Best Tupac Hoodies Guide: Which Should You Buy?

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If you’re looking for your options for different Tupac merch, know that nothing will feel cozier than a warm hoodie to wear in cold weather. While T-shirts are typically the first-choice option in the world of apparel, I think that hoodies are another option to seriously consider.

All the hoodies I’m about to speak about embody Tupac somehow. Tupac Shakur was such a massive influence on both the hip hop and wider music industry, and wearing a hoodie to celebrate him is a wonderful thing for any fan to do.

With that being said, let’s move on to the meat of this Tupac hoodie buying guide.

100 miles hoodie

Bottom Line Up Front

I’ve suggested ten hoodies for you to choose from. They either have Tupac album or song names, or they have pictures of Tupac pulling certain poses. Out of all my suggested options, the Me Against The World Tracklist Hoodie is my top pick. It’s an officially licensed hoodie from the 2Pac store, and I love the faded black coloring.

All the hoodies I’ve listed can either be purchased from the 2Pac merch store or Amazon.

My Top Picks at a Glance

Tupac Hoodie Buying Guide

Tupac Merch Hoodies vs Hoodies That Tupac Wore

When choosing to get a hoodie that relates to Tupac, you can either get one that he was known to wear, or you can get dedicated fan merch. Tupac fan merch hoodies are hoodies with pictures of Tupac or song lyrics on them. The other types of hoodies to consider are ones that he wore and made popular. These are a lot more fashionable, and they’re mostly from large clothing brands. They’re not as easily found as Tupac merch hoodies are.

If you’re looking to wear something that shows your appreciation for Tupac, a dedicated merch hoodie is the better option. The other hoodies are more versatile, but most people won’t know that they relate to Tupac somehow, so keep that in mind!

Different Types of Hoodies

The main types of hoodies you’ll find when looking for Tupac merch are sweatshirts, pullover hoodies, and zip-up hoodies. I used to always get confused when it came to sweatshirts and pullovers. They look the same and generally cost the same. So, aren’t they the same thing? According to my wife, not at all.

Sweatshirts are typically thinner and easier to style with different outfits. Pullovers have more space in them, making them look bulkier. They’re also warmer than most sweatshirts.

Zip-up hoodies are easily identifiable. They have a zipper that you use to close the front of the hoodie together. Zipper hoodies are typically a bit more expensive than pullovers and sweatshirts. That’s not always the case, though.

Most of the designs that you find regarding Tupac are very similar across all the hoodie types. The only slight difference is that zipper hoodies may not have a large image printed across the front as the zip may interfere with the design.

tupac hoodie

Size Options

When buying a Tupac hoodie, always make sure to check your size options. Some hoodies have more size options than others, and that may sway your buying decision. I usually get a hoodie one size up from my usual size as I love the feeling of wearing a large and bulky hoodie. You may feel differently, leaning more toward getting your usual size.

The problem that may arise is that artist merch sometimes feels smaller than you’d expect. The medium may feel small to you, and the large may feel like a medium. The best way to find out about this is to read any user reviews that may be on the page you’re buying the hoodie from.

I’ve seen countless merch pages over the years where every user review was a warning to get the shirt or hoodie in a larger size than you’d expect to. Hoodies are quite expensive, so you need to make sure that you get the sizing right the first time.

Color Options

Something to note about artist hoodies is that the majority of them are black. The most popular formula for an artist hoodie seems to be having a black hoodie with text or a picture printed on it. If you love black hoodies, you’ll have an abundance of options to pick from. Black hoodies are timeless, so all of them are great choices.

However, you’ll need to do a bit of digging if you want a Tupac hoodie that isn’t black. I’ve only found a few Tupac hoodies that have multiple color options. Others only have a single color option that isn’t black.


Something else to note about artist merch is that it’s generally more expensive than standard clothing. You could buy a standard unbranded black hoodie for about $20 to $30. The exact same hoodie with a picture of Tupac on it will cost upwards of $40. It’s the price you have to pay for getting officially licensed merch.

While the prices are a bit higher, I think all the Tupac hoodies are well worth their cost. For starters, they have excellent quality. Other than that, I’d say it’s worth it to pay for something that shows your love and appreciation for Tupac. You get to be part of a wider community and fanbase.

Selection Criteria

All the hoodies that I’ve selected for this list are made from premium clothing materials. They’re durable and feel very comfortable to wear.

In terms of design aspects, I’ve made sure to pick hoodies with a wide variety of design choices. I’ve listed options with pictures of Tupac, names of his songs, and one of the options is a highly popular hoodie that Tupac wore himself.

I’ve also made sure to select hoodies with varying prices. Some of them are more affordable and accessible, while others are more suited for die-hard fans that are willing to pay high amounts of money for a Tupac hoodie.

Best Tupac Hoodies to Pick From

Poetic Justice Men’s Tupac Sweatshirt

Poetic Justice Men's Sweatshirt

My first suggestion is a hoodie that references Poetic Justice, a film that Tupac was in where he played one of the main characters. Tupac had a fairly successful acting career alongside his music career, and this was one of his best movies.

