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Eminem Branded Shoes Guide

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As you pretty well know by now, I am a fan of Eminem and all of his work. Besides his amazing artwork in the hip-hop world, Eminem has had a lot of success in fashion as well. He left a mark on the fashion industry by having his own style. Many fans still dress like him, including baggy clothes, cargo shorts, zip-up jackets, and clean, black hats.

However, Eminem was and still is a big fan of good pair of sneakers. Over the years, he has designed several sneaker collaborations, mostly with Nike. So to be precise, Eminem has a large number of signature sneakers, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. Thus, I will take you back a few years and check the most significant project he has made. 

One of the main reasons I am making this list is that I am a huge fan of Nike sneakers and, as you know by now, a big Eminem fan. So this is like a double win for me.

As for the biggest fans out there, let’s refresh our knowledge because, unfortunately, some iconic models are already forgotten. As for the newcomers, they can learn about these historic sneakers. I do not doubt that you will enjoy this comprehensive guide, whether you are a pro or a total newbie here.

Heads up before we start; the list I crafted below has no particular order.

My Bottom Line Up Front:

My favorite Eminem branded sneakers are Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhartt. Even though I am more of a low-top sneakers guy, these ones are just so fine. The colors are so simple, as you would be expected of me. The kicks go with everything, and they are from Jordan’s collection, so who would not want to own them? Overall, they look so perfect; I think they are made of great quality and are also one of the most desirable J kicks ever!

My Top Three Picks:

  1. Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhartt
  2. Eminem’s Charity Nike Air Max 93 “D12”
  3. Nike Air Force 1 Low Eminem Encore

My Selection Criteria: 

Each pair of sneakers is specified and designed on its own. While some will like some models, some will don’t. That’s okay because tastes are different, and we should not discuss the style. Overall, for creating this list, I took some criteria in mind, so check them before you continue on reading:

  • My personal style preference
  • The overall quality
  • The design

1. Eminem’s Nike Air Max 97 “Shady Records”

Eminem’s Nike Air Max 97 “Shady Records”

We are going to start this list with one of my favorite Eminem sneakers. Particularly these ones were crafted back in 2006, and they were a part of a charity collaboration. Like almost any Eminem shoes, these were also limited-edition, with only 8 pairs ever created!

As you would assume, unfortunately, I do not own these shoes, but I would gladly have them if someone offered to buy them for me haha. Jokes aside, these Nike Air Max 97 are incredibly expensive, and I appreciate that since we are talking about a charity auction.

The 26th of March 2022 is the Nike Air Max Day, and this year, Eminem was part of it. It was the day when ”Shady Records” sneakers reached an incredible $50.000.

When it comes to the shoes themselves, Eminem is not such a big fan of it, although I am. It has a beautiful combination of beige, brown, blue and orange to break the monotony of these same-shade colors. The sneakers have a message on the toe-box that says “D-12 and Big Proof 4 ever”. When it comes to their shape, they are pretty rounded. On the lateral side, the is a Shady Records logo brand with its original tags.

To be honest, they look very comfortable thanks to the Air Max feature and the nicely rounded tow box. But Eminem would not agree with me. On the contrary, he stated that these shoes are reminiscent of clown footwear, but the tastes are different! 

If you read my articles before, you would know that I am a huge fan of one color and minimalist design, and these sneakers are everything but not minimalist! However, there is something that I love about them. The combination of the bright color hues with the whole design of the shoes really suits me, and I would love to own them. 


  • Unique design
  • Traditionally build 
  • Leather coating
  • Great color combination


  • Too colorful for someone
  • The design might not be so appealing 

2. Nike Air Force 1 Low Eminem Encore

Nike Air Force 1 Low Eminem Encore

Now let’s jump to something different from the previous pair of shoes. These ones date back to 2004, which is a long time ago; however, their design never runs out of style. These particular shoes, Nike Air Force 1 Low Eminem Encore is the Eminem’s second collaboration ever with Nike and the second pair of sneakers that had his name on them. 

