shades. 

It features the classic kaleidoscopic design and raised texture for which the brand has become known, and they even sell matching skully caps if you want to complete the ensemble. This is the type of COOGI sweater that Biggie would be rocking if he was alive today, which is why it’s my top pick out of this list. 

The Sunset also features a contemporary slim fit that offers the same authentic design but is a bit more flattering on the body. While indeed not the cheapest item on this list, if you’re after style and authenticity, you can’t go wrong with this one-of-a-kind item from the brand that invented this style of garment. 


  • Unique color scheme
  • Available in all sizes from small to 5XL
  • Limited edition


  • Higher Price tag



This replica COOGI sweater features an image of the legend himself, as well as patterns imitating the look of the original. This unique product was designed for 90’s hip hop fans and the late great Biggie Smalls. It’s made with 100% acrylic yarn and features a collage of patterns that make the original COOGI style unique. 

With Biggie’s actual face on the sweater, this garment is perfect for those who want to make their inspirations known. It’s also less expensive than a standard COOGI sweater, making it great for costume parties and casual gatherings. The earthy color palette and soft fabric make this sweater perfect for any occasion. 


  • Biggie’s image is on the sweater
  • Available in all sizes
  • Machine washable


  • Not an Authentic COOGI Sweater

6. KAPITAL Mr. Porter


KAPITAL designed this COOGI-style ugly sweater, a brand inspired by the ’40s basketball culture and Americana. This unique item features the classic kaleidoscopic design with lions’ images and the Virgin Mary stitched into the fabric. It’s made from cotton-blended yarns for maximum comfort with jacquard knitted designs and subtle metallic fibers to help catch the light. 

This is one of my favorite designs on the entire list and another sweater I could imagine Biggie rocking today if he were still alive. It features the classic multicolored, textured patterns that made COOGI famous but also incorporates unique designs that make it fresh and original.

This sweater is perfect for those who like the COOGI style but want a look that’s a bit more contemporary.


  • Innovative designs
  • Soft- Fabric
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • Not an Authentic COOGI Sweater
  • Higher price tag

7. Notorious BIG T-shirt Coogi Sweater Image 

Notorious BIG T-shirt Coogi Sweater Image 

If you want to get a bit more meta, this Biggie Small T-shirt is the perfect bet. The shirt features the classic image of Biggie counting money while wearing his classic COOGI Sweater, along with the text “You Think Small. I Think”. This is perfect for fans who want to show their love for the King of New York and don’t want to sweat while doing so.

The T-shirt is available in four colors, Kelly Green, Canvas Red, Forest, and Solid Black. It’s available through Flyest in the Room, a streetwear brand offering stylish items at an affordable price.

Not everyone can pull off a COOGI Sweater; it’s definitely a niche product designed for a specific type of consumer. This classic Biggie Smalls COOGI Sweater T-shirt looks great on everyone, allowing fans to support the late rapper and pay homage to his excellent taste in fashion.


  • Cost-effective
  • Light fabric
  • Features Biggie’s likeness


  • Not a sweater
  • Not an authentic COOGI product

8. COOGI Australian Men Cardigan Sweater Biggie Multi-Color

Authentic Coogi Classic Brand Cardigan

This authentic COOGI Cardigan is perfect for those who love the style but want more flexibility in their garment. The sweater features soft yet eye-catching colors and comfortable fabric made from 40% linen and 50% cotton.

What distinguishes this item from a traditional COOGI sweater are the buttons down the front, making it simple to put on and take off. The cardigan-style design lends a bit more versatility to the garment, which is excellent for those going for a layered look.

With earthy tones, ultra-comfortable fabric, and two front pockets, this COOGI Sweater offers style and functionality. It’s a vintage throwback that is great for those who want to emulate Biggie’s sense of style but want a sweater that’s a bit more practical.


  • Soft Fabric
  • Classic COOGI designs
  • Button up Front


  • Muted color palette
  • Not the exact style Biggie wore

9. Rare Vintage 90’s Authentic Original COOGI Sweater Classic Biggie Notorious BIG

Rare Vintage 90's Authentic Original COOGI Sweater Classic Biggie Notorious BIG

This rare collectible COOGI sweater seeks to emulate the style worn by rappers in the 90s, from Biggie to Snoop Dogg. The authentic COOGI product features the multicolored patterns and vibrant colors that made COOGI a go-to brand for rappers in the 90s and are made from 100% mercerized cotton.

This is the best item to emulate the style of the Notorious BIG as closely as possible. This is the exact style of sweater he would have worn, and even though it’s been close to 30 years since he made the brand famous, it’s still as stylish as ever.

The rainbow of colors and parallel stitching make it easy to make this garment an essential part of your regular wardrobe and emulate the great Biggie Smalls whenever you feel inspired.


  • Classic design
  • Authentic COOGI product
  • Vintage look


  • Higher price tag
  • Less innovative

10. COOGI Fleece Crew Neck 



This COOGI crewneck sweater is perfect for those who love the classic COOGI color scheme but need something a bit more practical. Made from 93% mercerized cotton and 7% spandex, this sweater features the classic COOGI design across the torso and the brand name spelled out across the forearm. The lower half is a subtle shade of grey and made with a flexible, stretch performance fleece.

This is the kind of sweater you could wear jogging or out to any casual event. It still features the classic COOGI aesthetic but is a bit more subtle than some of their more traditional designs, which means it can be worn in many different contexts, whether you’re lounging around the house, running errands, or heading out for a night on the town. They also sell a matching fleece hoodie and sweatpants so you can complete the ensemble. While admittedly a bit slimmer than a sweater Biggie would have worn, it still offers the same style in a more laid-back form.


  • Innovative design 
  • Stretch performance fleece
  • Authentic COOGI product


  • Not the classic COOGI style 


Question: Why Did Biggie Wear Coogi Sweaters?

Answer: In an interview with MTV, stylist Groovey Lew claims that Biggie was inspired to start wearing COOGI sweaters by his friend Walt G, who had an impressive collection of COOGIs and Kangol hats. Big fell in love with the style, which became essential to his look throughout the 90s.

Question: Did Biggie Ever Collaborate with Coogi?

Answer: While alive, Biggie never did an official collaboration with COOGI, although he did shout them out on several songs. In his classic track Big Poppa, he famously rapped, “livin better now, Coogi sweater now.” Since his death, COOGI has paid homage to Biggie with several designs and has acknowledged his cultural impact on the brand.

Question: Did Biggie Make COOGI Famous? 

Answer: COOGI already had a following in Australia before Biggie. Bill Cosby,  who was known for his colorful sweaters, also popularized them in the ’80s. But, Biggie brought COOGI into hip hop and street culture and made it better known among a younger audience. So, while he may not have made them famous, he helped COOGI appeal to a hipper audience.


Biggie was a one-of-a-kind artist with a unique style that is hard to replicate. He was both a respected hustler and a talented poet who changed the world with his music and outlook on life. Bringing COOGI sweaters into the mainstream was just one of his many contributions to popular culture.

All of the COOGI sweaters on this list are high-quality and capture the essence of Biggie’s style. Whether their authentic COOGI products or simply COOGI-inspired, each offer a unique take on the popular kaleidoscopic design. My favorite will always be the Coogi Classic Limited Edition, though.

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