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When you think about the coolest rappers in the game, who do you think of? Perhaps your mind first wanders to GOATs such as Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Eminem, or maybe you’re into more recent rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, Yeat, and Bladee.

I appreciate all periods of hip-hop and will always have respect for both old and new artists, but I’ve always had a soft spot for that early 2000s hip-hop style found in the music of artists such as Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne is a dude – I’ve got enormous respect for him. Whilst many people critiqued his music at the time, he revolutionized a more modern and electronic take on hip-hop, laying the foundations for trap and drill artists all around the world.

However, he didn’t stop there – Lil Wayne has launched tons of side hustles including a clothing brand called TRUKFIT and even a record label called Young Money entertainment.

However, my favorite side hustle from Lil Wayne has to be his liquor range. You heard that right – Lil Wayne has a serious passion for liquor, and he’s turned this passion into a business venture ever since 2018.

So, what is his liquor like, and which is the best? These are great questions – let’s take a deep dive into this Lil Wayne liquor guide!

Bottom Line Up Front: Lil Wayne is passionate about liquor, particularly rum, with one of his favorite rum brands being Bumbu.

Whilst Bumbu produces three different flavors of rum, Lil Wayne personally collaborated with the brand on the design of the Limited Edition Funeral Bumbu XO bottle, and it’s a must-have in the collection of any Lil Wayne fan or rum enthusiast.

What Kind of Liquor does Lil Wayne Love the Most?

Bumbu liqers

Liquor is a broad term – it could mean anything from vodka to Baileys, so let’s be a little more specific. As you can imagine, Lil Wayne’s alcohol choices are all about class, quality, and style, just like the rapper himself.

Can you imagine Lil Wayne creating a vodka or gin distillery? There’s a time and a place for those drinks, but there are far more tasty and complexly flavored liquors out there.

One such example is rum, and this is the liquor that Lil Wayne has been obsessed with ever since he reached the legal age of 21 to drink in the U.S.

Search through some of his old music videos and you will see countless shots of him sipping rum, pouring some out of a bottle, and generally incorporating the drink into his style.

There are tons of pictures of Lil Wayne with a rum bottle, and plenty of lyrics, interviews, and social media messages that back up his passion for the drink.

So naturally, once Lil Wayne decided that he wanted to take his passion to the next level and start his liquor-based business venture, he of course chose to be associated with rum.

However, he did not build a new distillery or start a new business entirely, instead, he partnered up with one of the greatest rum producers in the world – Bumbu.

Bumbu – The History of Barbados’ Favourite Rum

Most people are aware that rum originated in the Caribbean islands, although most people believe that it was first created in Jamaica. This is simply not true – in fact, it was created on the tropical islands of Barbados, with the first known concoction being brewed back 400 years ago!

Whilst rum is produced all over the world, there’s just something different about rum from Barbados – they are crafted with more organic and natural ingredients, processed more naturally, and complex flavors are balanced perfectly by true rum connoisseurs.

One of the greatest Barbados-based rum producers in the world is Bumbu the company claims to handpick the finest sugarcane for its different types of rum, and guarantee that its rums are complex and rich in flavor, whilst remaining smooth and exceptionally balanced.

The company also operates from Panama, due to the abundance of sugar cane and necessary resources.

So, what does all this have to do with Lil Wayne? Well, Lil Wayne was looking for one of the OG rum producers in the Caribbean, focusing on finding an authentic producer to partner with.

As a rum enthusiast, he had drunk Bumbu rum on many occasions and thought it was fantastic, so it’s no surprise that he headed straight to the business to see if they could work together.

Ultimately, this led to Bumbu partnering with Lil Wayne in a marketing campaign, and this relationship led to the brand releasing two new types of bottled rum.

Lil Wayne’s name is all over the product and I do not doubt that he used his passion for rum to help the brand develop these new products.

Can Anyone Purchase Lil Wayne X Bumbu Liquor?

Bumbu liqer

When famous artists such as Lil Wayne partner with huge brand names such as Bumbu, it is often assumed that the resulting products will be collector’s items. After all, there are countless Bumbu rum bottles in the world, but how many were actually produced in 2018 during their collaboration?

Well, I’m happy to say that you won’t have to worry about this – the product is readily available, and therefore anyone can indeed purchase Lil Wayne liquor.

However, there is of course a serious exception, and that is that Lil Wayne and Bumbu’s liquors are only purchasable by people of alcohol-drinking legal age. In the U.S. this is 21, but in most other countries it is 18, and it essential that you familiarise yourself with these rules.

If you try to purchase Lil Wayne liquor under the age of legal drinking, you could be risking your health, receive a huge fine, or even face legal action!