The inspiration for the name of these shoes comes from Eminem’s fifth studio album, released the same year as the sneakers. The shoes, just like the previous ones I mentioned, are also limited edition. The Low Eminem Encore kicks were produced in limited amounts only for his family and friends.

The sneakers are mainly black with the Nike grey logo and other white elements as well. These shoes are totally different front he previous ones because they lack colors and they are more monotonous, which honestly I do not mind.

This is because color combinations such as these can go with almost anything and any color you plan on wearing. They are also suitable for both sports and more formal occasions. The shoes also feature “encore” on the heel, but this time without badging on the toe box.

Overall, I love this pair of kicks as much as I dig the first ones. Literally, it is so hard for me to choose the favorite; not like I’m going to own them or anything, but, you know, I would love it if I could. Both of them look very durable and high-quality, and I am a fan of Nike’s footwear, so I would be totally satisfied with these as well.


  • Design that goes with everything
  • Very classy
  • Never runs out of style


  • Not everyone will like the design 

3. Air Jordan Retro 2 ‘The Way I Am’

Air Jordan Retro 2 'The Way I Am'

Probably the most popular Nike kicks are the Jordan’s themselves. Air Jordan Retro 2 ‘The Way I Am’ are sneakers that were released in 2008, and they are not my cup of tea. The thing is that I prefer low-top sneakers over high-top ones, but Jordan’s are popular for high-tops.

They have managed to make amazing series that I dig, but “The way I am” couldn’t find a way to my heart. However, they deserve some attention. 

There is a little story behind these shoes. Allegedly while Eminem was still growing up, the Air Jordan 2 was his favorite and the first pair of Jordan’s he had ever owned. Thus, he deems them his favorite kick’s forever. These sneakers were also there for another reason.

They helped Eminem to promote his autobiography book “The Way I Am,” released in 2008. In collaboration with Jordan Brand, Marshall released 313 pairs of the same-named Air Jordan II. 

When it comes to J’s themselves, as I mentioned before, they are not my favorite ones. At first glance, they are multicolored with a lot of details. They feature grey suede and black leather, which I like a lot because those two colors go with everything.

However, they also have Eminem’s lyrics jotted over the toe box and the ankle part. Even though it is a very good idea, this is not so appealing to me. But, I have to be honest, it is not too powerful nor does it appears too vigorous, but it is just not my style. 

Another fun fact is that these kicks were released online exclusively on the Air Jordan Flight Club. Overall, the sneakers look comfortable, and I do not doubt their quality. 


  • Leather coating
  • Eminem’s lyrics on it
  • Comfortable 


  • Too colorful and too many design details

4. Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhartt

Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhartt

And since we are on the J’s side, let’s look at another Eminem’s Jordan’s. These ones are totally different than the previous ones, even though they are from J’s collection. To craft these kicks, Eminem collaborated with Carhartt and Jordan Brand. 

These sneakers are one of my favorite ones. They are definitively in the top three. First of all, I love the overall look at first glance. The colors suit my style, which is minimalistic, and the shoes go with everything. Even though they are high tops, I do not mind because I just love the design.

The upper of the sneakers are crafted of Carhartt twill, and these kicks are a total winner regardless of their simplicity. Besides the black color that prevails, these kicks have waxed laces, chrome accents, and a leather coating with a grey, translucent outsole.

There is also an “E” letter that stands for Eminem on the rear of the shoes and Jordan’s logo on its tongue. Besides my preference, these Jordan’s are among the most desirable ones ever, and I can understand why.


  • Very classy
  • Minimalistic design
  • Goes with everything
  • One of the most desirable Jordan’s ever


  • Dark color prevails, so it might not be suitable for everyone

5. Eminem’s Charity Nike Air Max 360 “Interscope Records”

Eminem's Charity Nike Air Max 360 "Interscope Records"
Image from Pinterest

Now let’s jump to something totally different than previous kicks, yet we are going to stay with the Nike company since Slim Shady was, without a doubt, their biggest fan. 

