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I’ve always thought that posters are one of the best kinds of artist merch to get. They’re a bit more permanent than wearing something like a T-shirt or hoodie, and they have the potential to be centerpieces of rooms and spark interesting conversations with the people that come to see them.

Tupac was one of the first hip hop artists I learned about when I was younger. While rock music was my first love, old-school 90s rap was something I got heavily involved in as I got older. Nowadays, I love sitting at my drum kit and jamming out to Tupac tunes.

In this guide, I’m going to show you some of the best Tupac posters available. There are a few highly popular ones, as well as a few hidden gems that I’m excited to tell you about. Let’s get started!

praying wall poster tupac

Bottom Line Up Front

Out of all the Tupac posters that I’ve suggested below, the Trends International Tupac Praying Wall Poster is my top pick. It’s undoubtedly one of the most iconic Tupac posters available, as so many people recognize him standing in that particular pose.

The rest of the posters are all fantastic options, though. I did my best to suggest posters from a few different online stores, including Amazon, the official 2Pac store, and AllPosters.

My Top Picks at a Glance

Tupac Poster Buying Guide

Check the Size

The first thing you should look at whenever buying a poster is its size, especially if you’re ordering one online. I’ve ordered a few posters online over the years in which I mistakenly got the sizes wrong. I expected to receive large posters to hang on my wall, but I ended up getting small pictures that would only be suitable for frames to place on my desk.

While there’s nothing wrong with smaller posters, you need to establish what size you want and make sure that the poster you’re getting comes in that size.

I’ve found 24” x 26” to be the sweet spot size when it comes to larger posters, so anything around those lines will most often be a good purchase. Something bigger may be a bit too overwhelming to manage if you don’t have the space for it, so I wouldn’t recommend getting anything bigger than 40”, in that case.

I also suggest that you don’t rule out smaller poster sizes. You can get a smaller poster with a higher-quality image for a better price.


To frame or not to frame? That is the question. This makes me think back to the days when I had roll-up posters stuck all over my bedroom wall. While I thought I had the coolest room out of all my friends, I’d have very different opinions of it now.

Framing posters is the best way to preserve their lifespan, which is fantastic if you plan on keeping the poster up for a long time. However, I also think that framing posters gives them a better, more mature appearance. They’ll look very artistic when hung up on your walls, as opposed to looking like posters stuck up with sticky material.

I highly encourage you to get a frame along with whatever Tupac poster you decide to get. Remember, the bigger the poster, the bigger the frame, and the more money you end up spending. So, a medium-size poster with a decent frame would be a wiser purchase than a large poster with no frame.

tupac hoodie poster

Choosing Pictures

When it comes to Tupac, you have a few options regarding what is actually printed on the posters. The most popular kinds of Tupac posters are one’s where it’s just a picture of him looking smug and serious. It’s about as “thug” as you can get from a static poster, and I think posters like this are perfect.

You also have the option of getting Tupac’s songs and lyrics on a poster. These have more meaning to them, and they’re great choices if those specific songs resonate with you in some way.

The other kind of pictures you’ll find on Tupac posters are ones with him and other artists that he associated with. The 90s hip hop scene was full of alliances and rivalries, and Tupac was one of the biggest players in a rivalry between the West Coast and East Coast rappers. It’s quite common to find posters with Tupac on, along with other West Coast artists.

Print Quality

Before you pull the plug on getting a particular poster, make sure to check its quality. There are two main aspects where the quality of a poster will be prevalent. Firstly, the material that the poster is printed on plays a massive role in how it feels, how it looks, and how long it lasts.

The cheapest posters available are printed onto thin pieces of paper that don’t hold up over time. Even if the poster holds up, the coloring may be slightly off, or the resolution will be dismal. If the resolution is low, the poster will look very blurry as you get closer to it.

Scaling is the other factor to consider. This refers to how the picture looks in regard to the size of the poster itself. Sometimes, posters will be oddly scaled due to accidents in the production process. It always sucks when you’re the one to buy one of these, so be sure to check for that.

The best way to vet the print quality of Tupac posters is to check user reviews, which leads us to my next point.

User Reviews

User reviews are the heart and soul of any internet marketplace. Whatever you choose to buy online, you should always read the user reviews and check the user ratings before you buy it.

This is especially important with posters, as there’s usually no way of seeing the posters before you buy them.

Thankfully, Tupac posters are fairly common, meaning there are plenty of user ratings to check out for most of the options. I’ve found that most user reviews state that they didn’t expect certain posters to be so small, or they realized how the material of a poster wasn’t what was advertised.

Always check those warning signs. Some user reviews may even persuade you to buy something you weren’t planning to. They’re positive most of the time!

Selection Criteria

I’ve selected ten Tupac posters for this list. They all vary from each other, and I’ve made sure to suggest posters of different sizes as well.

