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Best Tupac Socks Guide

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Not many names are as famous as Tupac when it comes to the hip hop scene. Tupac Shakur was such a massive influence on the greater music industry that I knew exactly who he was when I was six years old.

As I got old enough to listen to his music, I realized how powerful of a voice Tupac had. His music was full of activism and I love how he brought attention to political issues in the form of songs that could be played on repeat.

Tupac is one of the best-selling musicians to ever live, selling millions of records worldwide and even having five albums released after he died.

If you’re a Tupac fan like me, you may be considering what kind of merch to get that shows your appreciation for him. In this guide, we’re going to be talking all about socks, and I’ll give you my top recommendations for Tupac-related ones.

Bottom Line Up Front

I’ve found that Tupac socks aren’t found as easily as posters and shirts. While there are a few decent options on Amazon, I’d say that Redbubble is the best place to find them. This is a store where users create designs for clothing, and then they’re printed on demand.

Out of all the available Tupac-related socks, the Stance Tupac Resurrected Crew Socks are my top pick. These socks have such an iconic design, and they’re also full of quirkiness.

My Top Picks at a Glance

Selection Criteria

I’ve made sure to recommend socks that vary from each other to give you a wide range of options. All of them reference Tupac in some way, but some are more obvious than others. All of them will spark conversations when people see them and ask about Tupac.

Each recommendation is a pair of either crew or tube socks. If the socks were any shorter, you wouldn’t be able to see the design when wearing them. So, these socks are my favorite type when it comes to artist merch. I haven’t recommended any longer socks, as ones with Tupac on them were very difficult to find.

Best Tupac Socks to Wear

Stance Tupac Resurrected Crew Socks

Stance Tupac Resurrected Crew Socks

These Stance Tupac socks are arguably the most popular Tupac socks available, and it’s no surprise that they’re my top pick for this list. The sock design has an image of a shirtless Tupac, looking as smug as ever. The unique aspect here is that you get Tupac’s bandana stitched into the socks, adding an extra layer of variety.

These aren’t your everyday socks to wear with any outfit. Rather, they’re boisterous socks to wear when you want to show your love for Tupac while also making a statement. I have some friends who have regular sock competitions when going to a particular event. These socks are perfect for that kind of thing.

The unique design makes these socks fairly expensive, so be prepared for the high price tag. Also, the bandanas on each sock tend to bulge when you’re wearing long pants.


  • Amazing unique sock design
  • Great socks to wear to costume parties or sock competitions
  • Comfortable material
  • Some of the most expressive Tupac socks available


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable to wear with everyday clothing due to the bulging bandanas that are stitched on

KACOLOR Mens Crazy Cool Basketball 3D Print Pattern Tupac Tube Socks

KACOLOR Mens Crazy Cool Basketball 3D Print Pattern Tupac Tube Socks

These KACOLOR Men’s 3D socks aren’t dedicated Tupac socks. However, one of the color and design options has a graphic of Tupac’s face printed on a brightly colored yellow backdrop. Apart from the great Tupac design, my favorite thing about these socks is how thick and comfortable they are. They’re thick enough to keep you warm, but you can easily wear them in hotter weather as well.

The image of Tupac has him wearing his famous bandana, which became one of the most recognizable aspects of his appearance. Tupac’s name is clearly printed underneath his image, with more text being artistically spread out behind it.

These socks are perfect for everyday use, but I can see the bright yellow coloring being a dividing factor. Some people will love it and have amazing outfits planned around it. Other people, like me, won’t like the attention that bright yellow socks draw. It’s a personal preference thing, though, and that shouldn’t stop you from considering these amazing socks!


  • Clear and artistic image of Tupac wearing his famous bandana
  • Very warm and comfortable
  • Great for everyday use
  • Vibrant design


  • Some people won’t like the bright yellow color

Tupac Icon Socks

Tupac Icon Socks

This next pair of socks takes a more minimalistic approach in the design. Your base design here is a white sock with black touches at the toes and heels, which is an extremely standard and common sock design. The artistic touch is the minimalistic graphic of Tupac’s face layered all around the socks.

The aspects that give it away are the bandana and the facial hair. What I love so much about this design is that people will see it and know exactly who the person is. Even people who don’t know Tupac very well tend to recognize him in images like this. It’s very similar to minimalistic pictures of John Lennon with his iconic glasses.

Overall, they’re a fantastic pair of white socks with a quirky minimalistic design of Tupac added onto them. They’re quite simple but so effective for Tupac fans.


  • Great minimalistic design
  • Works well as a gift for Tupac fans
  • Lightweight material


  • The graphic of Tupac’s face tends to stretch on larger legs

Westside West Coast Rap Hip Hop Hand Sign Socks

Westside West Coast Rap Hip Hop Hand Sign Socks

One of the most prominent aspects of Tupac’s life was that he was part of the West Coast group of rappers. He played a big role in the feud between West Coast and East Coast, with his biggest rivalry being with Biggie Smalls. While these socks don’t only represent Tupac, he falls into the subgroup of hip hop artists that they represent.

The socks have a repeated image of the hand signal that West Coast rappers use to signify where their allegiance lies, and Tupac was seen pulling these hand signals all the time. I love the black and white design here. I have a pair of Mickey Mouse socks with the same design, but it’s so much cooler to have a popular hip hop hand signal instead of Mickey’s gloves.