The Nike Air Max 360 “Interscope Records” sneakers are like Fantastic beasts; it is hard to find them because they were only a few and were also limited-edition. They were created in 2006 by Eminem’s former LP product manager Christian Clancy. 

As the name says, these Nike’s are 360, which might be a plus or a minus for someone. For me, not such a big plus. The colors make beige with brown details with the Interscope Records branding on the sneakers’ heel. For me, these kickass are a bit robust, and the colors and their combination do not so blow me away. However, some people prefer these types of sneakers, so they are worth mentioning. 

Overall, there were only a few pairs of these kicks, so it wasn’t easy to find, including their picture. Regarding comfortability and quality, I do not doubt it all, but there were no available and reliable reviews regarding it.


  • Different than other Eminem kicks
  • Comfortable due to 360 Air Max
  • Good design


  • The style might not be suitable for everyone
  • The colors are clean yet very odd

6. Eminem’s Charity Nike Air Max 93 “D12”

Another pair of kicks worth mentioning is Nike Air Max 93 “D12”. These shoes were designed and published back in 2006, and for me, they are still totally worth owning. 

These kicks are a part of another great charity known as the “Charity Series” of Air Max, which the Marshall Mathers Foundation, known as Eminem’s own foundation, had a lot of benefit from it. The kicks were specially designed by some of Eminem’s closest friends from his former rap group D12. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the sneakers and their overall design. As you can see yourself, these kicks are a never-run-out of style or timeless sneakers. The design is made to be forever suited to all generations and times and is crafted with inspiration from the classic Air Max from 1993.

The Nike Air Max 93 “D12” has white leather that prevails and a bright green colorway with the elephant print paneling. They look minimalist, but they have a lot of details that are not “too much,” at least not for me. 

Sneakers also have a D12 logo which is sewn up on the toe box, and Eminem’s signature on the side of the kick. Despite its often-overlooked style, I am very happy that the star included this model in his series. However, I think many fans of Air Max 93 will love this kick and its design as well. 


  • Timeless design 
  • Colors go with everything
  • Comfortable do to Air Max 93


  • Maybe a little old-fashion for someone


Question: Does Eminem have a shoe line?

Answer: Eminem has published many of his limited-edition sneakers line in collaboration with Nike. Most of them are for charity or crafted for his closest family and friends. 

Question: What Jordan’s did Eminem wear?

Answer: Eminem is a huge fan of Jordan kicks, and the Air Jordan 2 are allegedly his favorite ones from his childhood. He even collaborated with Nike to create Air Jordan 2 “The Way I Am” as a promotion to his autobiography book and in honor of his favorite kicks. Besides that, Eminem has seen wearing Air Jordan 3s at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2022.

Question: How much are Eminem shoes?

Answer: Eminem’s collaboration with Nike shoes, especially the Air Jordan line, is among the most coveted and valuable footwear ever. However, his shoes are on auction for charity purposes, so the prices are constantly changing for those still available for buying. 


Let’s put a conclusion to this little guide on Eminem shoes. Firstly, we have to appreciate how many wonderful and iconic Nike kicks Eminem has created. Shady’s fans and those who are just fans of Nike company or are sneakers enthusiasts will find at least one pair of Eminem’s kick’s that they will dig. 

There is a lot of diversity in his collection, inducing classic Jordan 2 to Air Max 360. I am both a huge fan of good pair of kicks and Eminem’s music, so this is a double win for me. Unfortunately, the sneakers are limited-edition, and some are not even available for sale, while some can be found in a charity auction! 

Overall, the sneakers look amazing, they were thinking about every little thing when they were crafting each pair, and almost all of his sneakers line are for a good cause. Way to go, Eminem; I honestly cannot wait to see if he is preparing us for something new soon!

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