Overall, despite the unique collaboration between Lil Wayne and Bumbu, there were plenty of these bottles produced and you shouldn’t have any problem finding them. Just don’t forget to get that Photo ID ready, because whether you’re purchasing in a store or online, they’re going to want to check you are of drinking age!

What To Keep in Mind When Purchasing Lil Wayne Liquor

Now that you’re more familiarized with Lil Wayne and his Bumbu rum collaboration, let’s take a more detailed look at the kind of products offered and what you should keep in mind when browsing them.

Believe it or not, there are only three different types of Bumbu rum, but this will still require you to make an informed choice (unless you choose to buy all three, of course!)

The Taste

The first criteria that I would recommend you use when purchasing Lil Wayne liquor should not come as a surprise to you – you need to consider the taste!

Whilst there is no denying that there are other reasons to enjoy a fancy bottle of liquor such as the appearance of the bottle, you are probably going to want to crack open the bottle and try it as soon as it arrives.

Firstly, consider whether you like the taste of rum. If you’re a huge fan of Lil Wayne like me, this may not be your priority. You might simply be purchasing your Lil Wayne Bumbu bottle to support your favorite artist and add something new to your merch collection.

However, it’s certainly going to help if you enjoy the taste of rum because trust me, Lil Wayne and Bumbu have put some serious effort into making this rum taste incredible.

Assuming you enjoy the taste of rum, you’re now going to need to decide which Lil Wayne liquor you will enjoy the taste of the most because there are three different flavors.

Perhaps you’re looking for a tropical rum blend, Lil Wayne’s hand-crafted recipe, or even something completely different such as a Creme Liquor!

I’m simply going to have to try out all of these flavors, but if you’re on a budget, you don’t want to fork out the cash for a bottle of Crème Liquor only to discover that it’s not your cup of tea! Luckily, each bottle has a beautifully described flavor profile to go along with it, and we’ll be checking those out in more detail shortly.

The Aesthetic

Let’s say that you despise the taste of rum, but you love Lil Wayne and his passion for liquor, and you simply want to add some cool-looking merch to your collection.

Alternatively, perhaps you are a huge fan of rum but simply have no preference in terms of flavor, liking the sound of everything that Lil Wayne and Bumbu have to offer. If you fit into either of these categories, the flavor is not going to help you – you should instead pick the bottle that looks coolest to you!

This might sound silly – surely liquor is supposed to be drunk and not admired for its appearance? Well, this is true, but you cannot beat the aesthetic of a finely crafted liquor bottle.

Take a look at the pictures of Lil Wayne and Bumbu’s rum bottles and you’ll immediately see what I mean. Each of the three bottles looks seriously cool, although they each have a different aesthetic and would fit nicely into their specific collections.

The perfect solution to this conundrum would of course be to purchase all three – you could then add them to their respective collections or color-coordinate them.

However, not everyone can go around buying three bottles of premium rum, so I would instead simply recommend that you start by purchasing the bottle that looks coolest to you.

Again, it’s important to remember that flavor is the key criterion here, but if you don’t have a flavor preference, don’t drink alcohol, or simply do not like the taste of rum, go by aesthetic – it’s as simple as that.

Extra Features

This final criterion of ‘extra features’ may sound odd because after all, you’re purchasing a bottle of liquor – not a gaming PC! However, throughout my research, I have realized that there are opportunities to get a little more bang for your buck by choosing Bumbu and Lil Wayne products that offer extra features.

The first extra feature concerns the official project that Lil Wayne and Bumbu collaborated on – the Bumbu XO craft rum bottle. Now, when this collaboration first took place, bottles were being produced that includes an amazing Lil Wayne cartoon printed onto the rear side.

It looked amazing, but marketing campaigns only last so long and alas, this means that Bumbu has stopped circulating these.

Therefore, it can be pretty difficult to get your hands on any Bumbu bottle that has an official mention of Lil Wayne on it, so this is something to consider if you’re looking for the perfect merch.

The second extra feature that I have seen when researching Lil Wayne liquor products is bottles that are bundled with a drinking glass. Not just any glass though – a finely crafted rum drinking glass that can feature a custom engraving.

I think this is a fantastic feature because you could get anything engraved from your name or “Lil Wayne” to your favorite Lil Wayne quote or song title. It provides a unique opportunity for you to add a one-of-a-kind piece to your Lil Wayne merch collection.

My Top Lil Wayne Liquor Guide Products

Despite the niche nature of this topic, we’ve covered rather a lot of information in this Lil Wayne liquor guide – we’ve explored the roots of Lil Wayne’s passion for liquor, his collaboration with Bumbu, and of course the features that you should consider when buying Lil Wayne liquor.

