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Eminem is a living legend in the hip hop community. He made a huge mark on the music industry in the early 2000s with all his shenanigans and top-quality music, and today when he releases songs, they very quickly climb the charts with relative ease.

He’s always been one of my favorite rappers, and I love sitting at my drum kit and jamming to Slim Shady tunes whenever I can. If you’re looking for some Eminem merch to get, sweatshirts are an excellent option to go with. They’re both trendy and practical, looking amazing and protecting you from cold weather. In this guide, I’m going to explain how to find a good Eminem sweatshirt and give you a few recommended suggestions.

till i collapse sweatshirt

Bottom Line Up Front

All the highest-quality Eminem sweatshirts come from his own official merch store. His personal merch brand has some of the best clothing designs that I have seen on any Eminem merch. However, there are excellent options that you can find on Amazon and Redbubble as well.

Out of all the sweatshirts and hoodies that I’ve mentioned below, the Official Eminem Till I Collapse Crewneck (Grey) is my favorite option. The style and fit are exactly what I want when I consider getting a sweatshirt, and the design references one of Eminem’s best songs.

My Top Picks at a Glance

Eminem Sweatshirt Buying Guide

Sweatshirts vs Hoodies

Before we get to the rest of the article, I think it’s important to clear any potential confusion between what is considered a hoodie and what is considered a sweatshirt. Starting off with sweatshirts, they’re basically shirts with thicker material that makes them feel a lot more snug to wear. They’re excellent for cold weather, and they also feel loose enough to wear when doing athletic activities.

A sweatshirt can either have no hood, or it can have a hood, pockets, or a zipper. A sweatshirt with a hood sounds just like a hoodie, right? Well, it is. While all the fashion experts will tell you about the exact differences between the two, I’ve found that hoodies and sweatshirts are the same things when it comes to band merch.

When looking for Eminem merchandise to keep you warm, you’ll find a lot more when you look out for both names. I’ve found that many of the options even have both names in the title anyway. I just thought this was worth mentioning within the buying guide so you don’t get confused.

Where to Buy Eminem Sweatshirts

The first place you should look when buying Eminem sweatshirts is the official Eminem merch store. Eminem has an amazing clothing line, with most of the clothes in the line being signified with the letter E. All the sweatshirts here are meticulously crafted to feel comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting.

While most of the sweatshirts you’ll find there refer to either Eminem or songs that he’s released, a few of them are simply fashionable options to wear on any occasion.

My other suggested places are Amazon and Redbubble. Amazon is a central hub for clothing brands to sell their stock. I often feel safer buying through Amazon rather than straight from companies that I don’t know too much about. You get better customer service that way.

Redbubble is a platform for print-on-demand merch. This means that independent artists create designs, and then Redbubble gets those designs printed on items of clothing. When you see an Eminem sweatshirt on Redbubble, it means someone has independently designed it.

The sweatshirts you find here won’t be officially licensed, but you’ll be able to find unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Also, Redbubble has a good reputation for producing quality clothing, so you don’t need to worry about getting a poor-quality sweatshirt.

What Makes a Great Eminem Sweatshirt?

High-quality material is definitely a must-have when it comes to sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are what you should wear when dressing casually or doing something athletic, so they need to feel comfortable on your body. Apart from comfort, a great Eminem sweatshirt should have an interesting design. It should show that you’re an Eminem fan, and it should allow you to spark up conversations with people that see you wearing it.

All the best Eminem sweatshirts celebrate Eminem’s career in some way. Some have lyrics on them, some have pictures of Eminem on them, and others have album names and track lists.

eminem sweatshirt


Sweatshirts and pullover hoodies range from $30 to $70. Sweatshirts with no hood are typically the most affordable options you can find, while larger sweatshirts with hoods and kangaroo pockets are a lot pricier. Zipper hoodies are typically the most expensive. However, I haven’t mentioned any Eminem zipper hoodies in my list of suggestions below.

The price of Eminem sweatshirts may surprise you compared to the prices of standard sweatshirts, but artist merch is typically always more expensive than merch that comes from standard clothing brands apart from luxury ones.


When buying an Eminem sweatshirt, the size of it is something that you should heavily consider. I’ve found the sizes from the official Eminem store sweatshirts to be quite accurate. So, you’ll have no issues when getting regular sizes that you typically would get.

The complications might come when buying sweatshirts from Redbubble and Amazon. It’s quite common for sweatshirts to feel a bit smaller than what they’re advertised at, so you should consider getting one size bigger when buying from those platforms.

When I’m worried about this, I always make sure to check user reviews on the platforms. There are typically people that mention the size being too small. Oversized sweatshirts are very trendy, so it’s always better to get one that is too big rather than one that is too small!

Selection Criteria

In all my suggestions below, I’ve made sure to select sweatshirts and hoodies that celebrate different stages of Eminem’s career. I’ve also chosen a variety of design options, some with hoods and some without.

Lastly, the prices vary quite significantly, so there are affordable options to check out, as well as some pricier options with more luxurious designs. I made sure to pick something for everyone. If you’re an Eminem fan, at least one of my suggested sweatshirts will appeal to you.

