Best Nicki Minaj Costume Ideas

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I have been listening to and following Nicki Minaj’s career from “SuperBass” to” “Blick Blick “. She spat some legendary bars throughout her long career, but she also wore some of the most iconic outfits. From her music videos to her MTV performances, her outfits are the best Nicki Minaj costume ideas you can find.

You don’t know which outfit to pick and how to make it? Don’t worry; I will list some of her most iconic looks and provide tips on recreating them. Thus, your job is just to pick the one that works for you.

Keep reading if you want to find out more about my top picks, why they are on the list, and how to recreate them.

Bottom Line Up Front: My top pick is the “ Anaconda” look. I chose it because it is the most famous Nicki Minaj look, and everyone will notice you right away. Plus it is easy to recreate, and includes Nicki’s favorite color: pink.

My Top Picks Up Front

The costumes I find most iconic and the ones that I will be discussing in this article are:

  • Anaconda Look– My favorite look because it is easy to recreate but won’t leave anyone guessing who you are.
  • Super Bass look– An iconic Nicki Minaj look, an excellent choice if you love the color pink.
  • Pound The Alarm look– A look that requires a bit more time, money, and precision but will look amazing in the end.
  • Blick Blick look– A fresh look with an iconic Nicki Minaj look. Excellent for her recent fans who didn’t follow her in her first years.
  • Pink Latex VMA’s look– A sexy look for anyone who wants to look amazing but can handle the latex suit.
  • Chun Li look– Nicki’s “ Fendi” look is amazing for everyone who wants to rock huge earrings and some gold colors.
  • “ The Boys” look– The most colorful look, a good choice if you want to mix yellow, blue, and violet.


How to Color a Wig?

For a lot of these outfits, you will need a coloured wig. If you don’t want to buy the exact one, you can buy a synthetic one or use your old one. You just need to colour it with regular dye.

Colouring a wig with regular dye is a three-step process:

  • Washing your wig in lukewarm water before you colour it will remove any product residue and help the colour to adhere better.
  • If you are using a permanent dye, mix 1 part of the colourant with 1 part of the developer in a plastic bowl.
  • To achieve even coverage, start at the roots and paint the colour toward the ends of your wig.
  • When you are done painting all sections of your wig, wrap it in a plastic bag and secure it with rubber bands or hair clips.
  • You can also place your wig in a disposable food container (like an old tin foil box), seal it with foil paper and leave it to process for 20-30 minutes. This will prevent any dye from leaking onto your clothes or other surfaces.

How to Create Nicki Minaj Curves?

You got the wig and the outfit, but if you want to look like Nicki Minaj, you need to have curves. If you don’t, that is not a problem; here are a few tips on how to create a fake posterior for your costume:

  • Buy foam padding
  • Cut it to shape
  • Place the foam padding on your body
  • Insert & secure the foam padding
  • Use adhesive to secure the foam padding
  •  Once you have the base, you can layer it with fabric

Selection Criteria

I selected outfit inspirations and costumes that can easily be found or made. I have noted that these are her most iconic looks, which means you won’t go unnoticed; everyone will know who you are.

I picked the outfits that represent the highlights of her career. All of these costumes include a wig and the whole outfit. I picked the more and less expensive ones, so you can choose the one that works for you.

All the outfits:

  • were worn by Nicki Minaj
  • were important for Nicki’s career
  • colorful and fun 
  • include a wig and an outfit

Product Recommendation

Anaconda Look

Nicki Minaj Anaconda

“Anaconda” is Nicki Minaj’s most well-known song and music video. In the music video, she wears many different outfits. From Alexander Mcqueen to Balmain, the music video is full of fun and inspirational outfits.

Yet, the one that is easiest to use as a costume is the Alexander Mc Queen pink top, pink sweatpants, and a pink thong. 

All of her dancers in the background wear a basic white top with the words “ Look At Her Butt” written in bold pink letters. You can buy a plain pink top and pink sweatpants with pink lipstick, and you are good to go.