I chose them all because they either have epic pictures of Tupac or they have something related to him that is significant.

Lastly, I’ve taken poster options from three online stores, which are AllPosters, Amazon, and the official 2Pac store. These posters aren’t available across all those platforms, so it’s well worth looking into all three.

Best Tupac Posters to Get

Something Wicked Poster

Something Wicked Poster

Starting off the list is the Something Wicked poster from the official 2Pac site. This poster is a celebration of Tupac’s debut studio album, which was called 2Pacalypse Now.

The poster has the name of the album on top, along with all the tracks from it listed near the bottom. In between those groups of text are four photos of Tupac. Three of the photos are focused on Tupac, while the fourth one has him with a group of friends as well.

I love the vintage aspect of this poster. Considering 2Pacalypse now came out all the way back in 1991, the vintage aesthetic is highly appropriate. The size is 18” x 24”, meaning it’s a relatively large size. It’s not as large as some people would like it to be, but it’s large enough to boldly hang up on a wall as a main artistic piece.

The poster is printed on matte paper, which feels quite durable.


  • Celebration of Tupac’s first studio album
  • Vintage pictures of Tupac
  • Excellent material


  • It would be great to get a larger option

Poster Foundry Tupac Wall Poster with Psychedelic Decor

Poster Foundry Tupac Wall Poster with Psychedelic Decor

Next on the list is an incredibly vibrant option from a brand called Poster Foundry. This poster stands out due to its psychedelic coloring, with a picture of Tupac having a brightly colored green hat and a warm orange body. The background is a cool purple, creating a striking contrast to make Tupac stand out.

I love the design choice here, and this is exactly the type of poster that I’d love to have in a band room. Musicians are eclectic, and the coloring of this poster perfectly represents that.

Just note that it’s quite small. With dimensions of 12” x 18”, it’s not going to be something that you can hang up to fill a lot of space on a wall. It’s better to put it in a standing picture frame and place it somewhere, like on a desk or bookshelf.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Striking design
  • Lightweight poster material


  • Small size

Poster Foundry 2Pac Mid 90s Poster

Tupac Posters 2Pac

Sticking with the Poster Foundry brand, the next poster I found from them is this 2Pac Mid 90s poster. It’s a standard picture of Tupac staring at you and looking smug. My favorite thing about this poster is that you get different size options, ranging from x-small to x-large. The large version is my top suggestion for size, though, and it’s 24” x 36”.

The image quality of this poster is excellent, even in the largest available size. You can see every little detail very clearly, making it a worthy poster to hang anywhere in your house.

I would say that the downside of this poster is that it doesn’t give away too much. It doesn’t reference anything, and the way Tupac is standing doesn’t seem to tell any story. If you’re purely getting it for the love of Tupac, you’ll be very happy with it.

However, my other suggestions on this list have a bit more depth to them.


  • Multiple size options
  • Very clear image
  • Printed on satin finish paper


  • Not as interesting as most of the other posters I’ve listed

Trends International Tupac Praying Wall Poster

Trends International Tupac

This poster is my top overall pick for this list. The biggest reason for this is that this picture of Tupac in a praying position is one of the most popular pictures of him that exists. I even had a conversation about Tupac with a friend once, and he identified him as the guy from this picture. If there’s only one iconic poster to pick, this is it.

You have the option of getting a medium or a large. The medium poster is 14” x 22”, while the large poster is 22” x 34”. Naturally, I’d suggest that you go with the large. The black and white coloring of the poster makes it timeless, and it easily fits in any room, no matter the color scheme. You can’t go wrong with this poster, and I think it’s an essential piece of merch for any Tupac fan.


  • One of the most iconic Tupac posters
  • Two size options
  • Great black and white design


  • None

Brooke and Vine Hip 90s Music Posters with Tupac Tracks

Brooke & Vine Hip Hop 90’s Music Posters Wall Art Prints

My next suggestion comes in the form of a two-pack. You get two posters here with your purchase, allowing you to place them next to each other or in separate spaces entirely.

The one poster has the words “Keep Ya Head Up” along with a picture of a record player. This was a song that Tupac released in 1993. The second poster has the words “It Was All A Dream” along with a picture of a boombox. This was a song released by Biggie Smalls and The Game.

Biggie and Tupac were two giants of hip hop in the 90s, and these two posters represent two old-school bangers. When someone sees these posters hanging up, you can explain to them the rivalry between Tupac and Biggie Smalls, and you can get into the greater conflict between the East and West Coast.

Note that these posters are quite small, having sizes of 8” x 10”. However, they look incredibly artistic when placed next to each other.


  • Two affordable posters in one package
  • Celebrating some old-school banger tunes from the 90s
  • Interesting designs


  • Very small

Tupac Juice Poster

Tupac Juice Poster

In the poster collecting world, the two largest groups of posters belong to artists and movies. The great thing about Tupac is that he was integrated within both industries. He had a fairly successful acting career, and this poster is for a movie that he was in called Juice.