This hoodie instantly stood out to me due to its design. You have a plain white hoodie with a picture of Tupac on the front. I love how aesthetically pleasing it looks, along with the name of the movie printed on top of his picture. It also has the name printed down the left arm.

You get two color options here, but the second color option has a slightly different design. It’s a light grey color, and the picture of Tupac is smaller and placed further to the side. It also has a darker grey pattern spread all throughout the shirt. Lastly, the same picture is enlarged and printed on the back, whereas the white option doesn’t have any image on the back.

The grey option is a bit more visually interesting, but the plain white option looks a lot cleaner and more simplistic.


  • References Tupac’s movie, Poetic Justice
  • Very affordable
  • Two color options with different designs


  • White and light grey hoodies tend to get dirty quickly

Tupac Grunge Praying Pullover Hoodie

Tupac Grunge Praying Pullover Hoodie

In my Tupac poster guide, I mentioned that this picture is one of the most popular Tupac pictures out there. While it makes an excellent poster, it also looks epic on a hoodie. This is an excellent hoodie to wear that will show your appreciation for Tupac. There’s nothing too crazy or extravagant about it, but it’s a simple option for any fan to wear with a great picture on the front.

The hoodie comes in two color options, which are black and navy. It also has various size options, starting from small and going up all the way to XX-large.

The simplicity of this hoodie makes it a good gift to get for someone that you know loves Tupac. The only downside of it is that the picture on the front is a bit smaller in person compared to what you see in all the advertising.


  • One of the most popular pictures of Tupac printed on the front
  • Black and blue color options
  • Various size options available


  • The picture printed on the front is a bit smaller than what you see in the advertising pictures

Tupac All Eyez On Me Pullover Hoodie

Tupac All Eyez On Me Pullover Hoodie

This next hoodie shares similar design features to the previous one. However, it has a bit more depth to it, thanks to the design inspiration and the fact that it has more color options. All Eyez On Me was a studio album that Tupac released in 1995. It’s one of my favorite Tupac albums, and it has a well-known reputation for being the first original double-disc album in all of hip hop history.

I find the design choice here quite interesting, as the picture of Tupac is different from the one that appears on the front of the album cover. I’d say that the picture used here makes the design of the hoodie look far better, so it was a good choice to use it.

You get four color options, including black, navy, heather grey, and dark heather. I’d personally suggest going for either the black or heather grey options. The other two don’t lend too well to the design.


  • References one of Tupac’s best albums
  • Four choices of color
  • Excellent design


  • Dark heather and blue color options aren’t amazing

Official Tupac California Love Pullover Hoodie

Official Tupac California Love Pullover Hoodie

The graphic on this hoodie instantly makes me think of 90s hip hop. It’s the same type of coloring that you see in shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and I love that.

This Tupac hoodie is a bit quirkier than the others I’m suggesting, making it a better option for the more expressive people out there. It’s a great hoodie for people who want their clothing to stand out. The vibrant colors pop very nicely in contrast to the plain black color of the hoodie itself.

The graphic is referencing a song by Tupac called California Love. After Tupac was released from prison in 1995, he joined Death Row Records. This was his first official release under his new record label.


  • Vibrant design
  • Very soft material
  • References one of Tupac’s popular songs


  • The bright green text may be a bit much for some people

Only God Can Judge Me Tattoo Necklace Sweatshirt

Only God Can Judge Me Tattoo Necklace Sweatshirt Hoodie Hoody

Here’s another Tupac song hoodie to consider. The design of this one is very different from the previous few hoodies that I’ve mentioned, both in the graphic and the fit. Tupac released Only God Can Judge Me in 1996, and the theme of the track became very popular amongst hip hop fans at the time. Tupac also had a tattoo on his arm that said this.

The best thing about this hoodie is the large number of color options that you get. These include black, brown, charcoal, kelly green, navy blue, red, royal blue, and sport grey. The charcoal version of the hoodie is a personal favorite.

The fit of the hoodie feels fairly baggy compared to the previous options, so it’s a great choice for people who like to wear looser hoodies.

You can get this hoodie up to a 3X-large, which I think is well worth mentioning!


  • References a popular Tupac song and tattoo
  • Eight color options
  • Loose fit


  • Not all of the color options look great

2Pacalypse Now Hoodie

2Pacalypse Now Hoodie

The 2Pacalypse Now hoodie is one of the premium hoodie options from the Tupac official store. On the front of the hoodie, you’ll see Tupac’s name creatively fashioned into a gun. I think this design is quite clever, and I can see many people loving this hoodie because of it.

The real value of the hoodie comes from the back side, though. You get four vintage pictures of Tupac, along with all the tracks that came on his 2Pocalypse Now album. It was his first album, so the names of all these songs are incredibly significant for Tupac fans.

The drawback of this hoodie is that it’s the most expensive option I’ve listed so far. However, it’s not an outrageous price, making it still very attainable. Most of the hoodies that I’m going to mention from this point have a similar price tag.