Best Eminem Sweatshirts to Buy

Official Eminem The Way I Am Cropped Hoodie

Official Eminem The Way I Am Cropped Hoodie

My first suggestion on this list is one for the ladies. It’s a cropped hoodie, allowing you to either wear it with high-waisted pants or to show a bit of skin if you want to. My wife is a huge high-waisted pants fan, so this was her top pick for this list.

The hoodie has the title The Way I Am on it, which is one of Eminem’s highly popular songs from his The Marshall Mathers LP album.

I’ve always found this to be one of Eminem’s most emotional tracks. It’s a bit darker than most of what he was releasing at the time, both in the lyrics and in the instrumentation. The constant sound of a heavy bell does a lot to enhance the grittiness and aggressiveness of his voice.

The downside of this hoodie is that you can’t get it in a small size.


  • Refers to The Way I Am, which is a popular Eminem song
  • Cropped design
  • Made specifically for women


  • No small size available

Official Eminem Kamikaze Green Hoodie

Official Eminem Kamikaze Green Hoodie

This next hoodie pays tribute to Kamikaze, which was an album that Eminem released in 2018. Eminem fans are fairly divided when it comes to this album and the one he released previous to it called Revival. However, I think it was a fantastic album, and this hoodie is a great option for other people who like it.

The album cover art has a picture of a fighter jet, so this hoodie continues that theme with its military green color.

The Japanese writing on top of the album name on this hoodie means “death without defeat.” That goes along with many of the themes of the album, which is cool! The back of the hoodie has the date that the album was released written vertically.

This is one of the more expensive options on this list. It looks fantastic, but it comes at a fairly high cost.


  • References Kamikaze, which is the album Eminem released in 2018
  • Military green color looks epic
  • Looks good on both men and women


  • Expensive

Official Eminem Orange Jumpsuit Hoodie

Official Eminem Orange Jumpsuit Hoodie

The orange jumpsuit is an outfit that Eminem often wore when performing live on stage around the early 2000s. This particular picture of Eminem is one that I’ve seen on a fairly popular poster, so it’s awesome to have it on a sweatshirt as well.

The front of the sweatshirt is quite simplistic, as it only has Eminem’s name written on it in striking capital letters. The back of the sweatshirt is the most interesting part, as that has a large picture of Eminem wearing a prison outfit.

Behind Eminem is his name written multiple times. The whole design looks incredible, with the names that are written behind him giving the image a lot of depth.


  • Great picture of Eminem on the back
  • Simple design on the front
  • Inspired by an outfit that Eminem wore a lot in the early 2000s


  • None

Official Eminem Slim Shady Crewneck (Black)

Official Eminem Slim Shady Crewneck (Black)

This next option is a straightforward crewneck sweatshirt. It’s arguably the simplest design on this whole list, but it has so much depth to it.

Slim Shady is Eminem’s alternate persona, and it’s a persona that is incredibly well-known in the music world. Most non-Eminem fans know who Slim Shady is, so they’ll know that this is a piece of Eminem merch when you’re wearing it.

I love the look of this crewneck. I’d wear it all day even if it didn’t have any writing or branding on it. So, it’s a huge plus that it has Slim Shady’s name written across the front. This design was my top choice in my Eminem Shirt Guide, so it’s great to have the option of getting it in sweatshirt form as well.

Unfortunately, there’s no 3XL size available, so you’ll need to get one of the hoodies from the site if that’s your size.


  • Minimalistic design is fantastic
  • Highlights Eminem’s alter ego
  • Crewneck sweatshirts are very comfortable


  • No 3XL size available

Official Eminem Till I Collapse Crewneck (Grey)

Official Eminem Till I Collapse Crewneck (Grey)

Sticking with the topic of crewneck sweatshirts, here’s another interesting option from the Eminem store. This one is grey, and it has the title Till I Collapse on it.

This track is interesting as it wasn’t too popular when it was released. It formed part of Eminem’s The Eminem Show album, and it was never released as a single. Since then, it’s become one of the most-streamed Eminem songs on Spotify, beating the numbers of many of his higher-rated tracks.

So, it’s clearly a song that people love to listen to on repeat. It’s on my essential gym playlist, so that checks out!

The sweatshirt design is simplistic, with the song name and the backward E that you see on many of Eminem’s merch items. I love that it’s grey. I think everyone should have a grey sweatshirt in their wardrobe and having a touch of Eminem on it makes it a lot better.


  • Has the name of one of Eminem’s most listened to songs on Spotify
  • Grey sweatshirts are an essential wardrobe piece


  • Also, no 3XL size available

Official Eminem Powerline Hoodie


My final suggestion from the Eminem store is this Powerline hoodie. It doesn’t reference anything. It just has an awesome picture of Eminem on the back. A straightforward design like this is often what most people are looking for to show their support for Eminem, so this hoodie is right up there in my list of options.

It’s the same base hoodie design as the other Eminem store options. However, this hoodie has more red than white in its design, with all the names being written in red.