However, this guide wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t aggregate all of my research into some product recommendations, so that’s exactly what I’m about to show you!

The Original Bumbu Rum 70cl

The Original Bumbu Rum 70cl

Suppose you’re a serious Lil Wayne fan like me. In that case, you might have already made your mind up earlier when I mentioned the official Lil Wayne Bumbu XO rum collaboration, and whilst I certainly follow your logic, it’s worth considering purchasing The Original Bumbu Rum.

Something to remember is the XO collaboration happened solely because of Lil Wayne’s passion for the original flavor of Bumbu Rum, so in a way, I think this original bottle is an excellent piece of Lil Wayne memorabilia.

This rum is crafted by Bumbu with some of the finest sugarcane in the Caribbean and South America, sourced from local sustainable farms to prevent the product from negatively affecting the local environment and industry.

The taste profile is sweet and tropical with hints of warm spice and caramelized bananas, complemented delightfully by the liquor’s caramel color.


  • The original Bumbu rum that inspired Lil Wayne’s XO collaboration
  • A delightful tropical taste profile features spice-tinted caramelized banana
  • Produced from sustainably sourced Caribbean and South American sugar cane
  • The transparent glass bottle allows you to see the gorgeous caramel-colored rum
  • You know it’s legit when it’s sealed by a cork!


  • Whilst this drink greatly inspired Lil Wayne’s passion for liquor, it was not produced in collaboration with him

Bumbu Limited Edition Rum Gift Set with 2 Glasses

Bumbu Limited Edition Rum Gift Set with 2 Glasses

Remember thinking I was crazy when I mentioned looking for “extra features” when purchasing Lil Wayne liquor? Well, hopefully, this next product will make things a little clearer – it’s the majestic Bumbu Limited Edition Rum Gift Set with 2 Glasses.

This product features the same 70cl Original Bumbu rum bottle that we just investigated, but with a twist – it’s packaged in a stunning gift box complete with two limited edition official Bumbu rum glasses!

Whilst the bottle itself is identical, these two deluxe glasses make this the perfect way for your Original Bumbu bottle to stand out. The glasses are of excellent quality and are the perfect size for a rum-based beverage, and they feature a large engraved cross, representing Bumbu’s official logo.

Whilst this product costs significantly more than a standard Bumbu Original 70cl bottle, it’s a small additional price to pay considering the high-quality gift box and glasses bundle.

Whether you’re buying it for your collection or to surprise a friend on their birthday, it’s a truly special product and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lil Wayne owns a set himself.


  • Features a 70cl Original Bumbu bottle
  • Bundled with two limited edition Bumbu rum glasses
  • The packaging is beautiful and would make for a perfect gift
  • There’s just something that feels right about drinking Bumbu from an official Bumbu glass


  • Expensive considering you’re only getting 70cl of rum, but the glasses certainly make up for this

Bumbu Cream Rum Liqueur

Bumbu Cream Rum Liqueur

When I get home from a long day at work, there’s no better feeling than uncorking a bottle of Original Bumbu rum and having some alone time to sit back, relax, and listen to my favorite Lil Wayne playlist. However, there are some occasions where regular rum simply doesn’t hit the mark.

Perhaps you are proposing a toast to the success of a friend, or maybe you are relaxing with your family at Christmas and fancy something a little sweeter.

Well, the Bumbu Cream Rum Liqueur is going to be an absolute winner in those circumstances. By combining the tropical flavors of Original Bumbu Rum with real dairy cream, Bumbu went above and beyond to create a creamy, smooth, and unbelievably moreish cream liqueur drink.

It’s not too heavy like a lot of cream liqueurs on the market, finding a perfect balance between rum, cream, and complex spices and aromas such as cinnamon, chai, and coconut.

It’s not going to be for everyone, and I know many people who find cream liqueur a little bit too sweet for their tastebuds. However, I also know plenty of people who prefer it to straight rum, and I’m certain that even the most die-hard of rum fans like Lil Wayne would find a special place in their hearts for this tasty treat.


  • Bumbu Original Rum combined with dairy cream and perfectly-balanced spices
  • Features a texture and smoothness that simply is not possible with pure rum
  • The white and gold bottle would look truly fantastic when placed correctly in a liquor collection


  • The production of this rum is not associated with Lil Wayne, although I’d be amazed if he didn’t own a bottle himself!
  • While the white and gold design is pretty classy, it won’t look right alongside clear glass bottles (unless it’s the Bumbu Original of course!)