Don’t forget about the pink thong sticking out, some gym equipment, and a long black wig if you want to make it extra Nicki Minaj. With this outfit and a golden chain, you won’t go unnoticed.

Pro tip: This look is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to put that much effort into making a costume but still resembles the queen of rap.


  • Colors: Pink/White
  • Event: “The Anaconda” music video
  • Wig: Long black hair/wig
  • Difficult to recreate: 2/10


  • Easy to recreate/ buy
  • One of the most popular looks
  • Comfortable clothes


  • Not a very extravagant costume

Super Bass Look

Super Bass Look

The track “Super Bass” launched Nicki’s musical career, and it is one of her most popular diamond-certified singles. She wore a pink and white giraffe jumpsuit with a half blonde half pink wig.

The look is very extravagant, and everyone will know who you are. You can buy the giraffe jumpsuit, or you can make one. If you want to make one, you can use a plain long white jumpsuit and just make giraffe patterns with pink and white colors.

For the wig, you can buy a blonde/yellow long wig and just color one half with pink color. Don’t forget the thick pink and yellow bracelets, long eyelashes, and colorful eyeshadow to complete your costume.

Pro tip: This look is perfect for those who want to remake her unique look without a lot of effort.


  • Colors: Pink/White
  • Event: “Super Bass” music video
  • Wig: Half blonde/ yellow, half pink
  • Difficult to recreate: 5/10


  • Extravagant and colorful
  • A very popular Nicki Minaj look
  • Includes makeup and accessories
  • Comfortable costume


  • You need to color both the wig and the jumpsuit

Pound the Alarm Look

Pound the Alarm Look Nicki Minaj

“Pound the Alarm” is another upbeat song by Nicki Minaj, and in the video, the rapper wears a red and orange carnival look. For this colorful and extravagant costume, you will need:

  • Long, curly, blonde wig
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Black bra and black shorts
  • A lot of red/yellow and silver jewels
  • Long, thin, golden chains
  • Red and orange feathers

You will need to glue the colorful yellows all over your bra and cover most of the black area. Glue the same jewels on the front of your black shorts. You need to wait a couple of hours until the glue has dried.

In the meantime, you need to make your feather construction. I suggest you cut out a piece of styrofoam in the shape of angel wings. Color them red and orange, and start gluing feathers. You will need long and short feathers to cover the whole construction and more.

Use a rubber band to get the construction on your shoulders. Put on your fishnet and black stockings, and then put on your bedazzled bra and shorts. Put on your gold long chains.

Pro tip: Her look can serve as an amazing costume if you want to skip her traditional pink looks and spend some time creating your Nicki Minaj costume.


  • Colors: yellow, silver, black, red, orange
  • Event: “Pound the Alarm” music video
  • Wig: Long, curly, blonde wig
  • Difficult to recreate: 9/10


  • Colorful and fun
  • A very popular Nicki Minaj look
  • Includes a wig and a costume


  • Hard to make
  • Uncomfortable
  • Expensive

Blick Blick Look

Blick Blick Nicki Minaj

One of Nicki Minaj’s new looks is definitely her “Blick Blick” music video with Coi Leray. Nicki rocked two fresh new looks in this music video, but the easier one to recreate is her pink bob and black leather outfit.

All you need for this costume is a short pink bob, a leather shirt with thick straps, and matching leather leggings. You will need some long eyelashes and a flashy chain to match the outfit.


  • Colors: pink, black
  • Event: “Blick Blick” music video
  • Wig: Short pink bob wig
  • Difficult to recreate: 4/10


  • Easy to recreate
  • One of her recent looks
  • Includes a wig and a costume


  • Too basic

Pink Latex VMA’s Look

Pink Latex VMA's Look

Nicki Minaj didn’t just dress up for her music videos but for awards shows too. One of her all-time looks that can make a pretty good costume is her pink latex VMA look.

The rapper wore a pink latex bodysuit from head to toe for the award show, with her iconic half blonde half pink long wig. As for accessories, all you need are a silver choker, thick hoop earrings, and thick silver bracelets.