The picture of Eminem on the back is an action pose with him pretending to hold a gun, which is so hip hop. I love it, and you’ll probably love it too. If you’re not a fan of guns and gun signs, I’d suggest getting one of the other options on this list.


  • Great picture of Eminem on the back
  • One of the most outwardly Eminem-inspired sweatshirts I’ve mentioned


  • Eminem is pretending to hold a gun in the picture, which many people may not like

Nedal Unisex Eminem Rap Jacket

Nedal Unisex Hoodie Rap Jacket Fleece Hip Coat Adult Hop Sweatshirt Front Pocket

Moving away from the options on the official Eminem store, this next suggestion is fairly different in many areas. It’s a classic hooded sweatshirt with a very casual fit. The design refers to Recovery, which was the album that Eminem released in 2010. I was one of Eminem’s biggest fans at that stage, so this sweatshirt stands out the most to me.

The standout feature of this option compared to the rest is that you get multiple colors. You can get it in black, blue, grey, navy, or red. You can also get an x-small version, which none of the sweatshirts on the Eminem store have.

Something to note about this sweatshirt is that it’s a bit tighter at the bottom than you may expect. I feel quite secure when wearing sweatshirts like this, but you may feel differently. If you find it too tight, you’re not going to feel comfortable when wearing it.


  • References Eminem’s Recovery album
  • Multiple color options
  • You can get an x-small version


  • Very tight at the bottom

Eminem Pattern Pullover Hoodie

Eminem Pattern Pullover Hoodie

If you’re looking for something a bit quirkier than what I’ve suggested so far, you’ll love this option. This sweatshirt has five drawings of Eminem in different performance poses. These poses are anchored by two backward E’s, which is Eminem’s signature brand logo.

Since this sweatshirt is from Redbubble, you can opt to have the print design placed on either the front or back. I would personally prefer to have it on the back, but it looks great on the front as well.

You get eight color options, which are black, oatmeal heather, charcoal heather, heather grey, dark blue, blue, white, and pale pink. All those colors look epic, except for oatmeal heather and white. The graphic is white, so you can’t see it on those two color options.


  • Multiple color options
  • Quirky design
  • Option to have the graphic on the front or back


  • You can’t see the graphic on two of the color options


Question: Why Does Eminem Call Himself Slim Shady?

Answer: Slim Shady is an alternate ego that Eminem uses to rap about dark and controversial topics. Rappers would typically get a lot of backlash for rapping about that kind of content, but Eminem blames it on Slim Shady and not himself. Naturally, he still gets a lot of backlash, but it’s a fun concept!
He created the name when he was part of D12. D12 was a band that he formed with other rappers in Detroit. There were only six of them in the group, so all of them created alternate names and alter egos to fit the name of the band. Eminem’s name was Slim Shady because he was very thin, and he rapped about dark topics.

Question: Who are Eminem’s Biggest Influences?

Answer: Eminem has many influences that he’s openly admitted to having. When he was a kid, he loved listening to Run DMC, The Beastie Boys, Kool G Rap, and LL Cool J.
In ‘Til I Collapse, Eminem raps a few lines where he mentions Jay-Z, 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Reggie, Kurupt, Andre from Outkast, Nas, and Jada as major players in the hip hop industry. I can only assume that he’s influenced by those artists as well.

Question: Who Has Eminem Had Beef With?

Answer: Eminem has had beef with so many other famous people. Having feuds with other artists or actors is a major part of the hip hop industry. The most recent feud that I can remember was his one with Machine Gun Kelly.
MGK referenced Eminem’s daughter in a tweet several years ago, and Eminem ended up banning him from his radio station. A few songs were released with lines from the rappers dissing each other, and it culminated with Eminem releasing Killshot, a track that seemingly ended the feud with Eminem on top.
Here’s a list of other artists that Eminem has had feuds with over the years:
• Mariah Carey
• Nick Cannon
• Will Smith
• Insane Clown Posse
• Ja Rule
• Moby
• Christina Aguilera

Question: What Awards Has Eminem Won?

Answer: Eminem has won numerous awards over his career. His biggest award is arguably the Oscar that he won for Lose Yourself. It was on the soundtrack for 8 Mile, which was a movie that he played the main character in.
Apart from that, he’s won eight American Music Awards, 15 Grammy Awards, and countless other music awards from other platforms. While he’s not the most awarded rapper in the world, he’s certainly up there at the top.

Question: How Did Eminem Get His Name?

Answer: Eminem’s stage name is a play on words regarding the initials of his real name. His real name is Marshall Mathers, and his earliest known rapper name was “M&M.” He used that name when he was a teenager, and it eventually morphed into the name Eminem.


If I could, I would have every single one of these Eminem sweatshirts in my closet, ready to wear whenever I needed. Unfortunately, my wife will only let me get one, so the Official Eminem Till I Collapse Crewneck (Grey) is my sweatshirt of choice.

It’s a comfortable option, perfect for wearing with casual attire, and that’s generally my favorite time to wear sweatshirts.

All the options I’ve mentioned above are excellent, though. Look through all of them, and then choose the one that resonates with you the most. The official Eminem store ones tend to be the best choices, but you’ll find plenty of value from the other options too.

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