Bumbu XO Craft Rum with Customizable Engraved Tumbler

Bumbu XO Craft Rum With Customizable Engraved Tumbler

We’re getting to more authentic Lil Wayne liquor territory now with the Bumbu XO Craft Rum, because if you google “Lil Wayne Bumbu Rum”, you’ll notice that the bottles look almost identical.

However, you would be mistaken – this is the Bumbu XO Craft Rum standard edition bottle, and this is sadly the bottle design that is in mass circulation.

Whilst it doesn’t feature any mention of Lil Wayne on the bottle, it is still comprised of a craft rum recipe that Lil Wayne personally collaborated on and gave official approval!

It’s a truly tasty sipping rum featuring aromas of toasted oak, toffee, vanilla, orange zest, and peppery spice, and I have to say that it’s the tastiest Bumbu product that I have tried.

It doesn’t stop there though – this particular product listing comes with a bundled gift-wrapped rum tumbler which can be customized to feature your very own engraving!

This could simply read “Lil Wayne”, your favorite Lil Wayne lyric, or perhaps just your name. Either way, I love that this allows you to have a special edition Bumbu XO bottle, even if it isn’t the Lil Wayne Limited Edition Funeral version.


  • The most similar Bumbu bottle to Lil Wayne’s official product without it being the real deal
  • Gorgeous craft-rum recipe featuring unique hints of toasted oak, orange zest, and more
  • A deep and dark black bottle aesthetic
  • Includes a glass tumbler perfect for rum sipping
  • The glass can be engraved with a custom message about Lil Wayne of up to four lines!


  • Whilst it looks similar, it’s still not the same as the official Lil Wayne XO bottle

Bumbu XO Rum Lil Wayne Funeral Limited Edition

Bumbu XO Rum Lil Wayne Funeral Limited Edition

It took some trawling through the deep depths of the internet, but I finally hit the holy grail – a website that sells the official Bumbu XO Rum Lil Wayne Funeral Limited edition, and boy was I glad to find this.

I found tons of places that sold the Bumbu XO Rum with some even mentioning Lil Wayne in the listing, but none of the pictures or product descriptions seemed to suggest the product was official.

However, with this product you will notes the words “Lil Wayne Funeral” are printed on the side of the bottle, celebrating the release of Lil Wayne’s 13th album “Funeral”.

On the back of the bottle, you will also see a fantastic color cartoon depiction of Lil Wayne, making it an irreplaceable piece in any Lil Wayne merchandise collection.

You won’t notice any difference in the flavor of this bottle compared to the standard Bumbu XO rum – it’s just an aesthetic difference, but at the same price as a regular bottle, you’d be crazy to miss it. Just make sure that you look carefully to identify if it’s the correct bottle.


  • The official Lil Wayne and Bumbu collaboration bottle
  • The same gorgeous craft taste as regular Bumbu XO
  • Features an epic cartoon drawing of Lil Wayne along with his logo and the album name “Funeral”
  • The same price as a standard bottle of Bumbu XO


  • Whilst it’s not considered rare, it can be difficult to find this limited edition bottle, and many liquor retailers deceive customers by including Lil Wayne’s name in the title despite it being a regular bottle of Bumbu XO


Sheesh, we sure have covered a ton of information in this Lil Wayne liquor guide! We’d like to leave you with some bitesize information that summarizes everything we’ve covered today, so make sure you read the answers to the following FAQs!

Question: What Is Lil Wayne’s Favourite Liquor?

Answer: Lil Wayne’s favorite type of liquor is rum, more specifically Bumbu rum, and this passion even led to the legendary collaboration that was Bumbu XO Funeral Edition.

Question: Does Lil Wayne Have His Own Liquor Brand?

Answer: Whilst Lil Wayne does not own his own liquor brand, he has collaborated with Bumbu in the past to create his own limited edition XO bottle.

Question: Can Anyone Buy Lil Wayne Liquor?

Answer: Whilst the Limited Edition Bumbu XO Funeral bottle can be difficult to find online, it is available and anyone can purchase it as long as they are legally allowed to drink alcohol in their country or state of residence.

Final Thoughts

Well, you won’t find a more definitive Lil Wayne liquor guide than that! I hope you enjoyed learning about Lil Wayne’s passion for rum, and I truly hope you can get your hands on the beautiful piece of memorabilia that is the Bumbu XO Limited Funeral Edition.

Don’t forget to read reviews and check product listings carefully to ensure you’re not being deceived into buying a regular bottle of Bumbu XO, and most importantly, don’t feel bad if you can’t find the official Funeral bottle, because all Bumbu bottles are delicious and have the approval of Lil Wayne himself!

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