The black and white design allows these socks to fit more naturally with several outfit options, whereas more colorful socks have certain limitations.


  • Has the West Coast hand signal, which Tupac used very often
  • Allows you to start a conversation about the West Coast hip hop scene
  • The black and white design fits most outfits


  • None

Thug Life 2Pac Tattoo Socks

Thug Life 2Pac Tattoo Socks

If you’re looking for socks that are more versatile with a slightly less bold design, these are a good option. They’re basic white socks with the words “thug life” printed on them. The design is taken straight from Tupac’s body. It was one of Tupac’s largest tattoos, and it was displayed boldly across his stomach.

Something interesting that I found out recently was that Tupac was one of the first few rappers to have dozens of tattoos all around his body. It’s a cool story to tell someone when they see you wearing these socks. While I think these socks are great, I wish the text was displayed in a different section of each sock. It gets a bit lost at the front, so it would be clearer if it were to be written up the sides. These are a good option, nonetheless!


  • Basic white design, making these socks versatile
  • The text is from one of Tupac’s biggest tattoos


  • It would be better if the text was in a different area of the sock

2Pac Trust Nobody Crown Socks

2Pac Trust Nobody Crown Socks

The final pair of socks that I’m suggesting also take inspiration from one of Tupac’s tattoos. The design here is from a tattoo that Tupac had on his right forearm. He got it after he was shot the first time, and he became very suspicious of the people around him as he thought that one of them may have been the reason for it.

I love the design work here. When looking at these socks from far away, it’s quite hard to distinguish what the pictures are, and they simply look like they have an enticing black and white pattern on them. As you get closer, you’ll see the crowns and text, and you’ll get to explain to people the meaning behind these. Tupac’s murderer was never found out, so he may have been right in his suspicions.

These types of socks look amazing when wearing an outfit with a focus on black and white coloring.


  • Inspired by one of Tupac’s tattoos
  • They look great
  • Black and white socks fit with most outfit choices


  • The concept of trusting nobody is a bit pessimistic


Question: How Did Tupac Die?

Answer: Tupac was shot in a drive-by when the car he was in stopped at a red traffic light. He was hit in multiple parts of his body, and he was rushed to a hospital afterward. Sadly, he died six days later.
There’s no definite and public answer to who killed him. Originally, people thought Biggie Smalls had something to do with it due to the rivalry they had. However, he was killed in similar circumstances a few months later.
Many people collectively agree that the murderer was a man named Orlando Anderson. He was one of the prime suspects in the case, but he was never charged. He also died a few years later in a gang-related incident.

Question: What Impact Did Tupac Have on the Music Industry?

Answer: Tupac was one of the hardest working hip hop artists to ever live. He recorded enough material to release five albums after he died, making many people theorize that he was still alive at the time.
He had a huge voice due to his fame, and he used it to speak up against injustices that he saw in the world. Tupac was also the biggest inspiration for rappers who are world-famous today. Many people will argue that it was Tupac who got more people interested in the hip-hop scene than anyone else.
He also acted in several films and TV series episodes, further showing his artistic talents to the world while showing that rap artists can have successful acting careers.

Question: What are Tupac’s Most Popular Songs?

Answer: Tupac released so many amazing songs in his career that it’s quite hard to single out only a few. However, here’s a list of songs that most people tend to agree were some of his best:
• Only God Can Judge Me
• Thugz Mansion
• So Many Tears
• Ghetto Gospel
• I Get Around
• Keep Ya Head Up
• Dear Mama
• How Do U Want It
• Can’t C Me
• Hail Mary
• Ambitionz Az A Ridah
• Changes
• Life Goes On
• I Ain’t Mad At Cha
• To Live And Die In LA

Question: Who Was Tupac’s Biggest Rival?

Answer: Biggie Smalls was Tupac’s biggest rival. He also went by the name of The Notorious B.I.G. The two of them were originally close friends, but Tupac got shot when he was in the same studio that Biggie was recording in.
After that instance, Tupac became very wary of the people around him, and he started to distrust most people. This was when he started insulting Biggie, and one of the biggest rivalries in music history had begun.
The rivalry was elevated due to the fact that Biggie Smalls was part of the East Coast hip hop scene, and Tupac was part of the West Coast scene. Different rappers flocked to either side, and a larger rivalry started between the two scenes.

Question: What Happened After Tupac Shakur Died?

Answer: After Tupac was shot and killed, his fame skyrocketed even higher than the place it was already until that point. Many more people became aware of him, and his influence continued to affect people all around the world.
It also helped that Tupac had recorded enough unreleased content to have five new albums released after his death. His All Eyez on Me recently went diamond, meaning 10 million versions of it have been sold around the world.
Apart from his growing fame, there were also dozens of conspiracy theories surrounding his death. Many people believed that he was still alive somehow, and he opted to take a step back from the music industry.


While getting a large poster or a vibrant T-shirt are ideal options for artist merch, I recommend that you look for some funky socks as well. As we’ve seen in this article, there are some highly interesting and appealing Tupac socks to choose from.

To give a recap from above, the Stance Tupac Resurrected Crew Socks are my, and many other people’s, top choice. They just have so much character to them, and they make a big statement when you wear them. They’re not the most versatile socks around, though, so the other options that I’ve suggested are better for all-purpose use.

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