You can find a basic pink latex bodysuit easily, and for the top, you can cut out any pink fabric in the right shape and glue it to the back and front of the corset. As for the wig, you can buy a long blonde wig and just color one side with pink dye.

Pro tip: This is an amazing look for all of you who want to rock a classic Nicki Minaj look with a bit of effort.


  • Colors: pink, silver
  • Event: VMA’s
  • Wig: Half blonde half pink long wig
  • Difficult to recreate: 6/10


  • Has a bit more jewellery
  • One of her recent looks
  • Includes a wig and a costume


  • Uncomfortable 

Chun Li look

Nicki Minaj Chun Li

Nicki Minaj wore Fendi and Chinese buns for her “Chun Li” music video. Her look instantly became popular with the bars “Fendi prints on,” which is why it makes a great costume.

For this costume, you will need a long black wig ( if you have long natural hair, then no need). Divide your hair into half and create two buns. You can stick two Chinese sticks in it for the whole look. The triangle earrings are a “must” for this look, so make sure they are gold and big.

You will need a brown jumpsuit, glue some fur to the front, or wear a brown fur vest for the costume. You can create the famous “F” letter with paper or some other fabric on the vest. You can wear whatever you want for the bottom; you just need black boots.

You should have pink lipstick, thick eyeliner, golden eyeshadow, and some fake eyelashes for makeup

Pro tip: This costume is perfect if you want a more subtle golden look but still make an entrance with it.


  • Colors: brown, black, gold
  • Event: “Chun Li” music video
  • Wig: Black buns
  • Difficult to recreate: 4/10


  • Iconic Nicki look
  • Easy to recreate
  • Different hairstyle
  • You might not need a wi


  • Basic 

“The Boys” Look

Nicki Minaj The Boyz

If you want a more colorful wig, you should copy the look from her music video “The Boys” ft. Cassie.

Nicki rocked a short blue wig with some violet highlights in this video. You will need a yellow top and some black leggings with yellow circles for the wardrobe. You will need a golden chain and some blue high-heels to finish the look.

If you can’t find those colorful leggings, you can buy basic black leggings and cut out yellow circles from another fabric. Glue them to the leggings, and you are good to go. As for makeup, you will need some pink lipstick and a pink eyeliner to make a cut crease.

If you can’t find a blue wig, you can color a short blonde wig, but don’t forget the violet highlights on the back of the wig. You can curl the end of the wig for the perfect look.


  • Colors: yellow, black, pink, blue, violet
  • Event: “The Boyz “music video
  • Wig: Blue short wig with violet highlights
  • Difficult to recreate: 8/10


  • The most colorful look
  • interesting wig
  • Different hairstyle
  • Fun makeup


  • The yellow leggings can look bad


Question: How do You Dress Up as Nicki Minaj?

Answer: If you want to dress up as Nicki Minaj, you should wear tight bodysuits, fun leggings, and crazy high heels. Don’t forget colorful hair, big earrings, and a chain. Neon and animal prints are also part of Nicki’s wardrobe.

Question: How to do Your Makeup Like Nicki Minaj?

Answer: If you want to do your makeup like Nicki Minaj, go for a nude shadow, her iconic thick, black winged eyeliner, and pale pink lips. Try green eyeshadow or a pink eyeliner if you want something more extravagant.

Question: Who Dressed Up as Nicki Minaj?

Answer: Lil Nas X, the famous “ Old Town Road” rapper and singer, dressed as Nicki Minaj for Halloween 2020. He recreated her iconic “ Super Bass” pink look with the outfit, wig, and the scenery around him.


A Nicki Minaj costume is an excellent choice if you want to play with colors, designs, and wigs. If you want something simple but stunning, you can choose the “ Anaconda” look or the “ Chun Li” look. If you are crafty and want to create an extravagant look, go for the “ Pound The Alarm” look or “ The Boys.”

Whatever look you choose, you won’t make a mistake because everyone will know your costume. I have picked Nicki’s most popular look throughout the years, so you can pick the era you know best.

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