  • Celebrates Tupac’s first studio album to be released
  • High-quality images of Tupac on the back
  • Unique gun design for Tupac’s name


  • Relatively expensive
  • Only one color option

Me against the World Tracklist Hoodie

Me against the World Tracklist Hoodie

This hoodie is my top pick for this entire list. I’m in love with the rich orange text layered onto the faded black hoodie color. I find it to be so appealing that I want all my clothing to have this color scheme.

The hoodie references Tupac’s Me Against The World album with all the track song names at the back. While the album doesn’t quite have the same love as All Eyez On Me, I know many people who view it as their favorite from the rapper.

Whether it’s your favorite or not, the design of this hoodie is what I think will draw most people. Overall, I find it to be far more interesting than hoodies with plain black coloring.


  • Amazing color scheme
  • References Tupac’s Me Against The World album
  • Very comfortable fit


  • Relatively expensive

Trees Hoodie


The quote on this hoodie is from a track called Family Tree. It was one of the tracks that were released after Tupac died. The quote is part of a poem that a child recites at the beginning, and it sets the scene for the rest of the song. Tupac was a very active voice when it came to equality and political differences, and this quote is just one of the few that makes reference to his beliefs and ideals.

This maroon hoodie has the text printed on the front, and the back has a large picture of Tupac’s face. He’s wearing glasses and looking quite solemn, which is quite different from the usual gangster poses that we see on the other hoodies.

I love that this hoodie is maroon instead of black. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking for something completely different from the norm. I think I’d prefer it without the picture on the back, though. The back picture is a bit overwhelming compared to the rest of the hoodie.


  • Unique maroon color
  • Excellent introspective quote
  • Slightly more affordable than the other hoodies from the official Tupac store


  • Some people won’t like the image on the back

100 Miles Signature Hoodie

100 Miles Signature Hoodie - Black

Here is my only suggestion for a hoodie that Tupac wore himself. 100 Miles is a designer brand, and many hip hop artists wear their clothing.

The reason I’m only suggesting one hoodie like this is that it’s incredibly expensive. You’ll be paying around $200 for it, and I can’t see too many average people paying that much for a hoodie.

With that being said, getting a hoodie like this is the best way to have your fashion choices show direct influence from Tupac. It’s not something to wear that celebrates Tupac. It’s instead a luxury hoodie to wear that Tupac also wore.


  • Hoodie that Tupac also wore
  • From a designer brand
  • Many other hip hop artists wear this hoodie as well (such as Drake)


  • Extremely expensive


Question: Where Can You Buy Tupac Hoodies?

Answer: I’ve found that the best and most reliable places to get Tupac hoodies are on Amazon and on the official Tupac merch store. When looking on those two platforms, you’ll see a wide variety of hoodie options, including zipper hoodies, pullover hoodies, and sweatshirts.

Question: What Tupac Merch Can You Get Other Than Hoodies?

Answer: There are a wide variety of other Tupac merch options to get as opposed to hoodies. The most obvious one would be T-shirts, as there are dozens of Tupac shirts available at the same stores where you can buy Tupac hoodies.
Some other Tupac merch options would be posters, vinyl, figurines, homeware, bottles, etc. You could also get a Tupac tattoo. Many people consider that as a form of merch to show off.

Question: Why Was Tupac Murdered?

Answer: The murder of Tupac seemed to be a gang-related incident. Tupac had beaten up one of the members of a gang called the Southside Crips, and the members of that gang had come to take revenge by shooting him.
There was never any answer discovered as to who exactly shot Tupac, but the guy he beat up’s name was Orlando Anderson. He was the prime suspect for a while, but he died only a few years later.
In the gang world, violence is always met with more violence. The members of the Southside Crips had to do something about one of the members getting beat up. Otherwise, people would be able to walk all over them. It’s incredibly unfortunate and sad that it works like this, and it ended up with Tupac’s death.

Question: What’s the Best Kind of Tupac Hoodie to Get?

Answer: All Tupac hoodies are excellent, but my favorite type is a pullover hoodie. Pullover hoodies are incredibly comfortable to wear, making me prefer them over sweatshirts and zipper hoodies.
The downside of them is that they’re casual outfit options, so you can’t wear them for many settings.
In terms of design, I love hoodies with albums, lyrics, and track titles the most. I love how they put focus on certain content, bringing more attention to it.

Question: Why Did People Think Tupac Was Still Alive?

Answer: Tupac somehow recorded so much music that he was able to release five albums after his death. His work rate was insane, and anyone in the music industry will tell you how challenging it can be to release that much music in a short time that still manages to top the charts.
The fact that these albums were being released, along with questionable eye-witness reports of Tupac hanging out in foreign countries, made many people believe that he was still alive after getting shot in 1996.
Some theories regarding this claim are more outlandish than others, but I think everyone would love it if he was still alive.


When choosing Tupac hoodies, options from the official Tupac store are slightly more expensive than the ones you’ll find on Amazon. Their designs are slightly better, but you don’t get as much variety as the ones you get from Amazon, so you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons of each to decide on which to get.

The Me Against The World Tracklist Hoodie is my favorite option from the Tupac store, whereas the Only God Can Judge Me Tattoo Necklace Sweatshirt is my top pick from Amazon. Check out all the hoodies I listed, though, and decide which one you like the most from there.

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