You get a small and a large size option with this poster as well. However, both options are a bit larger than any of the other posters I’ve mentioned so far in their respective sizes. The small poster option is 11” x 17”, and the large poster option is 27” x 40”. The large poster is massive!

I love that this poster shows the other side of Tupac, representing his acting career. The movie itself had similar concepts and topics to Tupac’s music. Growing up within the wrong crowd is how so many young people fall into doing crimes to get by.


  • Poster from one of Tupac’s movies
  • Two size options, with the larger size being very big
  • Very high-quality print


  • Expensive

Tupac All Eyez On Me Poster

Tupac All Eyez On Me Poster

All Eyez on Me was the last studio album that Tupac released before he was shot and killed. Many Tupac fans consider this to be one of the best albums he put out, and I tend to agree with him. There were plenty of high-profile artists that joined him on some of the tracks, such as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

The design of this poster has a picture of Tupac layered onto the text detailing the name of the album. While I think designs like this are cliché in most cases, I tend to like this poster a lot more than I do others with similar designs.

When you look at it from far away, you can barely see that there is text. As you get closer, you start distinguishing what the text says, and I find that to be very cool! Unfortunately, there’s only one size option. However, the 22” x 34” size will be more than good enough for most people that buy this poster.


  • Celebrates Tupac’s All Eyez On Me album
  • Large size
  • Excellent choice of colors


  • The design is a bit cliché

2Pac Artistic Print Poster

2Pac Artistic Print Poster

This next poster is my wildcard option for this list. It’s an artistic piece of Tupac with a black, white, and grey design. I love how this poster looks, but I know that some people prefer classic posters as opposed to artistic ones. That’s why it’s my wildcard choice.

You can get the poster in the following sizes:

  • 12” x 18”
  • 16” x 24”
  • 24” x 36”
  • 36” x 54”

The larger the size is, the more expensive the poster is, but the smallest size has a fairly high price to start. Something that I love about artistic posters like this is that they look more appropriate when hung up in general living areas. While all the other Tupac posters are great options to hang in your man cave, you may be able to convince your partner to let you hang this up in the living room.


  • Very artistic design
  • Artistic style makes it more suitable for living areas than standard posters
  • Various size options


  • Expensive


Question: Are Tupac Posters Easy to Get?

Answer: Yes. Tupac is such a famous artist that merch brands are constantly designing new posters of him to sell. If you don’t have a physical store near you, then you can easily order a poster online.
Always make sure to do a quality check of a poster before buying it, though. The best way to do that is by reading the customer reviews and ratings.

Question: Why Should You Get a Tupac Poster?

Answer: If you’re a Tupac fan, getting a poster of him is a fantastic way of showing your support and appreciation. A poster of him may also act as a source of inspiration every time you look at it.
Having a large picture of Tupac proudly displayed somewhere is an excellent way of starting conversations about him with people. When they ask who he is, you’ll be able to tell them about his music and the impact he had on the world.
The chances are high that people will already know who he is. They may just not know what he looked like, and a poster will give one of the clearest representations.

Question: Is There an Official Licensed Tupac Merch Store?

Answer: Yes, it’s called the 2PAC Official Store. You can browse there and buy vinyl versions of all his albums and various merch, such as posters, clothes, ornaments, and homeware.
However, there are a lot of other Tupac merch options to choose from on different online stores, so I suggest not limiting yourself to the official one. The biggest benefit of the official one is that all the products have guaranteed high quality.
When looking at other stores, such as Amazon, you may come across poor-quality merch options every now and then.

Question: Why is Tupac So Famous?

Answer: The 90s hip hop era was one of the best and most booming times of hip hop history, and Tupac was one of the most successful artists of that time. To date, he’s sold over 75 million albums. His death made him even more famous, as his album sales increased dramatically.
He even recorded enough tracks to have five albums in the years following his death. He’s famous because of the quality of his music, as well as the impact he had on the music and hip hop industry.
Tupac also starred in a few films, including Juice, Poetic Justice, and Bullet. His acting career further boosted his fame.

Question: What are Tupac’s Most Popular Albums?

Answer: Tupac’s most popular albums are All Eyez On Me, The Don Killuminati The Seven Day Theory, 2Pocalypze Now, and Me Against The World.

Wrap Up

We’ve come to the end of our Tupac poster guide. Hopefully, you found a poster from the list above that tickled your fancy. While the Trends International Tupac Praying Wall Poster is my and most of the Tupac fanbase’s favorite option, every poster will suit someone’s particular tastes.

Just remember to choose the exact size that you want. Most of the posters I mentioned have various size options, so ensure to choose those when buying. Also, get a frame for your poster. They make the poster look better on your wall while keeping it durable at the same time.

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